This website is about Arkansas places, people and history. You will find a lot of military history…we have a lot of patriotic pride and will never forget those who served and died for us. You will find a lot of photographs….everywhere we go we try to document Arkansas beauty and history. Some people have left Arkansas and this might be the only way they can get home again. You might find a little out of state info but we like to think of it as tour tips for those Arkansans traveling out of state.

Please excuse the mess while we undergo a major website renovation (est. completion date 04/01/2014). We currently have three search engines: the old one, the new one, and the forum search engine.  You will need to register to use the forum due to spam abuse.  All of these will return different results so you might want to check all three.

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If you are a photographer, researcher or historian and would like to help us document Arkansas, we would love to have you join us! Drop us a line at

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