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Ambrose Hundley Sevier

November 4, 1801 - December 31, 1848

Mount Holly Cemetery, Little Rock, Arkansas


Congressman & Senator of Arkansas 

Arkansas Gazette


Vol. VII - No. 11 - Whole No. 323




THE partnership heretofore existing between Quarles & Oden, having been dissolved, Robert C. Oden and Ambrose H. Sevier, under the firm of ODEN & SEVIER, Will practice in partnership. They will jointly attend the several Courts in the Territory, and the Superior Court at Little Rock, the Seat of Government, where they reside. Little Rock, March 14, 1826


 Ambrose Hundley Sevier

Arkansas Gazette
January 11, 1849

Death of Colonel A.H. Sevier

With feelings of profound sadness, we announce the death of this distinguished citizen. He died on the 31st ult., at the residence of his father-in-law, the Hon. B. Johnson. We are deeply sensible that no eulogy of ours can do justice to his memory, no tribute to his goodness of heart, or greatness of soul, from our pen, will be worthy of the man. We are unequal to the task - and can but tell how ably and faithfully he has served his State and his country; how warmly and devotedly he clung to his friends. In private life, love, and sympathy and affection, were offerings to him everywhere; and in his political career, his bitterest opponents, even, confessed his magnanimity, and punctilious sense of justice.

His remains were brought on the steamer Medium, to this city for interment, by Tho's Churchill, Esq., and Col. B.S. Johnson. When the intelligence of his death reached the General Assembly, then in session, both Houses adjourned - after the passage of a resolution honoring his memory, and the appointment of a joint committee to arrange the funeral ceremonies. 

 Ambrose Hundley Sevier


Arkansas Gazette


Vol. IX - No. 12 - Whole No. 428


 Appointment We observe, by the proceedings of Congress, of the 13th ult. that the Hon. Ambrose H. Sevier, appeared, produced his credentials, was qualified, and took his seat in the House of Representatives, on that day, as Delegate from the Territory of Arkansas.


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