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0116 - Salem Cemetery

Salem is located on Highway 44 between Old Lake Village and Helena in Phillips County, next to an old white church.

Photographs of this cemetery are available. Everything on this website is now free with a limit of five (5) photographs per email address per week.  Just sent an email to ArkansasTies@ArkansasTies.com with the name and the page were you found the name.


Brown, Marriah
Brown, Robert
Brown, Thomas W.
Carter, Ada Bee
Carter, Jessie
Carter, Jessie C. Jr.
Chanel, John Charles
Cox, James
Cox, Lucy
Cox, Rena
Davis, Odell Sr.
Edmond, D.K.
Fowler, Luvenia
Franklin, Sallie
Gammon, Abdul Darnell
Gammon, Dora L.
Gammon, Eddie M.
Gammon, Eddie Matthews
Gammon, Evangeleane M.
Gammon, Jalothor
Gammon, James Louis Jr.
Gammon, Robert
Gammon, Robert Sr.
Gammon, Therssa
Harp, Mary
Haynes, Ernest Robert
Henderson, Verdell
Howard, Serether
Johnson, Spencer
Jordan, Rev. Mack
Jordan, Velma L.
Knox, Glenn
Mansfield, Willie
Mitchell, Vertrell Augustus
Mitchell, Yolanda
Richardson, Charlie Martin
Robinson, Ivory
Robinson, Jennie
Robinson, Willie
Robinson, Zailmon A.
Scales, Isiah Sr.
Smith, Beedie Jr.
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Ida Mae
Smith, Lee
Smith, Willie Pete
Swanign, Addie
Taylor, Estelle
Taylor, Luther
Taylor, Samella Brown
Thompson, Johnnie
Turner, Estella
Wallace, Flora K.
Weaver, Beatrice
Webster, Ethel Mae
Wells, Primus
Williams, Walker
Wright, George H. Sr.
Young, Jessie B.

Photographed July 19, 2003 by Pris Weathers