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0117 - Morning Star Cemetery

Elaine, Phillips County, Arkansas


Photographs of this cemetery are available. Everything on this website is now free with a limit of five (5) photographs per email address per week.  Just sent an email to ArkansasTies@ArkansasTies.com with the name and the page were you found the name.

Addison, Laura Bell
Armstrong, Millie
Austin, Mary
Blacksupe, Franck
Blakeley, Rena B.
Bobo, Leroy
Bobo, Lewis
Bobo, Ray A.
Boyd, Rosie
Brock, Parthena
Brooks, Berry
Campbell, Classie L.
Campbell, James Sr.
Campbell, Lawrence
Campbell, Mattie M.
Cannady, Annie
Carter, Jessie Lee
Carter, Leroy
Carter, Patrick
Cleveland, Julia
Collins, Joseph
Dubois, Herbert Jr.
Dubois, Maggie
Duncan, Dorothy Jen
Duncan, Ella Jay M.
Dunlap, Percious M.
Evans, Abe
Evins, J.K.
Fallion, Dollie
Garner, Luvevina
Gordon, Arthur
Gordon, Joseph
Grant, A.T.
Grant, Annie M.
Griffis, Phoebia Ann Boyd
Hampton, Willie
Houston, Suise
Howard, Eddie
Howard, Micheal
Humphries, Nora
Hunter, Nathan
Jackson, Falanda T.
Jackson, Stanley L.
Jackson, William
Jackson, William Herbert
Jimmerson, Klesey
Kelly, Ben
Larry, Leola
Lewis, Lou
Link, Artis Lemar
Long, Kary
Long, Peter
Love, Eddie
Love, Ida
Love, Robert
Martin, Josh Jr.
Martin, Mary
Maxie, Francis N.
Maye, Albert
McRae, Roger
Miller, Herman
Miller, John Henry Jr.
Morrow, John
O' Neal, Christine
O' Neal, Grady L.
O' Neal, Johnny Lee
Otey, A.B.
Otey, Charles
Otey, Cornelius
Otey, Jimmy
Otey, Lucille E.
Patton, Ira D.
Patton, Minnie Lee
Peeples, Amos Tucker
Pryor, Bessie
Pryor, Earlie
Purches, Albert
Ranson, Lem
Redmond, Willie
Robinson, Beverly Jean
Robinson, Cleaster
Robinson, Evry Gena
Robinson, James
Robinson, Laura
Robinson, Vinnie C.
Rogers, Luther
Ross, Jacob Sr.
Scaife, Beatrice
Scaife, Deacon Johnnie Sr.
Scaife, Janes Sr.
Shears, Artelia
Shears, Lawrence
Simmons, Charles
Smith, Hattie
Smith, June
Soins, Warren
Stribling, Finis Jr.
Thomas, George III
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Takiya
Toney, Rhonda
Unknown, Blanche
Walker, Ann Elizabeth Brown
Walker, Harvey L. Sr.
Watson, Leana
Watson, Theotis R.
Watts, James
Watts, Olivia
White, Louise
White, Thearty
Williams, Osby
Williams, Walter
Zigler, Blanchia M.
Zigler, Jalena
Zigler, Jerry

Completed July 19, 2003 by Pris Weathers