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Pike County Court House

Pike County, Arkansas



Pike County Court House in Pike County, built of logs, was erected on the site of the town of Murfreesboro, which was laid out as a site for the county seat in 1838.


Pike County Court House

Erected in 1931

County Judge Harlon Duren


Pike County Diamond Mines


Two and a half miles southeast of this point is the only locality in North America where diamonds have been found in the rock in which they were formed.  They have been found principally in one igneous pipe which, with three small pipes, aggregates about 80 acres.  These pipes are the craters of a volcano which erupted under the water of the sea which covered this place.  Diamonds were first discovered October 1, 1906.  It is estimated that 48,000 stones have been recovered, about eight percent of the diamonds recovered have been gem stones.