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0005 - Calvary Cemetery

20th & Woodrow Streets

P.O. Box 7565

Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas 72217


Latitude 344353N Longitude 0921829W


This is a very well kept Catholic Cemetery dating back into the middle 1800's.  They do not have records computerized yet, but you will find Superintendent Mike Cagle (who has been at Calvary Cemetery 26 years) and his assistant Doug very knowledgeable and friendly.


Part One     Part Two     Part Three




Everything on this website is now free...newspaper articles and cemetery photographs with a limit of five (5) per email address per week.  Just send an email to ArkansasTies@ArkansasTies.com with names and the page where you found the names.


?elman, Ralph
1874 Marker
Achterberg Family Marker
Achterberg, Ellen
Achterberg, Robert J.
Achterberg, Robt. A.
Acker, Mary
Ackerman, Henry Holland
Adams, Cynthia L.
Adams, Julia Ennis
Adams, Julia Ennis
Aguilar, Francisco R.
Aguilar, Jesus
Alberico, Edward
Alberico, Maud E.
Albertine Family Marker
Albertine, Camell
Albertine, Mary
Aldridge, Claude Ray
Alexander, Emma Fein
Alexander, Leonard C.
Alexander, Orville F.
Alexander, Pauline
Allen Family Marker
Allen, A. Gene
Allen, Audie Gene
Allen, Charles A. "Bad Boy"
Allen, Elmer A.
Allen, Elsie Y. T.
Allen, Francis
Allen, J. Eloise
Allen, Joseph Harold
Allen, Lelia
Allen, Lorene M.
Allen, Margaret
Allen, Mark C.
Allen, Mary Elizabeth Donahoe
Allen, Mary Magdalen
Allen, Paul O.
Allen, Paul Odis
Allen, Rev. Msgr. Francis A. V.G.
Allen, Robert Scott
Allen, Trieber T.
Allen, Verna M.
Allen, William
Allen, William S.
Allison, Florence
Allison, J. Edward
Allison, James S.
Almstedt, Betty R.
Almstedt, Frank J.
Alsbrook, Clarence V.
Alsbrook, John
Alsbrooks, Clarence V.
Alsbrooks, Margaret A.
Althoff, Anthony J.
Althoff, Anthony John
Althoff, David G.
Althoff, Margaret M.
Althoff, Richard J.
Ambort, Elizabeth
Ambort, Joseph F.
Ambort, Josephine
Ambort, Louis
Ambort, Louis
Ambort, Rosemary H.
Amos, William R.
Amrhein, Magdalena
Amrhein, William
Anderson, Allie
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Lenora
Anderson, William G.
Andre, Andrew P.
Andre, Anna Dean
Andreelli, Grace
Andreelli, Mary Lou
Andreelli, Romulado
Andrews, Carl J.
Andrews, Harry Augustus
Andrews, J. Murphy
Andrews, Joseph
Andrews, Josephine C.
Andrews, Letha Conrey
Andrews, Louis
Andrews, Maggie J.
Andrews, Mary E.
Andrews, Pauline
Andrews, Victoria M.
Andry, Emma Jean
Andry, Richard A.
Angus, Eleanor
Angus, Lester S.
Anhalt, Herman J.
Anthamatten, Beatrice
Anthamatten, Leo H.
Anthe, Helena
Anthe, John F.
Anthe, Josephine
Anthe, Mary C.
Anthe, Susana
Antonacci, Agnes G.
Antonacci, Emilio
Antonacci, Margaret M.
Antonacci, Nunzia
Antonacci, Silvio E.
Antonacci, Tony
Antonacci, Tully C.
Arellanes, Ernest
Arellanes, Jo Ree
Arendt, Albertine A.
Arendt, George A.
Arens, Regina Berg
Aretz, Rt. Rev. Monsignor W.H.
Armellini, Catherine Pozza
Armellini, F.F.
Armellini, Ferdinand F. Sr.
Armellini, Prof. F.
Armstrong, Margaret E.
Arnold Family Marker
Arnold, Adolph
Arnold, Adoph T.
Arnold, Anna L.
Arnold, Baby
Arnold, Emilie
Arnold, Frank
Arnold, Fred
Arnold, Fred E.
Arnold, Fritz
Arnold, Katie Barzen
Arnold, Mary E.
Arnold, Mary Snyder
Arnold, Theodore J.
Arnone, Frank Alfred
Arnone, John Fitzgerald
Ashley, Joseph M.
Atkinson, Alice G.M. LaGroue
Atkinson, Joan E.
Austen, Catherine G.
Austen, Ephlene
Austen, John M.
Austen, Mary Boerner
Austen, William E.
Austen, William E. Jr.
Ayres, Harry Donnell
Ayres, Maie Kline
Baer, Agnes R.
Baer, Pauline S.
Baer, Roy E.
Bahil, Samuel
Bailey, Clara Minnig
Bailey, Imogene
Bailey, T.B.
Bailey, Timmy
Baille, Elizabeth
Baker, Albert S.
Baker, Edward W.
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Jewell D.
Baker, Joseph Bryan
Baker, M. Carol
Baker, Melanie W.
Baler, Theresa Mary
Bales, Joann Taldo
Balest, Philip Joseph
Balios, Victor John
Ball Family Marker
Ball, Anna Mary
Ball, Austin
Ball, Edmond C.
Ball, Louise
Ball, Samantha A.
Balmat, Annie A.
Balmat, Eugenie
Balmat, Frank L.
Balmat, George P. Jr.
Balmat, George P. Jr.
Balmat, Louis F.
Balmat, Rosine D.
Balmaz, Margaret K.
Bankston, F.T.
Barber, Anna
Barber, Ernest
Baresch, Alfred J.
Baresch, Ernest R. Sr.
Baresch, Louise R.
Baresch, Marsha E.
Bargiel, Catherine
Bargiel, Floyd B.
Baribeau, Donald
Baribeau, Laurietta
Barnes, Virgie Lawrence
Barnett, Theresa K.
Barrentine, Harold Earl
Barrentine, Joseph A.
Barrentine, Rozan Hart
Barrett, Lelia
Barron, Anna F.
Barron, Anna Marie
Barron, Elizabeth M.
Barron, Frank
Barron, Frank M.
Barron, Helen
Barron, Isabelle A.
Barron, James E.
Barron, John J.
Barron, John L.
Barron, Joseph M.
Barron, Magdlen
Barron, Marion P.
Barron, Marjorie
Barron, Martin A.
Barron, Michael
Barron, Mildred V.
Barrow, James P.
Barrow, Rosemary
Barry, Anna
Barry, Helen Pierre
Barry, Martin
Barth, Adolph
Barth, Carolina
Barth, Pauline
Barth, Wilhelmina
Barthol, Mary Selma
Bartley, Angie Hooper
Bartley, Joseph W. "Joe"
Bartsch, Conrad J.
Bartsch, Helen
Bartsch, Louis M.
Bartsch, Marie F.
Barzen, Mary
Barzen, Peter
Basso Family Marker
Basso, Annie Francis
Basso, Charles A.
Basso, James
Basso, John
Basso, Josephine Veronica
Basso, Mary Joseph
Basso, Rosa
Batchelor, George T.
Bates, Cecil A.
Bates, Frances W.
Bathke, Sheila Ann
Battelle, Mary
Battelle, Mary E.
Battisto, Farley O.
Battisto, Frank A
Battisto, Lucy
Battisto, Nicholas P.
Battisto, Nick
Battisto, Steve
Battisto, Thomas O.
Battisto, Thomas S.
Bauer Family Marker
Bauer, Agnes G.
Bauer, Alphonse
Bauer, Andrew B. Sr.
Bauer, Anna
Bauer, Antonius
Bauer, Frank
Bauer, Frank Anthony
Bauer, Frank M.
Bauer, Hazel Agnes
Bauer, Helen P.
Bauer, Jacob R.
Bauer, John
Bauer, Joseph
Bauer, Joseph Francis
Bauer, Josephine
Bauer, Marguerite
Bauer, Maria
Bauer, Mary
Bauer, Mary C.
Bauer, Mathias
Bauer, Mathias
Bauer, Paul James
Bauer, Rose M.
Bauer, Susanna
Bauer, William
Bauer, William
Bauman, Babies
Bauman, Charles H.
Bauman, Frank L.
Bauman, Hazel M.
Bauman, John P.
Bauman, Louis
Bauman, Louis L.
Bauman, Lucille I.
Bauman, Ola Amie
Baumann, A.L.
Baumann, Baby
Baumann, Elizabeth M.
Baumann, Fritz L.
Baumann, Henry Albert
Baumann, Joseph A.
Baumann, Memphie H.
Baumann, Susan
Baumann, Valentine Theodore
Baumeister, Zoe Louise
Bawiec, Frances A.
Baxter, Eva
Bearden, Mary K.
Beavers Family Marker
Beavers, Benton B.
Beavers, Willie L.
Becher, S.C.
Bechtold, Annie
Bechtold, Fred J.
Bechtold, Frederick E.
Bechtold, Minnie J.
Beck Family Marker
Beck Family Marker
Beck Family Marker
Beck, Danny Lee
Beck, Joseph M.
Beck, Louis D.
Beck, Margaret Elsken
Beck, Margaret L
Beck, Mary S.
Beck, Vera M.
Becker, Mathas
Beckius, Michael K.
Beckman, Verena
Beckman, William
Beihl, Bertha
Beihl, Peter
Beits, Shannon Elizabeth
Belenchia, Jimmy R.
Belinge Family Marker
Belinge, Annunciata
Belinge, Joseph
Belinge, Joseph A.
Bell, Angel
Bell, Florence H.M.
Bell, Irene D.
Bell, John B.
Bell, Mary J.
Belmont, Mary Millicent
Belmont, Thomas V.
Bemler, Sister M.
Benetz Family Marker
Benetz, Anna Marie
Benetz, Frederich A.
Benetz, Joseph A.
Benetz, Marie B.
Benetz, Martin C.
Benetz, Mary C.
Benetz, Robert Frank "Red"
Benetz, Robert Moix
Benetz, Rosa T. Daven
Bennett, Constance
Bennett, Rufus
Benton, Alma M.
Benton, Delana M.
Benton, Joseph B.
Benton, Marie T.
Benton, Timothy B.
Benton, Timothy M.
Bentrup, Donald J.
Bentrup, Romaine C.
Berberich, Bertha
Berberich, Cordelia M.
Berberich, Gregory
Berberich, Joseph
Berberich, Louise
Berg - Knesal Family Marker
Berg Family Marker
Berg, Agnes C.
Berg, Bonnie J.
Berg, C. Joseph
Berg, Charles
Berg, Cheryl Frances
Berg, Elizabeth A.
Berg, Frances D.
Berg, Frank A.
Berg, Fred G.
Berg, George
Berg, George E.
Berg, Henry
Berg, Henry
Berg, John A.
Berg, John A.
Berg, John A. Sr.
Berg, John Steven
Berg, Johnny
Berg, Joseph
Berg, Josephine
Berg, Lena D.
Berg, Maggie Knesal
Berg, Mathilda
Berg, Mathilda "Tille"
Berg, Pauline Wirgen
Berg, Theresa E.
Berg, Theresia
Berg, William F.
Berg, William F.
Bergman, Matilda W.
Bergman, William F.
Berky, Helen
Berry, Virgie Mae
Besancon, Herbert G.
Beschorner - Jones Family Marker
Beschorner, Magdalena
Beschorner, Mary
Beschorner, Paul
Beschorner, William
Besiegel, Charles
Besiegel, Frances
Besshorner, Paul
Bieganski, Mary A. Stozek
Bier, Catherine W.
Bier, Frances
Biggs, Conyous H.
Biggs, Ted G.
Biltz Family Marker
Biltz, Hilda R.
Biltz, James D.
Biltz, Maurice A.
Biltz, Rev. Joseph Henry
Binz, Anna M.
Binz, Baby
Binz, Catherine M.
Binz, Cecilia K.
Binz, Christopher Wayne
Binz, Eva M.
Binz, Fannie A.
Binz, Herman J.
Binz, John
Binz, Joseph A.
Binz, Joseph E.
Binz, Louise
Binz, Martha A.
Binz, Robert C.
Binz, Tony
Birnbach Family Marker
Birnbach, Bernard J.
Birnbach, Lelia
Birnbach, Paul A. Sr.
Birnbach, Paul H. Jr.
Birnbach, R.M.
Bittner, A.M.
Bittner, Frank Sr.
Bittner, M.J.
Bittner, Magdalena T.
Bixler, Roy M.
Black, Harold J.
Black, Stella Murphy
Blackmore, Sister Rose
Blackwell, C. Owen
Blackwell, John O.
Blackwell, Juanita K.
Blaes, Judith A.
Blaes, Marvin W.
Blake, Christopher Pete
Blankenship, Catherine
Blankenship, H. Ray
Blaty Family Marker
Blaty, Joseph B.
Blaty, Lucille
Blaylock, Ann C.
Blaylock, James M.
Blaylock, Mary Agnes
Blaylock, Robert C.
Blevins, Annie
Blevins, Perry J.
Blevins, Phyllis M.
Blevins, Phyllis M.
Blochowiak, Marion F.
Boarman, A.R. "Bob"
Boarman, Hurshel
Boarman, Paulette Fay
Boarman, Pauline
Boehmer, Aloys C.
Boehmer, Ida M.
Boehmer, Theodore
Boehmer, Thomas J.
Boehmer, William F.
Boerner, Barbara
Boerner, Peter
Boerner, Unknown
Boever, George
Boever, George C.
Boever, Hallie E.
Boever, Jeanne G.
Bohlender, Joseph J.
Boll, Emilie
Boll, Joseph
Bolos, Rev. Bernard L.
Bona, Albina M.
Bona, James S.
Bonen, Frank A.
Bonen, Mary A.
Bonneville, Inez L.
Bonneville, Joseph P.
Bonneville, Kate S.
Bonneville, Simeon G.
Bonneville, Sims
Boo?, Frances Lee
Boon, George W.
Boone, Ada Pollock
Boone, Daniel Munroe
Boone, Mabel Lafferty
Boone, William S.
Boosey, Louisa
Booth Family Marker
Booth, Anna Miller
Booth, Baby
Booth, Benjamin Joseph
Booth, Earl J.
Booth, Mary A.
Booth, Robert Leon
Booth, William K.
Bopengasser, Carol Elaine
Bopp, Ann H.
Bopp, Carl E.
Bopp, Clementine R.
Bopp, Emile B.
Bopp, John H.
Bopp, Kathryn A.
Bopp, Mary Louise
Bopp, Oscar E.
Borden, Francis P.
Borden, Virginia Field
Borecky, Mary K.
Borecky, Victor R.
Borges, Leandro A.
Borges, Rosil M.
Borghese, Ralph J.
Borghese, Virginia
Borghetti, Joseph
Born, Louis
Born, Mathilda
Bornhofen, John A.
Bott Family Marker
Bott, Arabelle Crumm
Bott, Frederick
Bott, Margaret
Bott, Martha A.
Boudreau, Edith Crosby
Boudreau, Joseph Albert
Boullioun, Ella E.
Boullioun, Ernest H.
Boullioun, Frank L.
Boullioun, George
Boullioun, Ida
Boullioun, Inez
Bourke, Katie
Bourne, Baltis D. Sr.
Bourne, Jessie Marie
Bowe, Carlene Preyer
Bowen Family Marker
Bowen, Alfred T. Sr.
Bowen, Clarence L.
Bowen, Ellen D.
Bowen, Eugene Dodge
Bowen, Florence H.
Bowen, George E.
Bowen, Mary Jane Farrell
Bowen, Paula
Box, Mary Elizabeth Lee
Boyd, Aden L.
Boyd, Pearl A.
Boyd, Robert Lee
Boyer, Frank W.
Boyer, Ruby J.
Boyle, Annie
Boyle, Bridget
Boyle, Catherine Q.
Boyle, Charles Patrick
Boyle, Michael
Boyle, Rev. Robert F.
Boyle, Thomas
Bracy, Polly O.
Bradley, Sister M. Rosalie
Brady Family Marker
Brady, Agnes
Brady, Cornelius
Brady, James Burke
Brady, John F.
Brady, Lucy M.
Brady, Marion Peacock
Brady, Mary E.
Brady, Nancy L.
Brady, Peter
Brady, Rita K.
Brady, Thomas Frances
Branscum, Mary Ann
Brasfield, George B.
Brawner, Nora Bell
Bray, Alice Foiles
Bray, W. Carson
Bray, Warren
Brearton, James
Breen, Alice M.
Breen, Mary
Breen, Thomas
Breen, Thomas J.
Breiback, Katie A.
Breiback, Mary
Breiback, Pete
Breiback, William P.
Bremyer, Dr. Annie M.
Bremyer, Harry J.
Bremyer, Margaret
Bremyer, Nell E.
Bremyer, Nicholas
Brennan, John T.
Brereton, Sister Loyola
Brewczynki, Albena
Brewczynki, Joseph
Brewczynski, Genevieve
Brewczynski, Joseph M.
Brewczynski, Laura Louise
Breyel, Catherine M.
Breyel, Frank Xanier
Breyel, Henry
Breyel, John J.
Breyel, Louise Mary
Breyel, Mary
Breyel, Stephen
Breyel, Theresa Mathilda
Brickley, Catherine D.
Brickley, John
Brickley, Lizzie
Bridges, Bernice Bernadette
Bridges, Frances Franklin
Brighter, Cheryl Lynn
Briner, Christopher Kit
Brizzolara, A. Sr.
Brizzolara, Agnes
Brizzolara, Albert
Brizzolara, Aristo C. Jr.
Brizzolara, Louis
Brizzolara, Louise
Brizzolara, Mamie
Brobeck, Jerome
Brock, George Kennedy
Brock, Marie D.
Brock, Teresa L.
Brock, William P. Jr.
Brock, Wm. Porter Sr.
Broderick, Dan
Broderick, Daniel J.
Broderick, Irene J.
Broderick, James E.
Broderick, Viola P.
Brodie Family Marker
Brodie, Arthur G.
Brodie, Arthur G. Jr.
Brodie, Mary F.
Bronson, Curtis "Tony"
Broon, Mrs.
Brown Family Marker
Brown, Anne O.
Brown, Bernice E. Wood
Brown, Carol Lee
Brown, Claude A.
Brown, Claude A. Jr.
Brown, Dorothea
Brown, Frederick Isaac
Brown, James T.
Brown, Jas. Russell Wm.
Brown, Josephine Miller
Brown, Maie Gleason
Brown, Mary Lou
Brown, Norene A.
Brown, Pauline B.
Brown, Roy K.
Browning, Dr. Harry W.
Browning, Harry W.
Browning, Julia Theresa
Browning, Mary
Browning, Rosa B.
Brownlee, James W. Jr.
Brubacher, Sister M. Petronella
Bruck Family Marker
Bruck, Clarence J.
Bruck, Ethel M.
Bruck, Fronie K.
Bruck, John
Bruck, John H.
Bruck, Joseph G.
Bruck, Josephine
Bruck, Kenneth H.
Brucker, Theresa
Brucker, Walter Scott
Brucks, Carl P.
Brucks, Clara
Brugnone Family Marker
Brugnone, Mary H.
Brugnone, Richard U.
Brugnone, Unknown
Bruich, Mark Edward
Brunck, Charles
Brunck, Cordelia Mary
Brunck, Sister M. Evangelist
Bruner, Helen Bauman
Bruner, John Westley
Brunson, M.
Brunson, Milton C.
Bruther, Betty
Bryme, Sister M. Joseph
Brynes, Christine
Brynes, George D.
Brynes, Helen D.
Buarski, Rev. Paul R.
Bubl?k, Agatha
Bubl?k, Matthew Mike
Buchanan, Claude A.F.J.
Buckingham, Billy E.
Buckingham, Phyllis I.
Buddenberg, Charles J.
Buddenberg, Charles J.
Buddenberg, Mildred M.
Buddenberg, William John
Bujarski Family Marker
Bujarski, Alvin Cyril
Bujarski, Bernard E.
Bujarski, Edward F.
Bujarski, Elizabeth Y.
Bujarski, Felix
Bujarski, Frank Jr.
Bujarski, George
Bujarski, George L.
Bujarski, Joseph
Bujarski, Joseph F.
Bujarski, Joseph Fred
Bujarski, Joseph H.
Bujarski, Josephine M.
Bujarski, Mary
Bujarski, Norma Jane
Bujarski, Paul R. Sr.
Bujarski, Pearl S.
Bujarski, Ruth L.
Bullard, Rose Binz
Bullard, William Atlas
Burbage, Edward A.
Burbage, Edward A.
Burgnone, Ann
Burgy, Ruth E.
Burgy, Victor K.
Burke, Bridget Cohery
Burke, James
Burke, Mary C.
Burke, Sister Aloyius
Burke, Sister M. Antonio
Burke, T.R.
Burkhard, Fannie May
Burlette, Stephen Lee
Burnett, James R.
Burnett, Margaret
Burnett, Nellie C.
Burnett, Rufus E.
Burney, John Patrick
Burns, Bertie
Burns, Chas. W.
Burns, Laura
Burns, Mary A.
Burns, Mary B.
Burns, Walter
Burns, William
Burns, William
Burris, Anita M.
Burris, Chester H.
Burrow, Baby
Burrow, Mary G.
Bury, Marianna C.
Bury, Peter
Bury, Weronika
Busby - Martin Family Marker
Busby, Ann Martin
Busby, Baeder F.
Busby, John Vincent M.D.
Busby, Rev. Martin
Busby, Thelma Massery
Bush, John
Bush, Margaret E.
Bushkuhl, Albert F.
Bushkuhl, Loretta A.
Butler, Henrietta M.
Butler, Infant
Butler, Sister M. Felicitas
Butterbach, Rev. Otto P.
Buzznowski, Marcjann
Bynum, Kenneth W.
Byrd, Sister M. Columba
Byrne Family Marker
Byrne, Andrew
Byrne, Dan A.
Byrne, Daniel E.
Byrne, Gertrude
Byrne, Hattie I.
Byrne, Leo J.
Byrne, Raymond T.
Byrne, Rose
Byrne, Thomas
Byrne, Zita M.
Cahanin Family Marker
Cahanin, Cecilie M.
Cahanin, Elmo T.
Cahanin, Helen T.
Cahanin, Joseph L.
Cain, Carolyn A.
Caldarera, Josephine M.
Caldarera, Judy A.
Caldarera, Louis M.
Caldarera, Mike
Caleb, Philomena K.
Calhoun, Joseph
Call, Amelia
Call, Cornelious K.
Call, Cornelius K.
Call, Emma E.
Callahan, Helen A.
Callahan, James E.
Callahan, James F.
Callahan, Patrick J.
Callaway, Kathryn
Callaway, T. Daniel
Calloway, Ida Marie
Callwitz, Ellen
Calva, Mary C.
Calva, Mary G.
Calva, Theodore
Calver, Mary Agnes
Calvin, James T.
Calvin, Mary C.
Calvin, Ozie
Campbell, Barbara
Campbell, C. Richard
Campbell, Carl M.
Campbell, Edward Custer
Campbell, Frances B.
Campbell, Kathleen Andre
Campbell, Mary Newton
Canada, O. Thomas
Cannon, Ethel
Canon, Susan F.
Cantrell, Benjamin A.
Cantrell, Louise Z.
Carek, Charles C. Sr.
Carlesen, Robert E.
Carlisle, Fannie A.
Carpenter, Deborah Ann
Carpenter, Donald E.
Carpenter, Jo Anne M. Tatum
Carpenter, Marian E.
Carreras, Helen Joyce
Carreras, Joseph E.
Carroll, Andrew B.
Carroll, Bernard
Carroll, Daniel F.
Carroll, David W.
Carroll, Felice
Carroll, Jason A.
Carroll, Joseph Charles
Carroll, Margaret Ann
Carroll, Melanie M.
Carroll, Owen Donald
Carroll, V. Maurine
Carroll, William M.
Carroon, George A.
Carroon, Mabel
Carroon, Palastin
Carroon, Unknown

Carson, Cecelia Marie* (Died July 27, 1972)
Carter, Anna Marie
Carter, Elizabeth A.
Carter, Eugene Vance
Carter, Kimberly Cia
Carter, Lillian A.
Carter, Patricia Jane
Carter, Patricia Jane
Carter, Simeon M. Sr.
Carter, Simeon Miles
Carton, Mother M. Josephine
Carton, Sister M. Alphonsus
Casaretto, James C.
Casaretto, Johnnie
Casaretto, Norma
Casavechia, Fred J.
Casavechia, Josephine
Casey, Bridget
Casey, Curtis F.
Casey, Ethel A.
Casey, George P.
Casey, Sister Mary Ann
Casey, Violet M.
Casey, Z.A.
Cash, Catherine
Cash, Lawrence
Cassagne, Adeline
Cassagne, Cassac
Cassidy, Kevin Edward
Cassinelli Family Marker
Cassinelli, Amelia Mandeline
Cassinelli, Andrew B. Sr.
Cassinelli, Deborah V.
Cassinelli, Elizabeth A.
Cassinelli, Elizabeth Louise
Cassinelli, Louis David
Cassinelli, Louis U. Jr.
Cassinelli, Louis Umbert
Cassinelli, Louise
Cassinelli, Marilyn Frances
Cassinelli, Richard A.
Cassinelli, Richard A. Jr.
Cassinelli, Robert Little
Cassinelli, Victor Emanuel
Cassinelli, Vincent John
Castle, Annie Laurie
Castle, Betty M.
Castle, John F.
Castle, John F.
Castle, Unknown
Castleberry, Harry
Castleberry, Louise
Cathcart, Kathryn E.
Catherina, Aldorena
Catherina, Ben
Catherina, Ben Jack
Catherina, Susan V.
Caudle, Elizabeth
Caudle, Joseph I.
Cavanagh, Abbie
Cavanagh, Catherine
Cavanagh, Elizabeth
Cavanagh, Sally
Cavanagh, Thos.
Cavey, Marie Gabriel
Cawtho?, Basm
Cellars, Nova C.
Cenac, James J.
Cerato, Carl Leo Sr.
Cerato, Freda Hamilton
Cerrato, Caroline
Cerrato, Gaetano
Chadick Family Marker
Chadick Family Marker
Chadick, James R.
Chamberlain, Frances R.
Chamberlain, Irene Gruber
Chamberlain, Robert G.
Chambers, Allan B.
Chambers, Burdette B.
Chambers, Helen G.
Chambers, J. Robert
Chambers, Mary Louise
Chambers, William J.
Cheek, Christopher Henry
Cheek, Mary Josephine
Cheek, William Alston Sr.
Cheney, Euphrosine Berberich
Cheney, Myrtle M.
Cheney, Rev. Jesse C.
Cheney, Roy C.
Chesnutt, Charles R. M.D.
Chesnutt, Helen C.
Chesnutt, Helen Johnson
Chichester, Maggie F.
Chichester, Thomas W.
Chidy, Michael Shane
Cholvin, J.B.T.
Cholvin, John
Chretien, Cecile Jean
Chretien, Evelina Jean
Chretien, Henry Louis
Chretien, Louis Ferdinand
Chudy, Frances V.
Chudy, Jacob W.
Chudy, Mary Ann
Cia, D.J. "Johnny"
Cichocki, Frank
Cichocki, Hellen
Cichocki, Michele
Clancy, Bridgett
Clancy, Sister M. Gabriel
Clark, Annie
Clark, Louisa
Clarr, Mary G.
Claud, Elizabeth M.
Claud, Jonathan Keith Andrew
Claud, Otis B.
Cleary, D.F.
Cleavenger, Irene Hooper
Clifford, Patrick Twomex
Climer, Charles E.
Climer, Monica R.
Cload, Sarah Frances
Clough, Bruce A.
Clowers, Mildred Pope
Coats, James P.
Coats, Willie L.
Coburn, Rose Feild
Cockman, Mary L.
Cockman, Sherrill D.
Coco, Berl V.
Coco, Sam J.
Coen, Mary West
Colaianni, Frances V.
Colaianni, Paul
Cole, Agnes
Cole, Annie C.
Cole, Catherine N.
Cole, Charles D.
Cole, Emmett L.
Cole, Mary C.
Cole, Mary E.
Cole, Steve L.
Cole, Steve M.
Coleman, Antonia Flora
Coleman, Cassie Newton
Coleman, Mamie
Coleman, Minnie
Coleman, Wanda Rogoski
Colford, Clay
Colford, Doris M.
Colford, Robert V.
Collamore, Aileen
Collamore, James
Collamore, Loftus Sr.
Collamore, Theresa Metzger
Collarmore, Ellen
Collichio, Madonna B.
Collier, Margaret Kuehn
Collins, James E.
Collins, Mary Frances
Collins, Mary M.
Collins, Nora C.
Collins, Paul A.
Comas, Bertha Theis
Comas, John A.
Comeaux, Mary T.
Compton, Catherine M.
Condlley, Charley
Conery - Harville Family Marker
Conery, Catherine Z.
Conery, George Augustine
Conery, Susan Adams
Conier, John
Connaughton, Claretta Camron
Connelley, Betty Ann
Connelley, Catherine
Connelley, John Pat
Connelley, John Thomas
Connelley, Mary A.
Connelley, Patrick
Connelly - Oliver Family Marker
Connelly Family Marker
Connelly, Emma
Connelly, Irene G.
Connelly, John A.
Connelly, May Honan
Connelly, Patrick
Connelly, Thomas S.
Conner, James Boliver
Conner, Ybeltie Prims
Conrad, Abbie
Conrad, Annie M.A.
Conrad, Georgie
Conrad, Maggie
Conrad, Peter L.
Conrey Family Marker
Conrey, Eva Lena Dallas
Conrey, Michael E.
Conway, John
Conway, Sister M. Ambrose
Conway, Sister M. Declan
Cooke, Sister M. Camilus
Cooper, David
Cooper, Sister M. Concepta
Cooper, Sister M. Margaret
Corcoran, Sister M. Angela
Corder, Frieda Geraldine
Corder, Samuel David
Corman, Daniel G.
Corningham, Sister M. Sales
Corrigan, Dora P.
Corrigan, Raymond W.
Cother, Robert
Cotter, Anna K.
Cotter, Bernard F.
Cotter, David B.
Cotter, Thomas P.
Couch, Donald Peter Sr.
Countz, Loretta A.
Countz, Louis
Countz, Louis A.
Countz, Mary
Coutlee, Frank A.
Coutlee, Marie M.
Coutlee, Sister Mary Francis
Cox, Betty Jo
Cox, Catherine
Cox, David A.
Cox, William Hugh III
Coyne, Charles
Coyne, Charles W.
Coyne, Dr. Paul J.
Coyne, Frances V.
Coyne, George Paul
Coyne, Georgia
Coyne, Georgia S.
Coyne, James C.
Coyne, Margaret C.
Coyne, Mary
Coyne, Paul
Coyne, Thomas V.
Coyne, Viola F.
Coyne, Wilhelmina
Coyne, William
Craft, John A.
Craft, Mary A.
Craft, Maude M.
Crain, Danny Lee
Crain, James L. "Chip"
Craven, Vesta Singleton
Craven, Warren Price
Crawford, A.G. "Gabe"
Crawford, Bertha F.
Crawford, Edith H.
Crawford, Henry P.
Crawford, J. Ray
Crawford, J.V.
Crawford, Melanie Boone
Crawford, Roy F.
Creasy, Clifford H.
Creasy, Melrose A.
Crockett, Davy
Crockett, E. Dell Wright
Croft, Sister M. Berchmans
Crofton Family Marker
Crofton, Mary
Crone, Andrew J. Jr.
Crone, Martha
Cronin, Gene Eve
Cross, Mary Lucy Gracie
Cross, Maude T. Gracie
Cross, Sister Mary Stella
Cross, Wayne Anthony
Crossley, Joseph Benedict
Crowley, Herbert D.
Crubin, Sister M. Ursula
Cruse, Corneilous Patrick
Cruse, Joseph J.
Cruse, Margaret Marie
Crutchfield, Delila Bell
Cuanella, G.W.
Culliney, John
Culliney, Mary
Cullivan, Amelia M.
Cullivan, Thomas J.
Culver, Bertie H.
Culver, Wallace
Cuneo, Annies
Cuneo, Benjamin
Cuneo, Carolina
Cuneo, Charles B.
Cuneo, Daughter
Cuneo, Henry S.
Cuneo, Johanna
Cuneo, John B.
Cuneo, Joseph
Cuneo, Thomas
Cunningham, Mary
Cupples, Ira A.
Cupples, Loretta H.
Dahme, Irene
Dailey Family Marker
Dailey, Dalton James
Dailey, Rose M.
Dalest, Philip
Daley, Margaret A.
Daly, Sister M. Scholastica
Danaher, Geo S. Jr.
Danaher, George S.
Danaher, Gretchen H.
Danforth Family Marker
Danforth, Anna
Danforth, Marie Anna
Daniel, May E.
Daniel, Thomas U.
Daniels, James R.
Dannahy, Mary M.
Dare, Reed C.
Dare, Velma D.
Darr, Charles E.
Darscheid, Elizabeth
Darscheid, Theresa
Darst, Leslie W.
Darst, Raymond C.
Dartlon, Jessie O.
Dartlon, William J.
Dasbach Family Marker
Dasbach, Fredrick
Dasbach, Katherina
Dasbach, Mother
Dasbach, Willie
Daughter, Frances A.
Dauksha, Mary A.
Daven, John C.
Daven, Myrtle
Davis, Betty
Davis, George C.
Davis, George R.
Davis, Ina Pearl
Davis, Jack J.
Davis, John
Davis, Martha
Davis, Mary
Davis, Morden George
Davis, William R. Bill
Davitt, Katherine E.
Davitt, Patrick B.
Dawes, Joel P.
Dawes, Josephine M.
Dawes, Ovida M.
Dawson, Anita B.
Dayananda, Nilusha
Dazet, John
De Barlita, St. Michael
Deacon, Marie B.
Dearasaugh Family Marker
Dearasaugh, Charles J.
Dearasaugh, Elizabeth Ellen
Dearasaugh, Katherine
Dearasaugh, Katie Mary
DeBons Family Marker
DeBons, Celistine
DeBons, Louie
DeBons, Mary
Deboser, Adolph B.
Deboser, Marie M.
Debosier, Alice J. Reed
Debosier, Bernard V.
Debosier, Matt J.
Debosier, Rev. Bernard E.
DeBosier, Rose B.
deCapan, Maria Aza
DeClerk, Jos. H.
DeClerk, Mary A.
DeClerk, Quinton H.
DeClerk, Vera
DeGursey, Andrew
DeGursey, Andrew
DeGursey, Charlie
DeGursey, Mrs. Andrew
Dehmer Family Marker
Dehmer Family Marker
Dehmer, Anna
Dehmer, Catherine D.
Dehmer, Fred G.
Dehmer, Joseph
Dehmer, Joseph T.
Dehmer, Joseph T.
Dehmer, Marguerite L.
Dehmer, Mary L.
Dehmer, Peter W.
Dehmer, Rose
Dehmer, Theo
Dehmer, Theodore
Dehmer, William C.
Deiure, Joe
DeKressier, Johanna
Del Pozzo, Maria Dollys
Delaney, Bertha Gruber
Delaney, Margaret
Delaney, Thos
Delaney, William C.
Deleuh, Paul John
Delgman, Robert E.
Delgman, Robert E.
Deller, Ben Sr.
Deller, Lula A.
Deller, Martha M.
Deller, Roy A.
Deller, Toney
Dempsey, Lillie
Dennis, Ernest E.
Dennis, James E.
Dennis, Rose
Deppe, Elizabeth
Deppe, Mary E.
Deppe, Sarah
DeRoche, Elliedor G.
DeRoche, Emma C.
DeSalvo, Angelo
DeSalvo, Josephine
DeSalvo, Tony
Desmond, Jean
Desmond, William
Deubler, Oscar Fredrick
Deubler, Oscar Fredrick Jr.
Deubler, T.E. Fred
Deubler, Winifred Buchanan
Deuerling, Betty L.
Deuerling, Ernest O.
Deuerling, Frank J.
Deuerling, Jerome L.
Deuerling, Lawrence F.
Deuerling, Mary Ann
Deuerling, Mary Ida
Deuerling, Neola
Deuerling, Robert Wayne
DeVaney, Eliza
DeVaney, Tom
Devine, Michael Lee
Devine, Sister M. DeChantal
Devine, Sue Ann
Devine, Thomas Bernard Jr.
Devlin, Andrew K.
Devlin, Irma Sarah
Diamond, Rev. Charles S.
Diaz, Jaime A.
Diaz, Ruth W.
Dickey, May
Dickinson, Louis Turner
Dickinson, Rhoda Marie
Dickmann, David G.
Dickneite, Bernadine M.
Dickneite, George J.
Dickniete, Catherine
Dickson, J. Grayson
Dickson, Mary Mae B.
Dicosmo, Jessie L.
Dicosmo, Natale J.
Diehl Family Marker
Diehl, Edward
Diehl, Henry
Diehl, Katherine
Dieter, Carrie A.
Dietz, John Selstrom
Dietzgen, Lisette Engels
Dillingham, R.N.
Dillon, Abigail B.
Dillon, Christine
Dillon, Christine R.
Dillon, Edward
Dillon, Edward B.
Dillon, Edward E.
Dillon, Frances M.
Dillon, James P.
Dillon, Michael J.
Dillon, Paul Thomas
Dillon, Rachel A.
Dillon, Richard
Dillon, Ruth J.
Dillon, William M.
Dimmitt, Victoria
Discosmo, Nicola
Discosmo, Olivia Nosari
Dittemore, Lucille B.
Dittemore, Robert
Dittjager, Mary Renee
Dixon, Deborah K.
Dobbins, Horace E.
Dobbins, Julia M.
Dobbins, Neil H.
Dobbins, Regina M.
Dobbs, John Carroll Sr.
Dobbs, Josephine
Dobbs, Warren
Dobin, Charles
Doe, Mary Rose
Dofrey, M.A.
Doherty, Pete
Doherty, Sadie
Dollard, John Vincent Jr.
Dollard, Suzanne Vaughene
Dominica, Sister
Donahue, Dora Bentman
Donahue, Florence
Donahue, Florence J.
Donahue, Janie Cecilia
Donahue, John J.
Donahue, Katherine
Donahue, Lydie
Donahue, Marie Frances
Donahue, Mary
Donahue, Mary T.
Donahue, Mrs. Florence J.
Donahue, Regina
Donahue, Regina H.
Donahue, Sophia Elizabeth Sean
Donahue, Thomas
Donahue, Thomas Francis
Donaldson, Fenton F.
Donaldson, Mary A.
Donnell, Florence Engelberger
Donnelly, Daniel A.
Donnelly, John P.
Donnelly, Mary Susan
Donohoe, Elizabeth
Donohoe, Michael J.
Donohoe, Patrick
Donohoe, Patrick
Donohoe, Theresa
Donohue, Kathryn A.
Donohue, Mary
Doolittle Family Marker
Doolittle Family Marker
Doolittle, Esther E.
Doolittle, Esther E.
Doolittle, John W.
Doolittle, Lorraine J.
Doolittle, R.J. "Mike"
Dopieralla Family Marker
Dopieralla Family Marker
Dopieralla, Edward
Dopieralla, Felix S.
Dopieralla, Felix S.
Dopieralla, John
Dopieralla, John W.
Dopieralla, Mark
Dopieralla, Mark
Dopieralla, Mark W.
Dopieralla, Mary
Dosshardt, Anton
Dosshardt, Elizabeth
Dowdle, Patricia A.
Dowdy, Frank
Dowdy, Minnie H.
Dowles, Dorann Mary
Downing, Dorothy M.
Downing, Eugene J.
Downing, Eugene J.
Downing, Harold L.
Downing, Kate J.
Downing, Marie E.
Downing, Marie E.
Downing, Patricia
Downing, Samuel
Downing, Sister Mary Peter
Downing, William E.
Doyle Family Marker
Doyle, Edward J.
Doyle, Mamie O.
Doyle, Mary A.
Doyle, Michael F.
Doza, Rita F.
Doza, Wayne J.
Dramer, Sam W.
Dramer, Slyvia D.
Drees, ? W.
Drees, Charles
Drees, Charles
Drees, Clem J.
Drees, Edward
Drees, Frank Fred
Drees, Fredienand
Drees, John
Drees, John Jr.
Drees, Joseph August
Drees, Joseph August
Drees, Mary Pearl
Drees, Mary Pearl
Drees, Mathilda
Drees, May
Dress, Sophia L.
Drew, Charles G.
Drew, Helen A.
Driedric, Adam C.
Driedric, Mary J.
Drilling, Mary L.
Duerr, Carl F.
Duffy, Frances D.
Duffy, Rev. John J.
Dugan, Albert Martin
Dugan, Annie
Dugan, Florence V.
Dugan, Joan H.
Dugan, John C.
Dugan, John C. Jr.
Dugan, Mary Catherine
Dugan, Paul A.
Dumboski, Felix F.
Dumboski, Irene J.
Dumboski, Phyllis
Dumboski, Randolph
Dumek, Howard H. II
Dunaway, Abigail Marie
Dunaway, Charles J.
Dunaway, Gloria M.
Dunaway, John W.
Dunecan, George Lloyd
Dunecan, Maggie E.
Dunn, Edwin
Dunn, Jennie
Dunn, John N.
Dunn, Nicholas
Dunn, Tillye
Dunnavy, Rev. Aloysius
Dupree, Jacob
Durbin Family Marker
Durbin, Beulah
Durbin, Charles W.
Durbin, Chester Edward
Durbin, Edward Leo
Durbin, John L.
Durbin, Maggie Ann
Durbin, Margaret Wahl
Durbin, Mary K.
Durbin, Norma S.
Durcan, Sister M. Helen
Durham, Annamae G.
Durst, Anna
Durst, Charles F.
Durst, David
Durst, Florence
Durst, Frank C. Sr.
Durst, Fred M.
Durst, Herman A.
Durst, Josephine R.
Durst, Margaret
Durst, Mathias
Durst, Melvin
Durst, Russell E.
Durst, Sophia M.
Dussex, Marie F.
Duttlinger, Anna
Duttlinger, Max F.
Duttlinger, Sabina
Duval Family Marker
Duval, Agnes
DuVal, Allen W.
DuVal, Elizabeth
DuVal, George
Duval, George E.
Duval, Gertrude
Duval, Jack
Duval, John
Duval, John
Duval, John
Duval, Joseph D.
Duval, Lorine
Duval, Marie
Duval, Martha
Duval, Mary
Duval, Mary Delphine
Duval, Maxine N.
Duvall, Mirian Stauffer
Duvall, Richard Albert
Duwe, Bertha
Duwe, Fred
Duwe, Margaret
Duwe, Theo. F.Jr.
Duwe, Theodore
Duwe, Theresa D.
Dwyer Family Marker
Dwyer, Sister M. Berchmans
Dwyer, Sister Mary Edward
Dwyer, Thelma E.
Dye, John R.
Dye, Lynn
Eagan, Mary Bridget
Eagan, Michael William
Eagan, Nellie
Ealey, Sister M. Agatha
Ebbing Family Marker
Ebbing, Oliver A.
Eckardt, Berthe R.
Eckardt, Mary Catherina
Edwards ,Baby
Edwards, Carolyn M.
Edwards, David H.
Edwards, Florence
Egan, Margaret
Egan, Nora M.
Ege, Joseph C.
Ege, Mary Korte
Ege, Mary Sprick
Eich, Christine
Eich, Conrad
Eichelmann, Emma
Eichelmann, Nicholas
Eichelmann, Oliver N.
Eichelmann, Pauline F.
Eichner, Carl John
Eickhoff Family Marker
Eickhoff, Anna H.
Eickhoff, Caroline Held
Eickhoff, Catherine
Eickhoff, Charles
Eickhoff, George
Eickhoff, George E.
Eickhoff, Grace
Eickhoff, Marie
Eiden, Christein
Eiden, Frank J.
Eiden, Joseph S.
Eiden, Unknown
Eisenberg, Dorothy V.
Elliott, Agnes K.
Elliott, Bertha R.
Elliott, Genevieve C.
Elliott, Harry W.
Elliott, Margaret
Ellis, Velma Tucker
Ellrod, Mary Ruth
Elms, Marie T.
Elrod, Robert J.
Elsken, Aileen
Elsken, Edward C.
Elsken, Gretchen K.
Elwood, Richard Bell
Embree, Ada Lee
Embree, Thomas Gordon
Embree, William S.
Embrey, Agnes A.
Emmel, Alfred H.
Emmel, Alfred H.
Emmel, Andrew J.
Emmel, Andrew J.
Emmerling Family Marker
Emmerling, Arthur M.
Emmerling, Hilda Mae Faulk
Emrick, Charles A.
Emrick, Elizabeth V.
Enderlin, Alphonse L.
Enderlin, Melanie M.
Engel, Bernard J.
Engel, Louise
Engelberger Family Marker
Engelberger, Adolph G.
Engelberger, Anna
Engelberger, August
Engelberger, Charles Joseph
Engelberger, Cleo M.
Engelberger, Cornelia E.
Engelberger, Earl
Engelberger, Herman
Engelberger, John E.
Engelberger, John J.
Engelberger, Joseph
Engelberger, Joseph M.
Engelberger, Lawrence
Engelberger, M.
Engelberger, Nora Stovall
Engelberger, Ottilde
England, Donald Curtis
Engster, John
Engster, John M.
Engster, Louise A.
Engster, Mary
Enochs, Ilda S.
Enochs, J. Watson
Enright, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Patrick
Epps, Ernest A.
Epps, Mattie
Erhart, Delphine Shader
Erhart, Elanor Jane
Erhart, Francis James
Eschbacher, Agnes
Eschbacher, George C.
Etzbach, A.
Etzkorn Family Marker
Etzkorn, Theresa J.
Eubanks, Julius K.
Eubanks, Mary A.
Eubanks, Walter T.
Eugster, Marie
Eugster, Urich
Evan, Sister Aohin
Evans, Henry A.
Evans, Marion B.
Evans, Michael Raymond
Evans, Rev. Msgr. James G.
Everett, Lenord T.
Evins, Joseph B.
Evins, Rene G.
Evins, Rene Jo Helm
Ewing, Martha
Ewing, William
Ezzi, Jean
Ezzi, Santo A.
Fagan, Charles B.
Fagan, Owana G.
Fagerstrom, Hollie Bell
Fahrion, Irene M.
Fahrion, John L.
Fain, Addison Walker
Fair, Florence
Faley, Thomas P.
Falisi, Concetta Culotta
Falisi, Don Vincenzo
Fargo, Edmond
Fargo, Edmund J.
Fargo, Sister Mary Augustine
Fargo, Sophie J.
Farley, Catherine B.
Farmer, Harley B.
Farney, James J.
Farrell, Sister M. Staniblaus
Farrelly, Arbadoo Gibson
Fassler, Carl
Fassler, Wilhelmina
Faulk, Coy Charles
Faulk, Florence E.
Faust, Clinton J.
Faust, Mary
Fegan, Anna M.
Fegan, Bertam E.
Feild, Appolonia
Feild, Felice M.
Feild, Infant Son of W.A.L. & C.
Feild, Jessie M.
Feild, Joseph L.
Feild, Margeurite M.
Feild, Mary Violet
Feild, Ormond B.
Fein, Emma
Fein, John W.
Fein, Mary A.
Fein, Reginia Agnes
Fein, Rosa M.
Fenno, Mary
Ferguson, Josephine W.
Ferguson, Ralph J. Sr.
Ferling, Louisa
Ferrill, Helen B.
Ferrill, James F.
Fetzek, Joseph G.
Fetzek, Thomas Patrick
Fetzek, Virginia McClernan
Fiddyment, Walter C.
Field, Christina Lucchesi
Field, William Allen L.
Filipek, Rosemary
Finan, Agnes N.
Finan, Agnes N.
Finan, William E.
Finan, William F.
Finch, Anna May
Finch, Van D.
Finkbeiner, Alfred M.
Finkbeiner, Emma
Finkbeiner, Nancy A.
Finley Family Marker
Finley Family Marker
Finley, Anne Taylor
Finley, Charles F.
Finley, Elvin Ralph
Finley, Hanna Keipe
Finley, Hattie E.
Finley, James Barry
Finley, John J.
Finley, John M.
Finley, John M.
Finley, Joseph F.
Finley, Leo George
Finley, Mary
Finley, Mary
Finley, Mary A.
Finley, Rivers V.
Finley, Stanley
Finley, William P.
Finley, William Paul
Finley, William Paul III
Finnegan, John D.
Finnegan, Lucy Heim
Finnley, Minnie M.
Finnley, Paul W.
Fischer - Wilke Family Marker
Fischer, Anna Katherine
Fischer, Ed J.
Fischer, Edith May
Fischer, Elizabeth
Fischer, Lena E.
Fischer, Myrtle M.
Fischer, Raymond
Fischer, Raymond G.
Fischer, Raymond G.
Fischer, Sister Mary Francis
Fisher, Rt. Rev. Msger. John Patrick
Fitch, Billie Mae
Fitch, James Shirley
Fitch, Paula A.
Fitch, Thomas J.
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fitzgerald, Mary
Fitzgerald, Sister M. Leone
Fitzpatrick, Bridget B.
Fitzpatrick, Julia
Fitzpatrick, Sister M. Aloyius
Fix, Alton V.
Fix, Shelby J.
Flack, Joseph P.
Flack, Vivian R.
Flaherty, Alice J.
Flaherty, Frances M.
Flanigan, Betty Jo
Flanigan, E. Reville
Flanigan, William J.
Flanigan, Yvonne R.
Flavin, Margaret Lucile
Flavin, William Thomas
Fleig, Charles John
Fleig, John A.
Fleig, Louise W.
Flippen Family Marker
Flippen, Capola
Flippen, James E.
Flippen, Jessie V.
Flippen, Leslie F.
Flores, Guillermo
Flynn Family Marker
Flynn, James Dennis
Flynn, Joseph L.
Fonck, Howard L.
Fonck, Laura R.
Fordyce Family Marker
Fordyce, Helen Thompson
Forrester, Emmett R.
Forster, Clara
Forster, Francis
Forster, Helene
Forster, Henry
Forster, Mary
Forster, William
Fortson, Irene
Fortson, Margaret Binz
Fortson, Melanie S.
Fortson, W.P.
Fortson, William R.
Foster, Emma
Fougerousse, John George
Fougerousse, John P.
Fougerousse, Louis
Fougerousse, Rosa M.
Fox, Frances
Fox, Joe Clement " Fox"
Fox, Johana
Fox, Margaret Adair
Fox, Martin John
Fox, Theodore T.
Fox, Thomas
Foy Family Marker
Foy, Annie
Foy, Ellen Mullen
Foy, Jennie Veronica
Foy, Michael J.
Foy, Patrick James
Francke, Edward
Frank, Aleck K.
Frank, Alice M.
Frank, Kenneth Alan
Frank, Victor
Fraser, Charles H. Jr.
Fraser, Sophie A.
Frawley, Dian
Frawley, Eula E.
Frawley, John H.
Frawley, Joseph
Frawley, Mary E.
Frawley, Sue
Frawley, Tim
Frazier, Earl W.
Frazier, Elizabeth C.
Frazier, Elizabeth M.
Frazier, John R.
Frazier, John Rowland
Frazier, Otto A.
Frazier, Rose A.
Frederick, Catherine J.
Frederick, Frank C.
Frederick, Gertrude M.
Frederick, Jerry P. Sr.
Frederick, Josephine P.
Frederick, Lawrence A.
Frederick, Lawrence J.
Frederick, Lt. Albert C.
Frederick, Raymond A.
Fredrich Family Marker
Fredrich, Albert
Fredrich, Alphonse
Fredrich, Augustine J.
Fredrich, Barbara M.
Fredrich, Doris
Fredrich, Elizabeth M.
Fredrich, Eugene
Fredrich, Henry
Fredrich, Henry J.
Fredrich, Margaret W.
Fredrich, Martha W.
Fredrich, Mary A.
Fredrich, Mary Anne
Fredrich, William
Freeman, Floyd J.
Freeman, Sarah Elizabeth
French Family Marker
French, Carolyn M.
French, Carroll H.
French, Eunice M.
French, Mary Gracie
French, William R.
Friend, Katherine
Friend, Max W. Sr.
Fritz, Charlotte H.
Froley Family Marker
Froley, Beryl Millard
Froley, Elizabeth
Froley, James Edward
Froley, John
Froley, John Patrick
Froley, Stella Roberts
Fry, Mary L.
Fry, William O.
Fuchs, Annie
Fuller, Alston B.
Fuller, Sue Murphy
Funken, Powell J.
Furby, Wella
Furrer, Adolph
Furrer, Edward
Furrer, Elizabeth
Furrer, Frank
Furrer, Frank
Furrer, Theo J.
Furrer, Verna
Fuzzell, Shirley E.
Fuzzell, Thomas A.
Gachot, Edna McGrew
Gachot, Ferdinand A.
Gachot, Joseph F.
Gachot, Mary A.
Gaisbauer, Annie M.
Gaisbauer, Louise M.
Gaisbauer, Thomas S.
Gaisbauer, Vincent
Galbraith, Emma
Galbraith, Joseph L.
Gallaghan, James
Gallagher, Adam
Gallagher, Barbra
Gallagher, Capt. Ambrose
Gallagher, Clarence
Gallagher, Mary
Gallagher, William
Gallighan, Stephen
Gallman, John A.
Galmish, George
Gangelosi, Php.
Gangluff, Susana
Ganser, August
Ganser, August Jr.
Ganser, Helena
Ganser, Lula F.
Gantner, Nicolas
Garbacz, Blanche Mary
Garbacz, Edward
Garibaldi, James
Garibaldi, Rosa
Garibaldi, Vittorio Emanuello
Garibaldi, Vivian Roman
Garnes, Emma Louise
Garnes, Richard E. "Pat"
Garnes, Tillie DeBons
Garrett, Mildred F.
Garrigan, Phillip H.
Garstka Family Marker
Garstka, Edmund
Garstka, Frank
Garstka, Marcella H.
Garstka, Rose
Garstka, Stanley J.
Gasper, Albert
Gasper, Inez A.
Gasper, Lawrence H.
Gasper, Loretta A.
Gazo, Anna Mae
Gazo, Joseph J.
Gebauer, August William
Gebauer, John C.
Gebauer, Marie Louise
Gebauer, Mary L.
Geer, Marshall E.
Geer, Marshall E.
Geevarghese Family Marker
Geevarghese, Reverand John
Geevarghese, Saramma J.
Geheb, Agnes E.
Geheb, Bernard I.
Gehring, Jack W.
Gehrki, Anna F.
Gehrki, Jacob E.
Gerard Family Marker
Gerard, Elizabeth Juana
Gerard, Frank A.
Gerard, Gladys
Gerard, Joseph H.
Gerard, Mathais William
Gerke Family Marker
Gerke, Charles
Gerke, Geraldine Dorothy
Gerke, Rosalyn
Gerke, Therese
Gerke, William
Gerren, Julia Ann
Geyer, Elizabeth C.
Geyer, I? Lizzie
Giambemedetti, Antonio
Gibb - Speed Family Marker
Gibb, Fred Newton
Gibb, Mary Newton
Gibson Family Marker
Gibson, Betty Jane
Gibson, Frank J.
Gibson, Frank T.
Gibson, James Edwin
Gibson, Marie Louise
Gibson, Marie Thibault
Gibson, Nina W.
Giles, Catherine
Giles, Fred Richmond
Gillenwater, Helen Balmat
Gilliam, Craig H.
Gilliam, Mary Ann F.
Gillin, Michael J.
Gillin, Minnie
Gillin, Patrick J.
Gilmartin, Michael Patrick
Gilmore, Alice M.
Gilmore, Gail
Gilmore, Gail W.
Gilmore, Hildegarde M.
Gilmore, James E.
Gilmore, Jos P. Jr.
Gilmore, Joseph P.
Gilmore, Josephine T.
Gilmore, Mary K.
Gilmore, Pauline E.
Gilmore, Pauline K.
Gilmore, Robert F.
Gilmore, Robert F.
Gilmore, Theadore F.
Gilmore, William T.
Gilmore, William Tell Jr.
Gilmore, Wm. Tell Sr.
Gilsenan, Sister M. Assumpta
Ginn, A. Elizabeth
Ginn, Aurelia M.
Ginn, Elmer
Ginn, Ernest W.
Ginocchio Family Marker
Ginocchio, Annie
Ginocchio, Bess
Ginocchio, Caroline
Ginocchio, Delores
Ginocchio, Frank J.
Ginocchio, Frank J.
Ginocchio, Helen Frances
Ginocchio, James
Ginocchio, John
Ginocchio, John T.
Ginocchio, Lydia S.
Ginocchio, Marie
Ginocchio, Mary
Ginocchio, Mary Dwyer
Ginocchio, Robert
Ginocchio, Robert E.
Girard, Cora
Girard, Cpl. Edward
Girard, Mary F. Darter
Gisler, Martin W.
Gisler, Mary Engleberger
Gisler, Stephen
Glean, Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred
Gleason, Edwin O.
Gleason, Isabella Basso
Gleason, John E.
Gleason, Lawrence D.
Gleason, Mary McCabe
Gleason, Mary Ruth
Glover Family Marker
Glover, Carl Redd
Glynn, Simon
Gocio, Janie Mary
Goetz, Joseph M.
Goetz, Ollie B.
Goetz, Walburgar
Gohorowsky, Anna
Gohorowsky, Leo
Golden, Catherine M.
Golden, F. Deen
Golden, F. Deen
Golden, Lawrence D.
Golden, Mary G. Such
Golden, Mary S.
Golfe, Sebastian
Gomez, America
Gonzalez, Kevin
Goodhart, Aubrey K.
Goodhart, Aubrey Kirtland
Goodhart, Barbara Christine
Goodhart, Regina Hedwig
Gordon, Irene A.
Gordon, William E.
Gosen, Christina
Gosen, Edward F.
Gosen, Frances
Gosen, Joseph F.
Gosen, Joseph F.
Gosen, Margeretha K.
Goshien, Felicie C.
Gouley, Sister M. Carmelita
Gowen, Mary
Grabher, Albert W.
Grabher, Carl H.
Grabher, Eleanor E.
Grabher, Theresa L.
Gracie Family Marker
Gracie, Asa Greed
Gracie, Helen H.
Gracie, John M.
Gracie, John Pierce
Gracie, Sallie E.
Gracie, Sarah Katharine
Graham, Evelyn Rapillard
Graham, Johanna L.
Graham, Richard A.
Graham, Robert W.
Granberry, Charles W.
Granberry, Michael Thomas
Granberry, Patricia E.
Grandkoski, Elzle
Grandkoski, Minnie
Grasser, Evelyn
Grasser, Mathew A.
Gray Family Marker
Gray, Edward E.
Gray, Elmer E.
Gray, Frank P.
Gray, James V.
Gray, Louise E.
Gray, Margie A.
Gray, Mary E.
Gray, Sammie Sennett
Gray, William Mitchell
Greely, James Z. Jr.
Green, Helen I.
Green, Jack A.
Green, Timothy Joseph
Greenwell, Margaret
Greenwell, R. Louis
Greenwood, Bennie C.
Greenwood, Bennie C.
Griffey, Ben Butler
Griffey, Rose B. Fox
Griffin, George T.
Griffin, Hattie E.
Griffin, Helen R.
Griffin, Jimmie
Griffin, Robert C.
Griffin, Walter W.
Griffith, Julia M.
Griffith, Mary Vogel
Griffith, Paul J.
Grillo, Frank
Grimes, Clyde Moore
Grimes, Marion Seymour
Groud, Gath
Gruber, John
Gruber, Mary
Gruber, Philip N.
Gruemmer, Anna
Gruemmer, Joseph
Grummer, Sister M. Pauline
Grummer, Sister Mary DeSales
Grunert, Mother M. Antonia
Guanella, George Joseph
Guanella, Louise
Guanella, Thomas J.
Guenter, Joyce Jody
Guenter, Raymond
Guidos, John J.
Guidos, Justina M.
Gunderman, Alice V.
Gunderman, Anthony M.
Gunderman, Lawrence S.
Gunderman, Paul T.
Gunderman, Veronica B.
Guthrie, Jean
Guthrie, Jerry L.
Guttman, Frank
Guyton, Vinel
Hackley Family Marker
Hackley, Hugh L.
Hackley, Mary L.
Hackney, Jess E.
Hackney, Jess E. III
Hackney, Patrick T.
Hafer, Catherine H.


Photographed 2002 by Pris Weathers


No photograph on Cecelia Carson.  Information provided by Businesslady4900@aol.com


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