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0005 - Calvary Cemetery

Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas


Part One     Part Two     Part Three

Everything on this website is now free...newspaper articles and cemetery photographs with a limit of five (5) per email address per week.  Just send an email to ArkansasTies@ArkansasTies.com with names and the page where you found the names.



O'Cain, Mary E.
O'Cain, Patrick
O'Cain, Patrick Jr.
O'Connell, Dan G.
O'Connell, Lou M.
O'Conner, Frances H.
O'Conner, Mary
O'Conner, Rev. Msgr. James
O'Conner, Robert E.
O'Dea, Sister M. Amata
O'Donnell, Eleanor H.
O'Donnell, John H.
O'Donnell, Josephine
O'Donnell, Sister M. Rose
O'Donnell, Sister M. Veronica
O'Donnell, William
O'Donoghue, Pauline Rehm
O'Dougherty - Keane Family Marker
O'Dougherty, Terence
O'Dowd, Bridget R.
O'Dowd, Chas J.
O'Dowd, Mahala
O'Dowd, Michael
O'Dowd, Ralph D.
O'Dwyer, Sister Mary Brendan
Oglesby, William T.
Ohalleram, Sister M. Borgia
O'Hara, Jane
O'Hara, Josephine
O'Hara, Patrick J.
O'Hara, William
O'Hara, William
O'Kean, Rev. James S.
Olberts, Chris
Olberts, Edward J.
Olberts, Frank L.
Olberts, Johnnie H.
Olberts, Leona
O'Leary, M.
Oliver, Goldsmith B.
Oliver, Mary Connelly
Olsen, Anna H.
Olszewski, Justin Gilbert
O'Malley, Bernard W.
O'Malley, Bernard W.
O'Malley, Idella
O'Malley, Marie
O'Malley, Thomas
Ondrey, Anna S.
Ondrey, Matthew
O'Neal, John
O'Reilly - Jones Family Marker
O'Reilly, John
O'Reilly, Joseph
O'Reilly, Mary
O'Reilly, Mother M. Patricia
O'Rorke, Effie
O'Rorke, T.D.
O'Rorke, Thomas
Orr, Mary Hanggi
Orr, Thomas E.
Orten, Gordon
Orten, Peter
Osborn, Ruth H.
Osoyles, Sister M. Mercedes
Ostie, Jennie G.
Ostie, Lucy M.
Ostie, Victor A.
Oswald, Albertine Z.
Oswald, Annie Olberts
Oswald, Catherine Marie
Oswald, Hildegarde M.
Oswald, J. Edward
Oswald, Joseph
Oswald, Julian L.
Oswald, Kenneth James
Oswald, Louis F.
Oswald, Margaret Gould
Oswald, Mary Lou
Oswald, Oscar J.
Oswald, Steven Lawrence
Otten, Albert F. Jr.
Ouellette, Mary D.
Ouellette, Roland
Ouletta Family Marker
Ouletta, Charles Christopher
Ouletta, Nick
Ouletta, Rocco
Ouletta, Rose Marie
Ouletta, Tommy
Oury, H. Norma
Oury, Minnie G. Swarts
Oury, R. Dan
Oury, William J.
Overholtzer, Kathleen W.
Overton, Andrew
Overton, Pauline Z.
Owens, Edward F.
Owens, Edward J.
Owens, Margaret A.
Owens, Margaret O'Conner
Oxford, Edward J.
Oxford, Retta Mae
Pabian, Joseph
Pabian, Louise
Pabian, Mary Virginia
Packmore, Joe A.
Padilla, Eugenio
Padilla, Palmira
Page Family Marker
Page, Elizabeth
Page, John Edward
Page, Marvin P.
Page, Rose
Painter Family Marker
Painter, Evelyn M.
Palazzi, Frances H.
Palazzi, Quinn G.
Pappas, Emma L.
Paquette Family Marker
Parish, Mrs. W.N.
Parish, Niece of Mr. W.N.
Parish, W.N.
Parkavis, Mary
Parkavis, Stan
Parker, Bert W.
Parker, Christine S.
Parker, Edna Phelan
Parker, Florence
Parker, Florence M.
Parker, Isaac M.
Parker, Mary A.
Parker, Paul
Parker, Paul David
Parker, Paul V.
Parkhill, Arthur C.
Parkhill, Jessie B.
Parmley, Martha Ann
Parsel, Hubertina
Parsel, Oscar Fred
Parsel, Susan L.
Parsley, Sister Mary Mark
Pasalaqua, Mamie
Pasalaqua, Sam
Pasierb, Myrtle B.
Pasierb, Stanley C.
Patterson, Mary Theresa
Patterson, William B. Sr.
Patton, John M.
Patton, Lillie M.
Paulet, Henri
Paulet, Joseph
Paulet, Marguerite
Paulet, Victor E.
Paulette Family Marker
Paulette, Daniel C.
Paulette, Elizabeth
Paulette, Eugene
Paulette, Inez
Paulette, Ladonne
Paulette, Lulu Belle
Paulette, Mary
Pauli, Clarence
Pauli, Joseph
Pauli, Joseph P.
Pauli, Julia
Pauly, Helen P. Balzhiser
Payne, Albert
Payne, Barbara A.
Payne, Henrietta
Peach, John Richard
Peaker, Barney E.
Peaker, Charles R.
Peaker, Eleanor B.
Peaker, Forest V.
Peaker, M. Ellsworth
Peaker, Margaret T.
Peaker, Thomas
Pearce Family Marker
Pearce, Ronald H.
Pearson, Jennifer Lyn
Peitz, Eleanor
Peitz, Julia K.
Peitz, Mary E.
Peitz, Wilbur J.
Pence, Katherine L.
Penix, Elsie D.
Pennebaker, Dianne V.
Pennebaker, Kenneth J.
Peno, Matthew J.
Peoples, Rev. S.J.
Percefull, Annie
Percefull, Grover C.
Perciful, Josephine M.
Perciful, Walter J.
Perin, Genova
Perin, John
Perna, Betty Lou
Perna, Q. G.
Perrin, Arthur R.
Perrin, Theresa F.
Perry Family Marker
Perry, Edith L.
Peschka, Frances J.
Peters, Bessie D.
Peters, Frances Trapp
Peters, James A.
Peters, James B.
Peters, Marie A.

Peters, Mary M - Died August 2, 1917 (7 years old)*
Peters, Robert S.
Peyer, Ellen Michelle
Pfauser, Antone B.
Pfauser, Mary W.
Phelan, Kathryn
Philbin, Mary
Philbin, Patrick J.
Philbin, Robert B.
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Dallas E.
Phillips, Dallas E.
Phillips, David Raymond
Phillips, Dorothy L.
Phillips, John Barron
Phillips, Margaret
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Pearl
Phillips, Pearl
Phillips, Regina A.
Phillips, William A.
Pierce, Anna L.
Pierce, Malcolm G.
Pierpaoli, Albert J.
Pierpaoli, Alfred
Pierpaoli, Catherine
Pierpaoli, Ida
Pierpaoli, John A.
Pierpaoli, Julio
Pierre, Baby
Pierre, Louis
Pietrzak, Helen
Pietrzak, Joseph
Pilkington, Cecilia
Pilkington, Patrick G.
Pilkington, Wayne

Pitts, Helen V. Whitehead*
Pitts, Leo F.*
Placke, Annie
Plafcan, Sister M.Cyrillus
Planetta, Frances
Pletcher, Christina
Plotczyk, Dorothy J. Barron
Plotczyk, Edward S.
Poe, Elizabeth E.
Poe, Patrick Meyer
Pollock, Helen M.
Pollock, Pollyanna E.
Poole, Marianne R.
Pope, E.J.
Pope, Edward John
Pope, Helen "Nell"
Pope, Mary Harriett
Pope, Phillip Anthony
Porbeck, Bertha
Porbeck, Christine K.
Porbeck, Clara
Porbeck, Frank A.
Porbeck, George E.
Porbeck, Irene S.
Porbeck, J. George
Porbeck, John M. Jr.
Porbeck, John M. Sr.
Porbeck, LaDelle F.
Porbeck, Patricia
Porbeck, Rita D.
Powell, Arline D.
Powell, Cecilia Mehlin
Powell, John I.
Powell, John Marcus III
Powell, Mary A.
Powell, Mary A.
Powell, Norma Basso
Powell, Rose K.
Powell, Walter W.
Powers Family Marker
Powers, Dan S.
Powers, Elaine G.
Powers, Frederick C.
Powers, Gladys
Powers, Grace P.
Powers, John A.
Powers, John P. Jr.
Powers, Margaret
Powers, Mary
Powers, Mary Landers
Powers, Nora W.
Powers, Patrick
Powers, Richard A.
Powers, Thomas D.
Powers, Willie May
Poynter, Martha C. Skinner
Pozza, Domenico A.
Pozza, James
Pozza, Josephine Piazza
Pratt, Gabe J.
Pratt, Mary
Pratt, Mary K.
Prause, Albert C.
Prause, Frances
Prause, Joseph
Prause, Velma
Prause, William
Preyer Family Marker
Priddy, Thomas J.
Priest, Beatrice Hood
Priest, Catherine R.
Priest, Louis J.
Priest, Louis Patrick
Priestley, Caroline S.
Prieur, Beatrice W.
Prieur, Ellen
Prieur, Felix
Prieur, Felix G. II
Prieur, Francis
Prieur, Julia
Primm, Jacqueline Noel
Primm, Sister M. Lucina
Probst Family Marker
Probst, August Jr.
Probst, August Sr.
Probst, Elsie S.
Probst, F.J.
Probst, Freda B.
Probst, Katherina
Probst, Matilda R.
Probst, Theodore
Probst, Theodore
Proctor, Ella
Prothman, Antone
Pruniski, Amy H.
Pruniski, Helen
Pruniski, John E.
Pruniski, Mary Utecht
Pruniski, Max J.
Pruniski, Otillia
Pruniski, Steve A. Sr.
Pruss, Rose
Puckett, Byron
Puckett, Mary L.
Pumphrey, Dorothy B.
Pumphrey, Floyd Irvin
Purvis, Christopher E.
Purvis, Jonathan David
Purvis, Katherene E.
Purvis, Thornton S. Pete
Putsche, Lessie McBride
Pysklo, Louis
Quickert, Joseph
Quickert, Josephine
Quin, John
Quinlan, Sister M. Clara
Quinless, Anne
Quinless, Ellen
Quinless, John
Quinless, Mamie
Quinless, Matt
Quinless, Michael
Quinless, Tom
Quinn, Billy Ray
Quinn, Daniel D.
Quinn, Edd
Quinn, Elizabeth A.
Quinn, Jessie Danedward
Quinn, Joe Gray
Quinn, Joseph P.
Quinn, Mary A.
Quinn, Mary Anthe
Quinn, William R.
Quinney, Baby Girl
Quinney, Baby Girl
Rabal, Dean E.
Rabjohn, Homer A.
Rabjohn, Rosalea
Rader, George R.
Rader, Lydia M.
Rader, Murl A.
Rader, Patrick Riley
Radnedge, William J.
Raffell, Antone
Rafferty, Charles Patrick
Rafferty, Jean Sunny
Ragle, Anna M.
Ragle, S. Carl
Raible Family Marker
Raible, Marie R.
Raible, Raymond W.
Raleigh, Edward Mary
Raleigh, Frederick Patrick
Raleigh, Patrick
Raleigh, Richard Lambert
Raleigh, Unknown
Raley Family Marker
Ramierez, Marina Fraga
Ramierez, Pascual
Ramsaur, Alma Cecelia
Ramsaur, Mary
Randolph Family Marker
Randolph, Catherine
Randolph, William B. Jr.
Randolph, William B. Sr.
Rapillard, Mary
Rapillard, Modeste
Rauch, John A.
Rauch, Stella I.
Rausch, Anna
Rausch, Anna
Rausch, Johann
Rawlings, Donald M.
Rawlings, Helen Kelly
Rawlings, R. J. "Mac"
Ray, Perry J.
Ray, Revedy C. Jr.
Rea, Geraldine A.
Reaves, Ernest R.
Reaves, Fan O'Keller
Reaves, Garland A.
Reaves, Gordon
Redmond, Margaret J.
Redmond, William F.
Rehman, Frances
Reichard, August
Reid, Frances B.
Reid, Lloyd
Reider, Anne McHenry
Reider, Jacob
Reider, Jacob
Reilly, Corneilous
Reilly, Katherine
Reilly, Michael J.
Reilly, Patricia
Reilly, Rev. James J.
Reilly, Richard Margaret
Reiman, Herbert E.
Reiman, Jeanette
Reinhardt, Barbara
Reinhardt, Barbara Wellman
Reinhardt, Henry C.
Reis, Clara
Reis, Frank
Reis, Gertie B.
Reis, Samuel V.
Reissfelder, Frank J.
Reissfelder, Katie M.
Reiter, Baby Boy
Reiter, Clemmence
Reiter, Cleo M.
Remmel, Margaret
Remmel, Marjorie Sharp
Remmel, Paul
Remmel, Paul Jr.
Renda, Adelina
Renda, Benedetto
Renda, Lillian
Renda, Lillian
Renda, Mildred E.
Renfroe, Ivey P.
Renfroe, Maud Ennis Climer
Repetti, John
Repetti, Louise
Repetti, Maria
Repetti, Marie
Repetti, Natalina
Repetti, Tony A.
Reyes, Debra G.
Reynolds Family Marker
Reynolds, Eva Lena Phillips
Reynolds, Gloria Rawlings
Reynolds, J. Garner
Reynolds, John Gregory
Reynolds, Prather R.
Reynolds, Stella J.
Reynolds, Theresa Ann
Reynolds, Thomas J.
Reynolds, Walter
Rhein, Elsie
Rice, J.J.
Rice, James H.
Rice, Margaret
Rice, Michael
Rice, Nora B.
Rice, Patrick J.
Rice, Patrick J. Jr.
Richard, Col. D.E. "Duke"
Richard, Delos E. Richard Sr.
Richard, Mary W.
Richard, Olga D.
Richard, William S.
Richardson, George N.
Richardson, Raymond Edward
Richardson, Tennie E.
Richardson, Tiffany Michelle
Rickman, Marion G.
Rickman, Rosina B.
Riddle, John F.
Riddle, John Fred
Riegler, Anthony G.
Riegler, John P.
Riegler, Mary H.
Riel, Donald E.
Riemans, Florence
Rinke, Adolph R.
Rinke, Albert R.
Rinke, Edward F.
Rinke, Emilie
Rinke, Marie L.
Rinke, Reinhold
Rinke, Sister M. Dorthea
Ritchie, Elmer J.
Ritchie, Leona K.
Ritter, Delores
Ritter, Donald Eugene
Ritter, Joseph G.
Ritz, Fanziska
Ritz, Gus
Ritz, Gustav
Roach, Elizabeth Rebecca Gray
Roach, Sister M. Veronica
Roal, Thomas

Robbins, Agnes Duffy*
Roberson, John Wayne
Roberson, Margaret B.
Roberson, Rev. Bernard J.
Roberts - Borden Family Marker
Roberts Family Marker
Roberts, Anna Louise
Roberts, Annie E.
Roberts, Burt Leo
Roberts, Ellen O'Bryan
Roberts, James E.
Roberts, John J.
Roberts, Julia Makoski
Roberts, Lila E.
Roberts, Lillie Field
Roberts, Roy
Robertson, Frances
Robertson, Gip
Robertson, James P.
Robertson, Mildred
Robertson, Molly Gip
Robertson, N.B.
Robinson, Anna
Robinson, Bigelow
Robinson, Helen
Robinson, Irene Humphrey
Robinson, John
Robinson, Margaret Quinless
Robinson, Nettie L.
Robinson, William B.
Robinson, Wm. Bigelow
Robison, James L.
Rochon, Clara
Roddy, Joseph P.
Roddy, Victoria Balando
Roden, D. Michael
Roden, Margaret C.
Roden, Robert H.
Roe, Jeffrey E.
Roe, Joseph L. M.D.
Roe, Lorraine
Roelle, Dorothy Pierron
Roemer, Helen Gleason
Roemer, Peter George
Rogers, James L.
Rogers, John Thomas Jr.
Rogers, Lee O.
Rogers, Lena C.
Rogers, Luther M.
Rogers, Mary E.
Rogers, Maude F.
Rogoski, Alex V.
Rogoski, Anthony L.
Rogoski, Antonia
Rogoski, John
Rogoski, John A.
Rogoski, Josie Metzger
Rogoski, Mary C.
Rogoski, William Leo
Rohan, Edward
Rohan, Louise A.
Rohlman, Veronica T.
Rohlman, William J.
Rohrbacher, ?rry Jr.
Rolf, Edith J.
Rolf, Ferdinand
Rolf, Frances S.
Rolf, Gary R.
Rolf, Hattie Nicklaus
Rolf, Joseph F.
Rolf, Mary
Rolf, Mathilda
Rolf, Raymond B.
Rolf, Regina K.
Rolf, Theresia
Rolf, William
Rolf, William A.
Rolf, William Fred II
Roloff, Anna
Roloff, John W.
Roloff, Louise M.
Rommel, Edward F.
Rommel, Frances
Rommel, John M.
Rommel, Mary M.
Rooney, Herbert A.
Rooney, Lorraine
Ropert, Josephine F.
Rose, Christine E.
Rose, Christine M.
Rose, Edward J.
Rose, Francis J.
Rose, Sister M. Boniface
Rose, Willie Mae
Rossetta, Mary
Rossi Family Marker
Rossi Family Marker
Rossi, Emma
Rossi, John A.
Rossi, John A. Sr.
Rossi, Joseph
Rossi, Joseph A.
Rossi, Joseph Del
Rossi, Josephine I.
Rossi, Katharnia G.
Rossi, Margaret
Rossi, Martha
Rossi, Michael D.
Rossi, Robert
Rossi, Rose B.
Rossi, Rose F.
Rossi, William J.
Rost, Alan John
Rost, Louise Schoen
Rothery, John
Rothery, Mary
Rowland, Charles Wm.
Rowland, Henrietta E.
Rowland, Kelly Michael
Rowland, Michael C.
Rowland, Sallie L.
Royal, Henry C. Jr.
Ruff, Chas A.
Ruff, Chas F.
Ruff, Elizabeth
Ruff, Mathew
Ruffer, Ann Mary
Ruffiner, Ernest
Ruffiner, Lois
Rugger, Rachel Curtis
Rumbach, John David
Rumbach, John L.
Rumbach, John Sr.
Rumbach, Mary S.
Runk, Esther Collins
Runk, Oliner
Runnells, Catherine
Runshang, Anton M.
Runshang, Hattie
Runshang, Mary L.
Runshang, Tony
Rushing, Mary McDermott
Rushing, Walter Scott
Russo, Angie C.
Russo, Sam
Rust Family Marker
Rust, Al. A.
Rust, Andre W.
Rust, Be?
Rust, Edna J.
Rust, Florence L.
Rust, Oskar J.
Rutkowski, John
Ryan Family Marker
Ryan Family Marker
Ryan, Bridget
Ryan, Jerry F.
Ryan, Lela Owen
Ryan, Mary A.
Ryan, Sister M. Annunciata
Ryan, Sister M. Callista
Ryan, Sister M. Catherine
Ryan, Sister Mary Bernard
Sajovitz, Palmina C.
Sandefer, Glenn M.
Sandefer, Marie
Sanders Family Marker
Sanders, Elizabeth B.
Sargent, Matilda H.
Sargent, Sister M. Juliana
Sarlo, Anna C.
Sarlo, Joe L.
Sarlo, Rocco
Sarlo, Sarah
Sarlo, Unknown Father
Sarlo, Unknown K.
Sarna, Albert A.
Sarna, Erline E.
Sarna, George M.
Sarna, Helen C.
Satterwhite, Cecelia S.
Satterwhite, Warren A.
Satterwhite, Warren J.
Saucier, Alfred Jr.
Sauter, Anna
Sauter, Benedikt
Sauter, Engelbert
Sauter, George
Sauter, Henry
Sauter, Lena
Sauter, Martha
Sauter, Mary
Sauter, Paulina
Savage, Marie Bange
Savary, Evedna K.
Savary, George A.
Savary, Joseph D.
Savary, Louise Theresa Hart
Savary, Thomas David
Savary, Thomas M.
Sawyer, Carl Ronald Jr.
Sawyers, Margaret L.
Scalisi, Anna Canonico
Scalisi, Erasmo
Scaria, Mariamma M.
Scary, Mother Mary Joseph
Schader, Charles H.
Schader, Charles N. Jr.
Schader, Earl
Schader, Edward
Schader, Ellen B.
Schader, Eugene R.
Schader, Joseph A.
Schader, Laura C.
Schader, Mary Elizabeth
Schader, Mary Hunter
Schader, Robert A.
Schader, William F.
Schaefer, Catherine
Schaefer, Jacob
Schaefer, Olivia Magin
Schaefer, Rev. Lawrence H.
Schaefer, William L.
Schaeffer, Carl Jacob
Schaeffer, Mollie
Schaeffer, William P.
Schaer Family Marker
Schaer, Adam
Schaer, Annie M.
Schaer, Annie M.
Schaer, Babies of J.F. & E.
Schaer, Betty J.
Schaer, Elizabeth
Schaer, Emiley Cellers
Schaer, Frank J.
Schaer, Henry A.
Schaer, Henry A.
Schaer, Henry A. Jr.
Schaer, Joseph F.
Schaer, Mary
Schaer, Our Baby
Schaufele, Caroline H.
Schaufele, Louis J.
Schay Family Marker
Schay, Barbara L.
Schay, Catherine J.
Schay, Charles J.
Schay, Charles J.
Schay, Earl A.
Schay, Edith Grames
Schay, Ella May
Schay, Eugene J.
Schay, John P.
Schay, Mamie A.
Schay, Mary Jane
Schell, Gertrude
Schenbelen, Alex J.
Schenbelen, Anna Mary
Schenbelen, Charles S.
Schenbelen, Charles Stephen
Schenbelen, Hazel S.
Schenbelen, Marie C.
Scheper, Msgr. John B.
Scherea, Grace
Schichtl - Hafner Family Marker
Schieder, Joseph
Schightel, Frank
Schightel, James E.
Schightel, Joe
Schightel, Louise
Schightel, William
Schimdt, Anna
Schlatterer, Anna
Schlatterer, T.J.
Schlatterer, Theodore
Schlereth, Emma A.
Schlereth, Emma A.
Schlereth, Ernest E.
Schlereth, Ernest E.
Schlier, Frederick Omer
Schlier, John Frederick
Schlumpf, Eugenia
Schlumpf, Frank
Schmedes, Henry
Schmelzer Family Marker
Schmelzer, Anna M.
Schmelzer, Florence P.
Schmelzer, Grace E.
Schmelzer, Joe A.
Schmelzer, John F.
Schmelzer, John F.
Schmelzer, Joseph
Schmelzer, Joseph J.
Schmelzer, Julia W.
Schmelzer, Mary A.
Schmelzer, Regina
Schmid, Anastasia
Schmidt, Adam
Schmidt, Anne
Schmidt, Charlie
Schmidtner, Helen A.
Schmidtner, Helen H.
Schmidtner, Joseph
Schmuck, Bernadine M.
Schmuck, Clara B.
Schmuck, Sybil Earley
Schmuck, William P.
Schmuck, William P. Jr.
Schmul, Ray Herman
Schmutzler, Emil Paul
Schmutzler, Irene Frances
Schnabel, Anna
Schnebelen, Alex J. Tony
Schnebelen, Alfred "Snookie"
Schnebelen, Hortense M.
Schnebelen, Joseph
Schnebelen, Joseph
Schnick, Anne Marie Krebbs
Schnuettgen, Antonia S.
Schnuettgen, Henry
Schnuettgen, Margaret M.
Schnuettgen, Tony N.
Schoeburn, Noland F.
Schoenborn, Catherine Harville
Schrams, Tressie
Schriver, Mathilda C.
Schriver, Thomas A.
Schubert Family Marker
Schubert, Adolph
Schubert, Anna
Schubert, August
Schuck, Norman J.
Schuck, Zelma F.
Schuller, Herman A.
Schuller, P. J. Family
Schuller, Paul J.
Schuller, Paul P.
Schuller, Zella F.
Schulte, Fred
Schulte, Johann
Schulte, Joseph C.
Schulte, Marie E.
Schulte, Theresa
Schulten, August H.
Schulten, Pansy K.
Schultz, Anna Elizabeth
Schultz, Cecilia
Schultz, Helen Wirges
Schultz, John
Schultz, John A.
Schultz, John F.
Schultz, Mary
Schumacher, Rev. Joseph H.
Schuster, John
Schuster, Wilhelmine
Schwartz, Gerald H.
Schwartz, Henry J.
Schwartz, Isabell C.
Schwarz Family Marker
Schwarz, John
Schwarz, Joseph
Schwarz, Mary H.
Schwarz, Mary M.
Schwarz, Wilfred John M.D.
Schwarz, Wm..
Scott, Anita C.
Scott, Carrie L.
Scott, Charles I.
Scott, James T.
Scott, Michael John
Scott, Rose M.
Scott, Sharon J.
Scott, Walter D.
Screeton, Emily Boerner
Seavers, Elenore L.
Seavers, Eugene Sr.
Sebaugh, Edmond A.
Sebaugh, Mary Alma
Seeligman, Carrie
Segalla, Americo
Segalla, Catherine
Seiter, Aloysius M.
Seiter, Charles L.
Seiter, Louise J.
Selakovich, Kathleen Nolan
Selakovich, Kevin Nolan
Selakovich, Walter George
Semasek, Faye W.
Semasek, Helen A.
Semasek, Joseph B.
Semasek, V.E. "Rudy"
Senhausen, Kate
Senhausen, Mike
Seredynski, Frank
Seredynski, Martha
Serjihiw, Nick
Serjihiw, Tamara
Severson, Frances H.
Severson, Josephine H.
Seyfer, Robert P. Jr.
Seyfer, Teresa
Seymour, Irma Holman
Seymour, Louis Edward
Seymour, Reynolds
Shader Mausoleum
Shader, Albert Leonard
Shader, Eleanor Frances
Shaeffer, Matilda Sund
Shambc, Eliza
Shannahan, Grandmother
Sharp Family Marker
Sharp, Edgar
Sharp, Marie Wright
Sharp, Mary E.
Sharp, Robert
Shaw, Elizabeth
Shaw, Thomas H.
Shea, Gertrude A.
Shea, Henry M.
Shea, Sister M. Loretta
Sheeran, Mary Agnes
Shellabarger, Ezra
Shellaberger, Clara
Shenker, Gabriel
Shepard, Robert Eugene
Shepherd, Esther M.
Sherman, Joseph
Sherman, Katherine
Sherman, Mary Ethel
Sherman, Thomas
Sherman, Walter E.
Sherrod, Tommy Marie
Sherry, Abe J.
Sherry, Ann Manning
Sherry, Clarence E.
Sherry, Daniel A.
Sherry, Gregory Sr.
Sherry, James
Sherry, John A.
Sherry, Julia Byrne
Sherry, Mary
Sherry, Mary Louise
Sherry, Mildred C.
Sherry, Miles J.
Sherry, Tracy
Sherry, Wilma S.
Shields, Faye E.
Shields, John J.
Shinault, Baby
Shinault, Blanche Hughes
Shinault, Grace K.
Shirey, Carrie Felton
Shive, Marie Meuwly
Shockey, Martha Chandler
Shook, D.L.
Shook, Theofila M.
Showin, Mamie McCoppin
Shudy, Anton J.
Shudy, Barbara T.
Sica, Aniello
Sick, Herman W.
Sick, Rosemary
Sickels, Infant
Siebenmorgan, Carolyn M.
Siebenmorgan, John L.
Siebert, Clara A.
Siebert, Clara Y.
Siebert, Leo T.
Siebert, Maria
Siebert, Siegfried H.
Siebold, Adelia E.
Siebold, Andrew J.
Siepiela Family Marker
Siepiela, Antonia
Siepiela, John F.
Siepiela, Joseph J.
Siepiela, Leon E.
Siepiela, Louise E.
Siepiela, Lucy
Siepiela, Mark
Siepiela, Martha U.
Siepiela, Mike
Siklas, Johnny Paul
Sillin, Annie
Sillin, Ray
Simmons, George
Simmons, Germaine
Simmons, Woodrow D.
Simms, John R.
Simms, Velma B.
Simpson, Edward L.
Simpson, Rev. Edward E.
Singkhek, Chanti
Singkhek, Inpeng
Singkhek, Khampheng
Sinnott, Bridget
Sinnott, Cecilia
Sinnott, Martin
Sinnott, Mary L.
Sister M. Norma
Sisters of Mercy Marker
Skinner, Ruth Parkhill
Slattery, Sister M. Paula
Slaughter, Herman B.
Slaughter, Madlyn E.
Slaughter, Pauline Kearney M.D.
Slaughter, Shannon
Sluyter, Arthur B.
Sluyter, Curtis
Sluyter, Curtis T. Jr.
Sluyter, Emma
Sluyter, Nannie M.
Smallwood - Mivelaz Family Marker
Smallwood, Blanche
Smallwood, Thomas R.
Smedley, Edward S.
Smedley, Juanita C.M.
Smedley, Nancy L.
Smedley, William E.
Smedley, William E.
Smedley, William S. Jr.
Smedley, William S. Sr.
Sminck, Lennon
Sminck, Milton
Sminck, Mollie
Smith, Agnes Davis
Smith, Annie Scott
Smith, Bennie Laura
Smith, Brenda M.
Smith, Cecil H.
Smith, Charlie Sue
Smith, Clifton M. Jr.
Smith, Clifton M. Sr.
Smith, Clyde Foster
Smith, Dorothy A.
Smith, Edna Beatrice
Smith, Edward
Smith, Elizabeth F.
Smith, Eugene B.
Smith, Frances McVeigh
Smith, George Winston
Smith, Harriett S.
Smith, Henry Norman
Smith, Hugh R.
Smith, J.A.
Smith, Louise G.
Smith, Louise M.
Smith, Patrick Battle
Smith, Robert L.
Smith, Roscoe B. Sr.
Smith, Rt. Rev. Thomas F.
Smith, Sam G.
Smith, Sarah Emily
Smith, Thomas B.
Smith, Thomas Francis
Smith, Victoria M.
Smith, Wayne A.
Smith, William B.
Smith, Zachary John
Smythe, Mathilde D.
Smythe, Walter P.
Snipes, Jenette A.
Snodgress, Fred A.
Snyder - Isch Family Marker
Snyder, Anna Rolf
Snyder, Cecilia Spieler
Snyder, Dorothy H.
Snyder, Elenora
Snyder, G. Fred
Snyder, Herman
Snyder, Herman J.
Snyder, J. Otto
Snyder, John F.
Snyder, John Wm
Snyder, Joseph P.
Snyder, Lee J.
Snyder, Mary A.
Snyder, Ora R.
Snyder, Theresa
Sobotka, John
Sobotka, Mary
Soldato, George
Soldato, Infant
Soldato, Jake
Solf, Marie E.
Solf, Otto
Speed, Cassie Belle Gibb
Spicer, Dominic F.
Spieler Family Marker
Spieler, Bert F.
Spieler, Carrie Marie
Spieler, Emil
Spieler, Ida B.
Spieler, Mamie A.
Spieler, Mary A.
Spineli, Leonardo
Spinelli, Carmella E.
Spinelli, Orenzo
Spinelli, Sam
Spinelli, Steve
Spinnenweber, Joseph H.
Spinnenweber, Thelma M.
Sprick Family Marker
Sprick, Anthony
Sprick, Bernard
Sprick, Bernard
Sprick, Bernard Jr.
Sprick, Clara
Sprick, Delma H.
Sprick, Dorothy Mabrey
Sprick, Edward
Sprick, Edward F.
Sprick, Elizabeth
Sprick, Finton
Sprick, Frances
Sprick, Frances J.
Sprick, Frank Nick
Sprick, Gertrude
Sprick, Henry
Sprick, Infant Son
Sprick, John B.
Sprick, Joseph
Sprick, Joseph J.
Sprick, Louis
Sprick, Margaret O'Hara
Sprick, Mary
Sprick, Mary A.
Sprick, Mary G.
Sprick, Tille
Sprick, Willie
Spriggs, Mabel S.
Spriggs, Scott A.
Springer, Kate
Springstead, Christine C.
Springstead, William F.
Sproles, Stephen R.
Spurgeon, Rose
Stack, Charles L.
Stack, Hucia J.
Stack, Leo L.
Stack, Mary
Stack, William
Staed, Sallie B.
Staed, William T. Jr.
Stagg, Nell K. Yates
Stagg, Webster Robert
Stahl, Floyd D.
Stahl, Frances A.
Stahl, Rita Marie
Standyke, Ustina Hoffman
Stanford Family Marker
Stanford, Felicia
Stanford, Warren
Stanley, James W. III
Stanowski, Rev. Charles F.
Stansbery, Margaret A.
Starks, Alice K.
Starks, Harod F.
Stauder, Florian E.
Stauder, Olga E.
Stauder, Rev. Thomas R.
Steadman, Christopher Lane
Steel, Infant Daughter
Steele, Rosalyn
Steger, George C.
Steger, George C.
Steger, Mabel R.
Stehle, Rose Marie
Steidel, M. Cecelia
Stemec, Rev. Msgr. Louis Vincent
Stemick, Margaret H.
Stephens, Chas E.
Stephens, Chas E. Jr.
Stephens, Dwight
Stephens, Ella M.
Stephens, Ethel M.
Stephens, Eva M.
Stephens, Frederick Sturgeon
Stephens, J. Victor
Stephens, Ralph
Stephens, Ralph Herbert
Stephens, Rosa Fay
Stephens, Sister M. Raphael
Stephenson, Christina M.
Stephenson, Frank E.
Sterling, Lillian
Stevenson Family Marker
Stevenson, Clara
Stevenson, Edward E.
Stevenson, G.S.
Stevenson, Mrs. G.
Stilevater, Steven Michael
Stivers, Erma May
Stolzer, C. Leo
Stolzer, Forrest L.
Stolzer, Madjorie
Stolzer, Marie P.
Stolzer, Sarah Francis
Stolzer, William J.
Stolzer, William J.
Stolzer, William Joseph
Stone, Chelsea Nicole
Strachota Family Marker
Strachota, Anna M.
Strachota, Anna M.
Strachota, Joseph
Strachota, Louise M.
Strack, Julia C.
Strack, Louis J.
Straessle, Elizabeth M.
Straessle, Jacob Jos.
Strand, Bart
Strand, Nancy M.
Strassle, James E. Jr.
Strassner, Mary Ann
Streett, Gertrude C.
Streett, Julian D.
Streng, Sister M. Gertrude
Stringer, Clare LeBas
Stringer, John Lloyd
Stringer, Kelly Gerard
Stringfield, Donald Benedict
Strobel, Adolph
Strobel, F.P.
Strobel, Vera
Stroble, Adolph
Stroble, F.P.
Stroble, Frank P.
Stroble, Freada S.
Stroble, Vera
Stroe?, Pauline
Strong, Dan W.
Strong, Tillie M.
Strozyk, Frank
Strozyk, John J.
Strozyk, Julia
Strozyk, Joseph
Stuart, Loretta A.
Stuart, Thomas H.
Stuff, David Lee
Stuff, David Lee Sr.
Stuff, Martha Mary
Such, Alta M.
Such, John Kingsett
Such, Mary A. McCarty
Such, Wayne A.
Sullivan Family Marker
Sullivan Family Marker
Sullivan, Ada B.
Sullivan, Alfred M.
Sullivan, C.T.
Sullivan, Dorothy V.
Sullivan, Edward J.
Sullivan, Evelyn
Sullivan, Gordon
Sullivan, Hazel N.
Sullivan, John L.
Sullivan, John L.
Sullivan, Louise P.
Sullivan, Mary
Sullivan, Mary F.
Sullivan, Michael J.
Sullivan, Mildred
Sullivan, Millie
Sullivan, Sister M. Damian
Sullivan, Sterling C.
Summers, Abigail H.
Summers, Hayes R.
Summers, U. Vernon
Susanka, William
Sutton, Blanche M.
Suttor, Charles B.
Suttor, Rosa B.
Suttor, Unknown
Swaim, Elizabeth G.
Swain, Patricia McGuire
Swain, Vivian H.
Swarts, Albert Joseph
Swarts, Elizabeth F.
Swarts, George W.
Swarts, Margaret E. Brown
Swarts, Walter Maurice
Sweeney, A.J.
Sweeny, Edwin
Swindler, John Edward
Switzer, Jane
Switzer, John E.
Switzer, Lee Silas
Switzer, Mary Cook
Swope, Baby Girl
Szczepaniak, Emma Ondrey
Szczepaniak, Peter Carl
Szymanski, Frances M.
Szymanski, Sister Xavier
Tackett, Mark S.
Taldo, Catherine A.
Taldo, Joan M.
Taldo, John J.
Taldo, John Jr.
Taldo, Peter
Taldo, Verna L.
Talley, Marie Preyer
Taran, Mitch
Tarangelo, Cecile
Tarangelo, Frank M.
Tarangelo, Lillian
Tarengelo, Frank M.
Tarengelo, Lilian
Tate, Luther D.
Tate, Ottila A.
Tatem, Helen W.
Tatem, Richard L.
Taylor, Christine
Taylor, Edwina L.
Taylor, H. Cornelia
Taylor, Howard P.
Taylor, Jewel M.
Taylor, Joe R.
Taylor, Sister M. Columba
Tea?, Monica V.
Tecomte, Joseph
Tedford Family Marker
Tedford, Elaine
Tenie, Luke
Tenney, Martin D. II
Terry, Francis A.
Terry, Gertrude
Terry, James H.
Terry, Katherine
Terry, Little Wat
Terry, Louise
Terry, Mollie C.
Terry, Susan Hicks
Terry, William Edward
Terry, William L.
Teye, Mary
Theis, Frank Henry
Thennes, Bonnie L.
Thennes, Jacob L
Thirion, Celena B.
Thirion, Charles
Thirion, Emile
Thirion, Essie
Thirion, Marie D.
Thirion, Mary M.
Thomas, Nell Milliott
Thomey, Alphonse J.
Thomey, Dolphus
Thomey, Margaret A.
Thomey, Theresa
Thompson Family Marker
Thompson Family Marker
Thompson, B.J. Howell
Thompson, Bessie G.
Thompson, Eleanore A.
Thompson, Joan Aufderhyde
Thompson, Mary H.
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Richard Paul
Thompson, Roy P.
Thompson, Walter Warren
Thompson, William Herbert
Thongsa, Singkhek
Thurman, Juanita M.
Thurman, Oliver N.
Tiemeyer, John E. Sr.
Tiemeyer, Margaret C.
Tighe, Barney
Tighe, Barney
Tighe, Ellen
Tighe, Margaret
Tighe, Matthew P.
Tillery, H.H.
Tillery, Nettie
Tobin, Rt. Rev. Monsignor Thomas V.
Todd Family Marker
Todd, Joseph T.
Todd, Joseph T. Sr.
Todd, Katherine Connelly
Todd, Mary Metrailer
Toland, William J. Sr.
Toliver, Burke M.
Toliver, Margaret
Tolleson, Lloyd Allan
Tomboli, Floyd T.
Tomboli, Josephine A.
Toms, Burness D.
Toms, Mildred M.
Torregrossa, Leon J.
Touhey, Sister M. Leo
Towne, Charles A.
Townsend, Baby
Townsend, Harry
Townsend, Harry Jr.
Tracey, Beatrice L.
Tracey, Dr. E.L.
Tracey, John J.
Tran, Anna Chuc Thi
Tran, Joseph Quy V.
Tran, Maria Hong I.
Tribou, Father George - More Information
Trichell, Horace
Trichell, Lazard B.
Trichell, Philoman F.
Triplett, Mary F.
Troillett, Betty L.
Troillett, Clara
Troillett, Clarence J.
Troillett, Dan
Troillett, Matthew Alan
Trout, Ella H.
Truby, Donna C.
Truby, Roy C.
Tucker, Bernard I.
Tucker, John
Tucker, John R.
Tucker, Joseph M.
Tucker, Marie B.
Tucker, Mary Lula
Tucker, Mary Ola
Tucker, Meredith
Tucker, Raymond Sr.
Tully, Vincent
Tulp, Herman D.
Tulp, M. Elizabeth
Tuohey Family Marker
Tuohey Family Marker
Tuohey, Bridget
Tuohey, James
Tuohey, James
Tuohey, John H.
Tuohey, Matilda
Tuohey, Ruth Nixon
Tuohey, Tillye Duttlinger
Tuohy, Ellen M.
Turley, Ella Hoffman
Turner, Bertha C.
Turner, Cecil J.
Turner, Helen N.
Turner, LaForest
Turner, Tille
Tustin, Thomas J.
Tutt, Anna
Twohey, Esther Lee
Twohey, Regina E. Susanka
Twohey, William E.
Twohey, William Edward
Tygard, John L.
Tygard, Mary J.
Tygard, Stella
Tygard, Unknown
Ucker, Rev. Edward J.
Uekman Family Marker
Uekman, A.J.
Uekman, Carolyn B.
Uekman, Casper H.
Uekman, Clara E.
Uekman, Gertrude
Uekman, Gertrude F.
Uekman, John J.
Uekman, John J. Jr.
Uekman, Joseph G.
Uekman, Lena
Uekman, Margaret
Uekman, Patricia
Uekman, Theodore F.
Uekman, Theodore Henry
Uhiren, Joe S.
Uhiren, Susie S.
Unwer, John H.
Upton, Mary
Urbani, Carl F.
Urbani, Carl J.
Urbani, Geradine
Urbani, Mathilda H.
Ussery, Frances Mattingly
Utecht, Anthony
Utecht, George
Utecht, Julianna
Utecht, Katherine
Utecht, Paul
Van Ankenbauer, Anne Lucinda Krout
Van Arnheiter, Matilde
Van Buren, Gerhard
Van Buren, Vernie L.
Van Curen, Helen J.
Van Curen, Oscar C.
Van Duyse, Bertha Alberta
Van Duyse, Joseph
Van Duyse, Joseph Jr.
Van Duyse, Sedonia Katherine
Van Olffen, Hermanna R.M. Prims
Van Trees, Barney William
Van Trees, Josephine Bujarski
Vance, Nannie E.
Vancena, Heather Michelle
Vandiver, Chester W.
Vandiver, S. Jan
Vanlear, Agnes
Vanlear, Annie A.
Vanlear, Mary Ellen
Vanlear, Phillip G.
Vanlear, Phillip H.
Vann, Jessie
Vanous, Lillie G.
Vanous, Mark J.
Vanous, Mark S.
Vanous, Wilma Goss
Varone, Germaine
Varone, Marguerite
Vaughan, Boyd L.
Vaughan, Carolyn F.
Vaughan, Dorothy
Vaughan, Wallace C.
Vauqine, Edna E.
Vauqine, Fannie Irean
Vauquine, F.P.
Venhaus, Monte S.
Vermilya, Patricia Dittemore
Vick, Amanda Smith
Vick, Harry S.
Vick, John Aloysious
Vick, Mary Genevieve
Vick, William Edward
Vick, William Ludlow
Vinsonhaler, Janet K.
Vinsonhaler, Nancy
Vinsonhaler, Sheldon C.
Vogel Family Marker
Vogel, Charles L.
Vogel, Clem
Vogel, Ignace
Vogel, John C.
Vogel, Mary
Vogel, Mary A.
Vogler, Bertha M.
Vogler, Edward J.
Vogler, Eugene
Vogler, Eugene F.
Vogler, Frank J.
Vogler, Frank J.
Vogler, Fred W.
Vogler, Gertrude Carolyn
Vogler, John A.
Vogler, William M.
Vogler, Zoe Ellen
Volpert, Casper K.
Volpert, Catherine J.
Volpert, Clara R.
Volpert, Clemence
Volpert, Clement J.
Volpert, David F.
Volpert, Martina M.
Volpert, Mary
Volpert, Mary
Volpert, Paul Vincent
Volpert, William A.
Vorster, Betty R.
Vorster, Frank B.
Vorster, James Francis
Vorster, Kenneth
Vorster, Stanley Frank
Waggoner, Dorothy H.
Waggoner, John France
Waggoner, John O.
Waggoner, Joseph G.
Waggoner, Lois L.
Waggoner, Margaret
Waggoner, William E.
Wahlgreen, Anna K.
Wahlgreen, Joseph P.
Wakwe, Gwendolyn O.
Walch, Anna Linsky
Walker, Charles
Walker, Cullen Cribbs
Walker, David
Walker, Delwyn
Walker, Edith Stephens
Walker, Rosa
Walker, Rose
Walker, William Hampton
Wallace Family Marker
Wallace, Alice Graham
Wallace, Deanne D.
Wallace, Esther C.
Wallace, Frances M.
Wallace, Harry
Wallace, James
Wallace, James U.
Wallett, Cathren Marie
Wallett, John Selvin
Walloch, Adam J.
Walloch, Adam S.
Walloch, Edward
Walloch, John C.
Walloch, Joseph
Walloch, Josephine M.
Walloch, Josephine Rose
Walloch, Mary
Walloch, Rosa L
Walloch, Sister M. Benedict
Walloch, Stanley Ted
Walls, Elenor F.
Waloch, Sister M. Clare
Walpen, Katherine
Walpen, Severin
Walpole Family Marker
Walpole, Anna O.
Walpole, Harry E.
Walpole, James Elliott
Walpole, John B.
Walpole, John Edward
Walpole, Rachel S.
Walrod, M. Athalee
Walser, Adolf
Walsh, Joseph
Walshe, Rev. Joseph H.
Walter, Emma
Walter, Gertrude M.
Walter, Joseph
Walter, Marie A.
Walter, Marie C.
Walter, William E.
Wambold, Sarah A. Garrison
Wangler, Father
Wangler, Joseph P.
Wangler, Little Louie
Wangler, My Wife
Wangler, Renie
Wankum, Bernard F.
Wankum, Edna
Wankum, Gerald
Wankum, Gerard F.
Wankum, Keith Eric
Wankum, Mary C.
Wankum, Thresa Knoppe
Ward, Bailey Charles
Ward, Bessie
Ward, Carolyn Crist
Ward, Christine
Ward, Ella
Ward, Frank Logan
Ward, Ida Smith
Ward, Joe
Ward, Margaret Cruse
Ward, William E.
Ward, William E. Jr.
Ware, Thomas E.
Warzel, Mary K.
Wasem, George J.
Wasem, Thelma
Waskosni, Napoleon Edward
Waterman, Flora K.
Waterman, Robert L.
Watkins, G.E.
Watkins, Juanita
Watkins, M.A.
Watkins, Sam J.
Watson, Anne Y.
Watson, Clemmie Mintz
Watson, Felton Patrick
Watson, Michael D.
Watson, Patricia Ann "Patsy"
Watson, Robert Edward
Watterson Family Marker
Weare, Marie M.
Weare, Robert L.
Weathersbee, Larry C.
Weathersby, Richard Cameron
Weaver, Olga Huss
Webb, Barbara
Webb, Cora P.
Webb, Minnie L.
Webber, Gertrude
Webber, Lucas
Weber, Elizabeth
Weber, Emma A.
Weber, Englebert
Weber, Helen M.
Weber, Ida Kleuser
Weber, Joseph
Weber, Joseph
Weber, Joseph Jr.
Weber, Katie M.
Weber, Lee
Weber, Lillian
Weber, Robert W.
Weber, Rose M.
Wecker, Henry
Wecker, Katharine
Weedman, Inza D.
Weedman, Mark D.
Weedman, Mark Dominic
Weider, Nudie Mae
Weisbrod, John Fred
Weisbrod, John Lewis
Weisbrod, Theresa Grither
Welch, Alice A.
Welch, Cecelia E.
Welch, Elizabeth G.
Welch, J. Patrick
Welch, James B.
Welch, John C.
Welch, Louis Joseph
Welch, Mary Ann
Welch, Melvina L.
Welch, Patrick Joseph
Welch, Robert S.
Welch, Thomas A.
Welch, Unknown
Wellman, Bertha M.
Wellman, James J.
Wells, Kenneth Charles
Wells, Rita Mary Kordsmeier
Wendler, Jeanette
Wendler, Maude H.
Wendler, Max O.
Wendler, Nell Mae
Wendler, Nellie
Wendler, Warren Francis
Wendler, William H.
Weny Family Marker
Weny, Agnes Forster
Weny, Anna E.
Weny, Frank James
Weny, Gladys McCain
Weny, Mary Rose
Weny, Nicholas M.D.
Weny, Nicholas M.D.
Werling, Frank M.
Werling, Helen M.
Wernke, Rev. Anthony J.
Wernke, Rt. Rev. Msger. Herman H.
Wernsing, Belle
Wernsing, J.H.
West, Avon M.
West, Ella Boehm
West, James
West, Winifred
Wetsell, Geo W.
Wewer, Annie
Wewer, Ben
Wewer, Fred H.
Wewer, Helen J.
Wewer, Lawrence J.
White, Catherine
White, Dorothy Lavern
White, James
White, John W.
White, Joseph P.
White, Laura Marie
White, Lotta Mary Sarlo
White, P. Faye
Whitehead, Charles J.
Whitehead, Mary C.
Whitfield, Cecilia F.
Whitfield, Oscar M.
Whitfield, Walter F.
Wiesle, Joe Amile
Wife, My
Wigman, Ruth M.
Wilcox, Berry J.
Wilkiewicz, Michael P.
Wilkiewicz, Pauline F.
Wilkins, Doris Mae
Wilkins, Lydia Joyce
Wilkins, Phil
Wilkins, Thomas Felan
Wilkins, W.E. Ed
Wilkus, Edward
Willems, Julia
Willems, Louis
Williams Family Marker
Williams, Bernadine
Williams, Charles Cole
Williams, George
Williams, H.C.
Williams, Kathryn Hart
Williams, Magdalena
Williams, McGehee
Williams, McGehee III
Williams, Thelma C.
Williams, Violet Marie
Williams, Vivian S.
Williams, W. Hood
Williams, William Hood
Willies, Antony
Willies, August J.
Willies, John
Wilson, Beatrice M.
Wilson, D. Ann
Wilson, Herschel V.
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Lorene
Wilson, Louis K.
Wilson, Margaret
Winn, James M.
Winn, Mecca L.
Winniski, Mary O. Sinska
Winniski, Valentine
Wirges, Betty C.
Wirges, Brigid Louise
Wirges, John
Wirges, Joseph
Wirges, Mary
Wirges, Mary Margaret
Wirges, Mary Renz
Witkay, Rose B.
Witkowski Family Marker
Witkowski, Adam Michael
Witkowski, Adelaide C.
Witkowski, Frank J. Jr.
Witkowski, Frank M.
Witkowski, Gertrude M.
Witkowski, John R.
Witkowski, Joseph
Witkowski, Therese V.
Woeltje, John Patrick
Wohrman, Dorothy
Wohrman, Rudolph M.
Wojgiechowski, Anna
Wojhoski, Anna
Wojhoski, George J.
Wojhoski, Irene Luretta
Wojhoski, Louie
Wolfe, Francis R.
Wolfe, Jonathon E.
Wolfe, Joseph A.
Wolfe, Mary Ann
Wolters, Frederick
Wolters, Jennie
Woltman Family Marker
Woltman, Frank
Woltman, Mable M. Lancaster
Wood, Baby
Wood, Margaret
Wood, Marie E. Solf
Woodie, Anna L.
Woodie, Walter L.
Woods, Bridget M.
Woods, Eugene H.
Woods, Fannie Mae
Woods, G. Ruth
Woods, George M.
Woods, George M. Jr.
Woods, Jack G.
Woods, James A.
Woods, John T.
Woods, Katherine M.
Woods, Martina F.
Woods, Mary K.
Woods, Timothy G.
Woods, Virginia E.
Woods, William P.
Woolford, Betty
Woolford, Charles A.
Woolford, Harry McDevitt
Woolford, John W.
Woolford, Mary McDevitt
Woolford, Rose Welch
Word, Jane Ryan
Worm, Evelyn
Worm, Frederick J.
Worthington, Edgar G.
Worthington, Josephine M.
Wortsmith Family Marker
Wortsmith, Catherine S. "Kitty"
Wortsmith, Eulalia
Wortsmith, Father
Wortsmith, Grandma
Wortsmith, Harrigan E. "Seed"
Wortsmith, Jeanetta
Wortsmith, John Edward
Wortsmith, Mother
Wortsmith, Robert
Wqjhoski, Unknown A.
Wrape Family Marker
Wrape, Michael
Wright Family Marker
Wright Family Marker
Wright, Ben B.
Wright, Deo O.
Wright, Edward Ledwidge
Wright, Elizabeth A.
Wright, Johnny
Wright, Katie L.
Wright, Marguerite D.
Wright, Mary Ledwidge
Wright, Rosemary Touhey

Wurzburg, Carl (Died March 13, 1952)
Wurzburg, Victoria
Wylie, Betty
Wylie, Robert
Yaeger, Angela M.
Yaeger, George Philip
Yaeger, Henry H.
Yaeger, Johanna
Yaeger, Joseph H.
Yaeger, Mary J.
Yager, Anthony
Yager, Henry
Yager, Henry W.
Yager, Nicholas
Yager, William R.
Yaniger, Flossie B.
Yaniger, Frances J.
Yaniger, Norman W.
Yanker, Eleanor E.
Yanker, Steve G.
Yeager Family Marker
Yeager, George P.
Yeager, George Philip III
Yeager, Helen J.
Yeager, Jo Anne
Yocum, Catherine
York, Dr. John C.
Yotter, Eloise E.
Yotter, George R.
Young, Agnes
Young, Alfred G.
Young, D.D. Sr.
Young, Emma
Young, Eulalie H.
Young, Frank
Young, Frederick C.
Young, Irene C.
Young, Joe Franklin
Young, Joseph E.
Young, Joseph J.
Young, Marguerite
Young, Norborn J.
Young, Theresa
Young, William
Young, William P.
Youngblood Family Marker
Youngblood Family Marker
Youngblood Family Marker
Youngblood, Anna L.
Youngblood, Charley A.
Youngblood, Chas
Youngblood, Chris B.
Youngblood, Christ
Youngblood, Clara P.
Youngblood, Dolores C.
Youngblood, Ida Cecilia
Youngblood, John
Youngblood, Johnnie J.
Youngblood, Minnie
Younts, Helen C.
Younts, William C.
Zakrzewski, Adeline
Zakrzewski, Frank J.
Zakrzewski, Joseph W.
Zakrzewski, Mary C.
Zakrzewski, Phillip
Zakrzewski, Stan J.
Zaloudek, Catherine J.
Zaloudek, Charles J.
Zaloudek, Dorthea May
Zaloudek, Florence Clara
Zaloudek, Josephine C.
Zaloudek, Oscar J.
Zangerl, Anna P.
Zangerl, Frank A.
Zanoff, Cecilia
Zanoff, John
Zanone, Elizabeth
Zanone, Louis A.
Zanone, Mary C.
Zanone, Slyvester G.
Zarkis, Broni
Zarnoski Family Marker
Zarnoski, Albena
Zarnoski, Blanche B.
Zarnoski, Hattie Rose
Zarnoski, Ida Lee
Zarnoski, John A.
Zarnoski, Stanislaus
Zarris, Broni
Zawislak, Edward
Zawislak, Mary
Zeisler, Ellen
Zeisler, Harry
Zeisler, Margaret
Zeisler, Mary
Zeisler, Minnie
Zeisler, Ruby Zoe
Zeisler, Susan E.
Zeisler, William
Zeisler, William
Zeisler, Wm.
Zell, Amelia Snyder
Zell, Dr. Augustine M.
Zell, Dr. Lawrence M.
Zell, Virginia Lutner
Zermatten, Morris Joe
Zermatten, Unknown
Zimmerebner, Angeline
Zimmerebner, Ben M.
Zimmerebner, Ella M.
Zimmerebner, Freda
Zimmerebner, Gus J.
Zimmerebner, Gus John Jr.
Zimmerebner, Helen
Zimmerebner, Hilda B.
Zimmerebner, Jo
Zimmerebner, John M.
Zimmerebner, Joseph
Zimmerebner, Josephine B.
Zimmerebner, Louise Ann
Zimmerebner, Mike J.
Zimmerebner, Paul J.
Zimmereener, Frank J.
Zimmereener, M. Nell
Zimmerman, Martin
Zini, Adeline
Zini, Domenico
Zini, Elia
Zini, Mary
Zink - Lieber Family Marker
Zink, Jacob C.
Zink, Katy Ann
Zink, Mary C.
Zinn, Helen
Zoanovich, Walter
Zorn, Gertrude M.
Zurcher, Elizabeth
Zurcher, Leo P.
Zurcher, Louisa K.
Zweifel, Kilian
Zweifel, Kunigunda Bauman

Photographed in 2002 by Pris Weathers

* Added by Karen - eric.dessoulavy@paradise.net.nz - 2004

* Information on the Leo and Helen Pitts family - The Pitts are from Lonoke and Prairie County.  Mr. Pitts is also related to the Flynns buried in Calvary cemetery through his mother. Info provided by Fancy L. Pitts Woodring, May 13, 2004.

* Information on the Wurzburg family added by almrauscher1@comcast.net on May 2, 2005.


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