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0175 - Calva Cemetery

Previously located in Pulaski County, Arkansas

Latitude - 344915N Longitude -  0921250W


This cemetery was located near Lea Cemetery and was relocated to make room for a housing subdivision.  According to Billy Calva, the bodies (about 10) were relocated to Rest Hills.  If anyone knows who was buried here drop me a line at ArkansasTies@ArkansasTies.com

July 10, 2004 - Information from Anita (Calva) Smith - Thanks Anita!

Calva Cemetery was relocated when I was in elementary school,  mid 1960's.  My dad observed the relocation of some to Rest Hills including his grandfather, Joseph Calva, his grandmother (Mary Lewis Calva) and his great uncle, Frank Calva.   According to my father, Frank Calva was the last person buried at the cemetery.  Frank and Joseph were brothers, who came to Arkansas from Italy.  They got off the boat in New Orleans.  There were other brothers and they did not like what they saw in New Orleans so they got back on the boat and went to Argentina.  Frank and Joseph traveled north until they came to a part of the country that looked like their home and settled there.  Frank never married.  He was to take my father to Italy after dad graduated from NLRHS in 1940 but the war started. Dad enlisted and Uncle Frank died before they could go.  Joseph had 3 children who raised their families in Sherwood on the family farm.

Anita Calva Smith
Little Rock, AR