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0003 - Oakland Cemetery

Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas


Where photographs are available (noted with a yes in the photograph column),  they are free for personal use with a limit of 5 per week per email address.  To request photographs send the names and the page link where the information was obtained to ArkansasTies@ArkansasTies.com.


Last Name First Name Middle Name Photograph
Jeans Sam    
Jebbins Maggie    
Jeffeins J. B.  
Jefferies Aaron    
Jefferies Eugenia Peters Yes
Jefferies Jacob    
Jefferies James (Jr.) Boyd Yes
Jefferies Lillie    
Jefferies M. E.  
Jefferis J. B.  
Jeffers Georgie A.  
Jeffers M. E.  
Jefferson Addie S. Yes
Jefferson Clarence H.  
Jefferson Diane    
Jefferson Drucilla Smith  
Jefferson Frank   Yes
Jefferson H.    
Jefferson H. M. Yes
Jefferson Infant    
Jefferson James H. Yes
Jefferson Jammie Louisa Yes
Jefferson Lula Mae Holmes  
Jefferson M.    
Jefferson Merle    
Jefferson Monroe    
Jefferson Rueben    
Jefferson Sarah   Yes
Jefferson Tommy   Yes
Jefferson Will    
Jefferson Zephora    
Jeffery W. J.  
Jeffie Bell    
Jeffries A. S.  
Jeffries Artena   Yes
Jeffries Austin    
Jeffries Emina E.  
Jeffries Emma L. Yes
Jeffries Infant    
Jeffries Infant    
Jeffries John    
Jeffries Lucy D.  
Jeffries M. L.  
Jeffries Sarah    
Jeffries William L. Yes
Jeiner Infant    
Jelks Ellen    
Jenffers Lydea    
Jenkens Infant    
Jenkings Buster    
Jenkings Squis    
Jenkins Alice    
Jenkins Bettie Sue Yes
Jenkins Betty Jean Yes
Jenkins Calvin    
Jenkins Campbell    
Jenkins Charles D. Yes
Jenkins Clem C.  
Jenkins E.    
Jenkins E. W.  
Jenkins E. W.  
Jenkins Elether G. Yes
Jenkins Eliza    
Jenkins Emanuel    
Jenkins Emmett W. Yes
Jenkins Gayden    
Jenkins Geneva    
Jenkins Gertrude    
Jenkins Howard    
Jenkins Infant    
Jenkins Infant    
Jenkins Irby    
Jenkins Jadie A.  
Jenkins James H.  
Jenkins John    
Jenkins John    
Jenkins John    
Jenkins Johnny (Jr.)    
Jenkins Josie    
Jenkins Liau    
Jenkins Lizzie    
Jenkins Lonnie C.  
Jenkins Louise    
Jenkins Lucretia    
Jenkins Martha Ann Yes
Jenkins Mercie A. Yes
Jenkins Miles    
Jenkins Mollie    
Jenkins Mose    
Jenkins Nannie    
Jenkins Nelson    
Jenkins Noe Belle  
Jenkins Sallie Munn Yes
Jenkins Thomas   Yes
Jenkins Tom    
Jenkins William    
Jenkins Williams M.  
Jennes Peter    
Jenniet Infant    
Jenning Mary    
Jenning Teull    
Jenning Waunita    
Jennings Bessie    
Jennings Charles S. Yes
Jennings David    
Jennings Dessie   Yes
Jennings Eleanor "Nell"   Yes
Jennings Florence C. Sisk Yes
Jennings Harry Purice  
Jennings Hillory   Yes
Jennings J. (Jr.) F.  
Jennings Ketorah   Yes
Jennings Lela O. Yes
Jennings Lettel    
Jennings Margaret   Yes
Jennings Martha    
Jennings Minnie Techenour Yes
Jennings Sarah    
Jennings Suger    
Jennings Unknown   Yes
Jennings W. M. Yes
Jennings W. T.  
Jennings W. W. Yes
Jennings William    
Jennings William    
Jennings William Ward Yes
Jennings Winfield S.  
Jennings Winfield S.  
Jenny Mattie    
Jensen Infant    
Jentry Jane    
Jentzoch W. E.  
Jentzsch Charles W. F.  
Jentzsch Therese   Yes
Jerden Mable    
Jermaney S.    
Jermeney Willie    
Jernigan Ada    
Jernigan Alta S. Lucas Yes
Jernigan Charles P. Yes
Jernigan Charles Pate Yes
Jernigan Clara E.  
Jernigan Claude E. Yes
Jernigan Claude W. Yes
Jernigan Cora Pate Yes
Jernigan Elnora    
Jernigan Infant    
Jernigan Jack H. Yes
Jernigan Mary I. Yes
Jernigan Ralph H. Yes
Jernigan Ree   Yes
Jernigan William H.  
Jerrerson Jessie    
Jery A.    
Jespref Charles    
Jessee Richard I.  
Jesstvang Melvin G.  
Jester Lucy    
Jeter J. A. Yes
Jetin Katherine L. Yes
Jett A. Chism Yes
Jett Alta Elizabeth Reaves  
Jett Emma Gene  
Jett Emn. S.  
Jett Enguina    
Jett Eugene B.  
Jett Frances Hazel Yes
Jett Infant    
Jett Mary Lucas Yes
Jevo B.    
Jewell Louis    
Jewell Master    
Jhrarlkin Lewis    
Jikne L.    
Jim John T. F.  
Jimann John A.  
Jimerson Isaac A.  
Jimerson Pleasant (Mrs.)    
Jimison Infant    
Jimmerman Martha    
Jimnerson S. H.  
Jingkind Selina M.  
Jinkens John    
Jinkins Infant    
Jinkins Marcia    
Jinnings Margaret    
Jmirys R. G.  
Jnmd Adam    
Jnvnev Bernice L.  


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