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0003 - Oakland Cemetery


Where photographs are available (noted with a yes in the photograph column),  they are free for personal use with a limit of 5 per week per email address.  To request photographs send the names and the page link where the information was obtained to ArkansasTies@ArkansasTies.com.


Last Name First Name Middle Name Photograph
B????? Elvin    
B????? I. L. Yes
B'shers Henry L. Yes
B'shers Mary V. Yes
Baars Francis    
Baars Richard    
Baasey Fred    
Babb Harind P.  
Babbitt Emma M. Yes
Babbitt I. P.  
Babbitt Millard F. Yes
Babbitt R. L.  
Babcock Bernie   Yes
Babcock Bert A. Yes
Babcock Florence P. Yes
Babcock Infant    
Babcock J.B. Walt  
Babcock James L. Yes
Babcock Macarthur   Yes
Babcock William F. Yes
Babed Infant    
Babrook Unknown A.  
Baby Charles    
Bacey J. L.  
Bacherman Carl    
Bachman Kennith    
Bacis Madelyn S.  
Back Joe D.  
Back Prucusz    
Back Sohapa    
Back M.    
Backen Carrie W.  
Backer Kate    
Backer William    
Backermann Carl   Yes
Backermann Lina   Yes
Backers Sallie    
Bacon Dorothy    
Bade Annie Squiers  
Bade Herman    
Badel Florence M.  
Bader Lusetta    
Bader Magdeline    
Badger C. S. Yes
Badgett D.    
Badle Infant    
Bae Infant    
Baehmer Jacob    
Baer Emma   Yes
Baer Ernestine   Yes
Baer Ferdinand   Yes
Baer Frieda F. Weber Yes
Baer Infant Son   Yes
Baer Louis Joseph Yes
Baer Sarah E. Yes
Baer Unknown   Yes
Baer William J. Yes
Baesley Infant    
Bafine Louis    
Bagby J. C.  
Baggia Frank    
Bagley Infant    
Bagnell William    
Bagwell Robert A.  
Bahle Carra Neal  
Baid J. L.  
Bailer Gladys    
Bailey A. M.  
Bailey Alex M. Yes
Bailey Alfred    
Bailey Anna    
Bailey Annie    
Bailey B. Florence  
Bailey Benjamin B. Yes
Bailey Bertha Fowler Yes
Bailey Bettie Joe  
Bailey Carl   Yes
Bailey Carl    
Bailey Carl G. Yes
Bailey Copeland    
Bailey Elizabeth Collin  
Bailey Elizabeth Collins Yes
Bailey Elizabeth H. Yes
Bailey Ella R. Yes
Bailey F. B.  
Bailey Florence   Yes
Bailey General    
Bailey George    
Bailey George A.  
Bailey Gerald Roy Yes
Bailey Gertrude   Yes
Bailey Grace Sellers  
Bailey Harace    
Bailey Harry M.  
Bailey Hazel "Tot" N. Yes
Bailey I. L.  
Bailey Infant    
Bailey Infant    
Bailey Infant    
Bailey Infant    
Bailey Infant    
Bailey Ira    
Bailey Jaff    
Bailey James    
Bailey James A.  
Bailey Janis    
Bailey Jimmie Lee  
Bailey John Alexander Yes
Bailey Josephine    
Bailey Lizzie    
Bailey Lula M.  
Bailey Margaret S. Yes
Bailey Mary C. Yes
Bailey Mary C. Yes
Bailey Mary M.  
Bailey Matheld A.  
Bailey Mattie    
Bailey Otto    
Bailey Paerl / Pearl   Yes
Bailey Pearley    
Bailey "Thomas" J. Yes
Bailey Walter (Jr.) E.  
Bailey William August Yes
Bailly Infant    
Bailor Winona    
Baily J. T.  
Baily Joe    
Baily John    
Baily Monroe    
Baily Sarah    
Baily William H.  
Baily Louis    
Bainbridge S. C.  
Baines Westley    
Baird Berta Hamilton Yes
Baird Harry Price Yes
Baird Jas.(James) A.  
Baird John P.  
Baird John Peter Yes
Baird Maria H. Yes
Baird Thomas W. Yes
Baird Unknown    
Baison E.    
Bakelekos Christina    
Baker A.D. Head  
Baker Allie    
Baker Bobby    
Baker C.    
Baker C. E.  
Baker Charles W. Yes
Baker Clara    
Baker Doris J. Yes
Baker E. H.  
Baker George    
Baker Gertrude Vaughn Yes
Baker Grady Henderson Yes
Baker Grant G. Yes
Baker Gregory C.  
Baker Gus   Yes
Baker H. C.  
Baker Hazel Glidewell Yes
Baker Herbert   Yes
Baker Infant    
Baker Infant    
Baker Infant    
Baker Ira J. Yes
Baker Ira L.  
Baker J. C.  
Baker J. F.  
Baker J. M.  
Baker James J. Yes
Baker Jannie    
Baker Joe    
Baker Joetta    
Baker John    
Baker John William Yes
Baker John (Jr.) Lee Yes
Baker Joseph Maybin Yes
Baker Kate   Yes
Baker Laura Moffeit Yes
Baker Laura Bell Wiley Yes
Baker Manilla    
Baker Martha Green  
Baker Martha A. G. Yes
Baker Mary    
Baker Mary Frances Yes
Baker Mercy E. Yes
Baker Nana    
Baker Olive    
Baker Penny   Yes
Baker Regina   Yes
Baker Sherman    
Baker Unknown    
Baker Unknown   Yes
Baker William C.  
Baker William Lawrence Yes
Baker Willie Stein Yes
Baker Willis    
Baker D. A.  
Baker Infant    
Baker Maud    
Baker Sammon    
Baker William    
Balack Mac    
Balch Chas C.  
Balch Elizabeth W.  
Balch Leonidas C. Yes
Balch Robert T.  
Balch Rufus C.  
Baldauf Charles Clinton Yes
Baldauf Francis   Yes
Baldauf Frank W.  
Baldauf Mary Passe Yes
Balden Willie B.  
Balding Arthur    
Balding Laura B. Yes
Balding Anderson    
Balding Chester    
Baldridge Altha May  
Baldridge Arthur Berton Yes
Baldridge Blanch    
Baldridge Ella May Yes
Baldridge Ethel   Yes
Baldridge Eva    
Baldridge Fred E.  
Baldridge Gladys Mae Yes
Baldridge Horace Milton Yes
Baldridge John   Yes
Baldridge Mary Blanche Yes
Baldridge Victoria   Yes
Baldridge Walter B. Yes
Baldridge William F. Yes
Baldwin Infant    
Baldwin J. R.  
Baldwin Willie    
Balentine Adair    
Balentine Hershel    
Baler Thomas    
Bales A.    
Bales Aaron    
Bales Aaron   Yes
Bales Alice Lee Yes
Bales Charles   Yes
Bales I. V.  
Bales Infant    
Bales Sarah Y. Yes
Bales William   Yes
Bales William S.  
Baley Benjamin    
Baley Gor. B.  
Baley James D.  
Baley Lela M.  
Baley Ura    
Baley Walter E.  
Balis Chas. Lee  
Baliss Thos. E.  
Ball Bessie   Yes
Ball Clyde Coy Yes
Ballant Henry    
Ballard Annie Lee Yes
Ballard Cleophus (Mrs.)   Yes
Ballard D.    
Ballard Edward Owen  
Ballard Elizabeth    
Ballard Gladys   Yes
Ballard H.   Yes
Ballard Hilda Louise Yes
Ballard Infant    
Ballard Infant    
Ballard Jack    
Ballard Jo.    
Ballard John A. Yes
Ballard John Alexander Yes
Ballard Johnie Lee Yes
Ballard Johnny Benzie Yes
Ballard Marie   Yes
Ballard Mary H. Yes
Ballard Mollie   Yes
Ballard Nash    
Ballard Oscar    
Ballard Raleigh Moses  
Ballard W. F.  
Ballard William   Yes
Ballard Robert    
Ballayd John A.  
Ballen Infant    
Baller Hamilton    
Ballew Chas O.  
Ballew Dora   Yes
Ballew George    
Ballew Hugh Oliver Yes
Ballew Ida    
Ballew Infant    
Ballew J. J.  
Ballew John "Johny"   Yes
Ballew Kate L. Yes
Ballew Lizzie    
Ballew Ola May Yes
Ballew S. R.  
Ballew W. A. Yes
Ballew William F. Yes
Balley Child    
Ballistin Will    
Ballock Infant    
Ballock Mary R.  
Ballon Ella   Yes
Ballon George    
Ballon Jas.(James)    
Ballon Lillie M.  
Ballord Infant    
Ballou Chas. O. Yes
Ballou David   Yes
Ballou David A. Yes
Ballou Ella   Yes
Ballou Ellen   Yes
Ballou George   Yes
Ballou Maude   Yes
Ballou Nelson   Yes
Ballou Orren    
Ballou Orrin    
Ballou Ruth Taft Yes
Ballow Charles    
Ballow Harry    
Ballow Hattie    
Ballow Infant    
Ballow Lugene    
Ballow Mary    
Ballow Maude    
Ballow William F.  
Balois Mapl B.  
Bamberg H. C. P.  
Bamberger Infant    
Bames Lydia E.  
Bamford John    
Bamhart John    
Banberg Sophia Y.  
Bandahan Ellen    
Bander Joseph A.  
Bandon Bill    
Bane James    
Banee Carrie    
Banett Martin L.  
Banghen N. G.  
Bangle Eula Mae Yes
Bangle Kyle B. Yes
Banisten M. L. Yes
Banister Infant    
Banister Sarah I.  
Bank Charlie M.  
Bank Cora March Yes
Bank Infant    
Banker Robert N.  
Banker John    
Bankes Theodore    
Banks B. E.  
Banks Charlie M. Yes
Banks Charlotte    
Banks Chas    
Banks Cladesor    
Banks Claude (Jr.) M. Yes
Banks David    
Banks Emily S. Yes
Banks Enna S.  
Banks Estella    
Banks Fannie    
Banks Follis A. Yes
Banks Hannah    
Banks Hannah    
Banks Infant    
Banks Infant    
Banks Infant    
Banks Ivory    
Banks M. G.  
Banks Madison G. Yes
Banks Maggie G. Yes
Banks Margaret Marie Yes
Banks Mary Etta  
Banks Michael    
Banks Mobel Johnsta  
Banks Ruby   Yes
Banks Sallie T. Yes
Banks Tipton C. Yes
Banks Viney    
Banks Willie    
Banks Willie    
Banks Willie C. Yes
Banks Cora    
Banks George    
Banks James    
Banks Jno.    
Banks Willie C. Yes
Bankstan Vivion M.  
Bankston Early W.  
Bannar George J.  
Bannd Fannie    
Bannen Lottie    
Banner Infant    
Banner Infant    
Banner R.    
Banner Roy    
Bannett Mable    
Bannett Nellie Lee  
Bannette Infant    
Banning Ed William  
Banrs T. A.  
Bantels Annie    
Bantinps Joe    
Bantram J. C.  
Baptis D.    
Barbarn Infant    
Barbee Caroline    
Barbee Dayton    
Barbee Ed   Yes
Barbee Elijah Ekie  
Barbee Pleas   Yes
Barbee Rosa    
Barber Anna    
Barber Bertha   Yes
Barber Betty Ruth  
Barber Elizabeth    
Barber Frank    
Barber Gwinn    
Barber Hannah   Yes
Barber Infant    
Barber John T. Yes
Barber L. B. Yes
Barber Lillie    
Barber Lillie B. Yes
Barber Lois    
Barber Matilda    
Barber Sam    
Barbiry Jesse    
Barclay Dora    
Barcus Infant    
Bard Alice Elizabeth Yes
Bard Alice Jenkins Yes
Bard James H. Yes
Bard William Dodge Yes
Barden Clifford    
Barder Ruth    
Bardlin Infant    
Bare John G.  
Barecky John G.  
Barens Infant    
Barens Rosena    
Barentine J. R.  
Barfeld N. B.  
Barfield Jack (Jr.) Wood Yes
Barg Jack    
Barg Sarah    
Barger Agnes   Yes
Barger Anna E.  
Barger Ben V.  
Barger J. W.  
Barger Odessa Halbrooks Yes
Barger Walter A. Yes
Barger William Frame Yes
Bargian W. P.  
Bargion Elizabeth C. Yes
Barham Curtis    
Barhett Ophila    
Barhide Infant    
Baricay Anna L.  
Baricklano Canman    
Baringer Ellen    
Barjield Jack (Jr.)    
Barker Andrew    
Barker Boyd (Sr.) Dahlia Yes
Barker Cecelia   Yes
Barker Chas. E.  
Barker Ella    
Barker F. B.  
Barker G. G.  
Barker George W. Yes
Barker Hannah Orr Yes
Barker Harry    
Barker Infant    
Barker J.    
Barker J. T.  
Barker Josie    
Barker Kade    
Barker Laura O.  
Barker Lee Patrick  
Barker Mamie    
Barker Mammie    
Barker Margrerite Miller Yes
Barker Martha J.  
Barker Mary    
Barker Will    
Barker Will    
Barkmon Ruby    
Barlett Linda S.  
Barms Roue Vel  
Barna E.    
Barna H. F.  
Barnard Infant    
Barnard Infant    
Barnard James    
Barnatz Hodie    
Barnchaw Eugen    
Barneit Chas. O.  
Barneman Infant    
Barnes Alice    
Barnes Ben    
Barnes Carrol Andrew  
Barnes Cilia    
Barnes Emma    
Barnes Granvelle    
Barnes Infant    
Barnes Infant    
Barnes J. L.  
Barnes Jack    
Barnes James    
Barnes James    
Barnes Kattie    
Barnes L. W.  
Barnes Lela Euretha Jane Miller  
Barnes Lewis    
Barnes P. G.  
Barnes Roscoe    
Barnes Susan W.  
Barnes Unknown    
Barnes Welladean    
Barnes Willie B.  
Barnes Syrow    
Barnet Sarah    
Barnets Emma    
Barnett Annie Rebeca  
Barnett Billy    
Barnett Carrie    
Barnett Charles R. Yes
Barnett D. (Jr.) L.  
Barnett E. F. E.  
Barnett Elizabeth    
Barnett Etta    
Barnett Henry    
Barnett Infant    
Barnett J. C.  
Barnett J. W.  
Barnett John    
Barnett Joseph    
Barnett Leeda    
Barnett M. L.  
Barnett Mary O' Neal Yes
Barnett Robert Lee  
Barnett W. H.  
Barnette Denis    
Barnning Mary    
Barns Howard    
Barns Roy    
Barnum Cameron Tyron  
Barnum Eric    
Barnwell Unknown Child    
Baron Ora C.  
Baronoresess Unknown Child    
Baroseth Magdelane    
Barow John    
Barr Agnes   Yes
Barr George A.  
Barr H. K.  
Barr Henrietta   Yes
Barr Lucy    
Barr Rebecca Betty  
Barran Infant    
Barrenger Fannie Jessie  
Barrenger Robert A.  
Barrenline Infant    
Barrett Alfred Tilden Yes
Barrett Bertha    
Barrett Bettie    
Barrett Child    
Barrett Frances Priola Yes
Barrett Infant    
Barrett Jo W.  
Barrett Joe    
Barrett Lula    
Barrett M.    
Barrett William    
Barrett Zenobia E. Yes
Barricklow Carmen Hudson Yes
Barrier Arthur    
Barrier Arthur L. Yes
Barrier Josie Wilhite Yes
Barrier Lym Oreal  
Barrier William A. Yes
Barrin Dick    
Barringer Alice   Yes
Barringer Fannie    
Barringer Infant    
Barringer Jessie B. Yes
Barringer Julius E. Yes
Barringer L. M.  
Barrintine Bessie M.  
Barritt W. H.  
Barrmae Johnane    
Barron Alexander    
Barron Alexander   Yes
Barron Alice C. Yes
Barron Cora   Yes
Barron Ed (Mrs.)    
Barron Gus (Mrs.) B.  
Barron Henry V. Yes
Barron Isabella K. Yes
Barron James E.  
Barron James S. Yes
Barron James W. Yes
Barron John    
Barron John   Yes
Barron Lalla Jones Yes
Barron Leona R. Yes
Barron Maria F. Yes
Barron Ora See Yes
Barron Oscar C. Yes
Barron Raymond   Yes
Barron Thomas E. Yes
Barron Thomas Ed Yes
Barron Unknown   Yes
Barron Velma Maie Yes
Barros John    
Barrow Charlotte   Yes
Barrow George B.  
Barrow J. S.  
Barrow John    
Barrow John   Yes
Barrow John Council Yes
Barrow John (Jr.) C. Yes
Barrow M. Jennie nee Strong Yes
Barrow Maria    
Barrow Velma    
Barrow W. R. Yes
Barrs Bille    
Barry John    
Barry John    
Barry John Eddie Yes
Barry Velma   Yes
Barry Edward    
Barry James A.  
Bartell Fannie C.  
Barthal Infant    
Bartholomeu Alice J.  
Bartholomew B. D. Yes
Bartholomew Infant    
Bartholomew M. A.  
Bartholomew Wolford    
Bartlett Annie Florence Yes
Bartlett Ben William  
Bartlett Ben (Jr.) W. Yes
Bartlett J. B. Yes
Bartlett Leon (Sr.) Harry Yes
Bartlett Liberty    
Bartlett Linda S. Yes
Bartlett Robert Edwin Yes
Bartlett Ruth K. Yes
Bartley Dora    
Barton Jerald    
Barton Leester   Yes
Barton Sarah B. Yes
Barton Willie    
Bartram Bessie   Yes
Bary Dona Jean  
Bascum Etzel B.  
Basey Mary E.  
Basey Mattie Faye Yes
Basford Sam    
Basham J. P.  
Bashanelt Elie    
Bask Kathryn May  
Basker John    
Baskin J. R.  
Baskin Paul J.  
Baskin Ruth Ellyce Yes
Baskin Sylvia    
Baskins Valeda    
Baskins Willie E.  
Basler Bertha    
Basnks Maggie T.  
Bass Agnes    
Bass Beatrice    
Bass Carl Rea Yes
Bass Frank O.  
Bass Frank Otto Yes
Bass G. (Mrs.) F.  
Bass George F. Yes
Bass Infant    
Bass Infant    
Bass Ira    
Bass Jamie R.  
Bass Jeseler L.  
Bass La Curtis    
Bass Linda    
Bass M. L.  
Bass Mary    
Bass Mary E. Yes
Bass Matthew (Mrs.) T.  
Bass Mattie M.  
Bass May Hancock Yes
Bass Nellie    
Bass Nicholas J. Yes
Bass Nora   Yes
Bass Nora Adna Yes
Bass Otto    
Bass Rosa    
Bass Sarah A. Yes
Bass Sarah Agnus Yes
Bass T. H.  
Bass Unknown   Yes
Bass Walter    
Bass Will H. Yes
Bass William J.  
Basset Albert    
Bassett Gracie M.  
Bassett Larry    
Basshardt Alice C.  
Basshardt Charles F.  
Basshardt Vera Ula  
Bassler Anna   Yes
Bassler August   Yes
Bassler Bertha   Yes
Bassler Emma    
Bassler Emma   Yes
Bassler Paul   Yes
Bassler Paul H.  
Bassler Paul H. Yes
Baster John T.  
Bastey Eva    
Batchelder Charles Robert Yes
Batchelder Charles S. Yes
Batchelder Russel    
Batcheloe Jesse C.  
Batchelon Frances T.  
Batchelter Charles R.  
Bateman Gertrude    
Bateman Martha    
Bateman William    
Bates David    
Bates Eliza    
Bates Gladys    
Bates Infant    
Bates Infant    
Bates James    
Bates Joseph P.  
Bates Leonard    
Bates Mable R.  
Bates Matilda    
Bates Rosa M.  
Bates Squier    
Bates Thelma    
Bates W. T.  
Bathen L.    
Batin Mary    
Batle Ed    
Batle G. W.  
Batlis Ruth    
Batson Nancy    
Batte Alberta    
Batte Chas E. Yes
Batte Garland Wright Yes
Batte Lena E. Wright Yes
Batterton Margarite   Yes
Battle Aaron   Yes
Battle Brundidge R. Yes
Battle Charlotta    
Battle Hattie   Yes
Battle Herry    
Battle Infant    
Battle Kezah    
Battle Lewis    
Battle Lucy    
Battle Lucy    
Battle Mary May Yes
Battles James    
Battles Nellie    
Battles Willie    
Batton Infant    
Batty A. C.  
Batty Kate    
Bauchard Alfred A.  
Baucum George Franklin Yes
Baucum Margaret McRae Yes
Baucum Rebecca McRae Yes
Bauenbender Annie    
Bauer Edna Van Dyke Yes
Bauer Fred Davenport Yes
Bauett Elizabeth    
Baugh Charlie Spencer  
Baugh Infant    
Baul Sophia    
Bauldauf Charles    
Bauldauf Mary    
Bauldwin William    
Baulware G. R.  
Baum Amelia De  
Baum Maris    
Baumgarten S.    
Baumhoefer Dustane H.  
Baumont Infant    
Baurland Harry R.  
Bausley Ruth S. Yes
Bausteam Adele    
Bavunick Infant    
Baxley Idabel Rosebud Yes
Baxley J. E. Yes
Baxotor Mary    
Baxtar Sue    
Baxten Francis M.  
Baxter A. H.  
Baxter Alice Ross  
Baxter Chas A. Yes
Baxter Edith Bailey Yes
Baxter Harriett   Yes
Baxter Harry James Yes
Baxter Joe Charles  
Baxter John    
Baxter John M. Yes
Baxter L. F.  
Baxter Sidney W. Yes
Baxtor Infant    
Bay Carrie    
Bayeip Jos.(Joseph)    
Bayetta Jane    
Bayleas R. C.  
Bayles Chas. H.  
Bayless Earl C.  
Bayless Eugnia M.  
Bayless Mary Eliza Yes
Bayliss T. F. Yes
Bayne Chas    
Bayritt Unknown    
Bazbe Ed    
Bazett Infant    
Bazkaez Infant    
Be???? Ethel Grace Yes
Beach Albert Douglas Yes
Beach Alberta Douglas Yes
Beach Chas    
Beach Edward Hendree Yes
Beach Matilda    
Beacham John A. Yes
Beacham Lizzie   Yes
Beachamp Macca    
Beadenbaugh Laura    
Beadle Albert W. Yes
Beadle Annie M. Yes
Beadle Clifford    
Beadle E. A.  
Beadle Ida Davis Yes
Beadle Infant    
Beadle Jessie Gertrude Smith Yes
Beadle Leroy    
Beadle Pearl M. Yes
Beadle Ralph W. Yes
Beadle W. (Mrs.) M.  
Beagh Moaten    
Beair Robert    
Beal Infant    
Beal Infant    
Bealam William    
Beall Infant R.  
Beall Juanita Grace Yes
Beall Malcolm Lee Yes
Bealtro E.    
Beam C. J.  
Beam S. F. Yes
Bean E. (Mrs.) P.  
Bean Unknown    
Beanchamp Edward G.  
Beandsley Franklin    
Beane Thelma B.  
Beans Sally    
Bear Emma    
Bear Ferdinand (Sr.)    
Beard Bonnie Lare Yes
Beard Dortha Lee  
Beard Ester    
Beard Ezrena    
Beard George    
Beard J. C.  
Beard Leda    
Beard Lilac Ellington "Honey" Yes
Beard Maria Josephine  
Beard Roy (Sr.) Thomas Yes
Beard Sallie    
Beard Thomas H.  
Beard Unknown   Yes
Beard Unknown Adult    
Bearda Hantleroy    
Bearden Daniel "Danny" J. Yes
Bearden Infant    
Beardon Virginia C.  
Beardslee E. E. Yes
Beardslee John    
Beardsley Alva P. Yes
Beardsley Elizabeth Bain Yes
Beardsley Frank   Yes
Beardsley Grace    
Beardsley L. A.  
Beardsley Lamar   Yes
Beardsley Mary Jane Yes
Beardsley Wallace James Yes
Bears M. A.  
Beartie William R.  
Beasley C. B.  
Beasley E. L. Yes
Beasley Emma Kirkman Yes
Beasley Hal   Yes
Beasley Infant    
Beasley Lillie M.  
Beasley Marie McCullum Yes
Beasley Mattie   Yes
Beasley Paul    
Beasley Rose M.  
Beason Annie    
Beason Rene E.  
Beason Thelma M.  
Beason William E.  
Beason William Luther  
Beatherford Jennie    
Beatis Infant    
Beatter A. C.  
Beattie E.   Yes
Beattie E. H.  
Beattie Elizabeth   Yes
Beattie James   Yes
Beattie James R.  
Beattie Jane    
Beattie Marion Tilghman Yes
Beattie Marvin (Mrs.)    
Beattie Ralph   Yes
Beatty Infant    
Beatty Katharine Y. Yes
Beatty Robert J. Yes
Beatty Robert (Jr.) J. Yes
Beatty Unknown   Yes
Beaty A.    
Beauchamp Bill   Yes
Beauchamp C. C. Yes
Beauchamp Claude C. Yes
Beauchamp Edward   Yes
Beauchamp Fay   Yes
Beauchamp Gladys   Yes
Beauchamp Hattie Smith Yes
Beauchamp Loula Hill Yes
Beauchamp Mae    
Beauchamp Mary Williams Yes
Beauchamp May Virginia Yes
Beauchamp Murl Edward Yes
Beauchamp Stonewall J. Yes
Beauchamp Stonewell (Jr.) Jackson Yes
Beauchamp Talitha Duerson Yes
Beaula Maud    
Beaumont L. E.  
Beaumont Sophia    
Beaver William    
Beavers Earnest    
Beavers Frances A. Yes
Beavers Frank   Yes
Beavers Jack    
Beavers M. L.  
Beavers Nora   Yes
Beavers W. L. Yes
Becault Bridgett    
Bechle Elizabeth   Yes
Bechle Gottlieb   Yes
Beck Adell    
Beck Carl A. Yes
Beck Charles    
Beck Cleo    
Beck Clo    
Beck Edger T.  
Beck Joseph    
Beck Mattie    
Beck W. F.  
Beck Zelma   Yes
Beckel George    
Becken Malinda M.  
Becker Anna Hill Yes
Becker Arther C.  
Becker Charles (Chas) H. Yes
Becker Durand T. Yes
Becker Frederick R.  
Becker Gloria B.  
Becker Katherine   Yes
Becker Little Rubie  
Becker Marie   Yes
Becker Mary    
Becker Melinda C. Yes
Becker Roland   Yes
Beckerman Lena    
Beckers Joe B.  
Beckett Beulah Herd Yes
Beckett Clarence Tracy Yes
Beckett Maggie    
Beckett Marvin   Yes
Beckett Mary Ruth Yes
Beckett Virgie    
Beckley Emeline    
Beckner John    
Becoulet Bridget   Yes
Becoulet Lucien    
Becoulet Lucien   Yes
Becton W. A.  
Beddy W. M.  
Bedenbay Clarence    
Bedenboy I.    
Bedford Edwin B.  
Bedinger Adam    
Bedinger Arthur Singleton Yes
Bedinger George Michael  
Bedinger Henry    
Bedinger Henry Clay  
Bedinger Mildred Berry Yes
Bedinger Solomon Singleton Yes
Bednski Minnie   Yes
Bee Estella    
Bee Mable K. Yes
Bee Raymond Hilbourne Yes
Bee William W. Yes
Beeden D.    
Beel Josie Kirst  
Beeler A. (Mrs.) S.  
Beeler Ambros B.  
Beeler Margert B.  
Beeler Wilda Louise Yes
Beem Cathrine J. Yes
Beem Cora J. Yes
Beem William F. Yes
Been Infant    
Beene William H.  
Beensch Henry    
Beers Mary A. Pearse Yes
Beers W. D. Yes
Beers. Mary A. Pearse Yes
Beeson Tautie   Yes
Beeson William E. Yes
Beeson William L. Yes
Beessellee Annie    
Beets Albert V. Yes
Beeves Lula    
Beggadike Beulah J.  
Begity F.    
Begley Louise    
Beherns J. E.  
Behring Carndea    
Beichardt George    
Beick Clarence    
Beirman L. (Mrs.) C.  
Beisel Infant    
Beisen Charles    
Beits Elma    
Beity Albart    
Bekroad Willie    
Belcher Norma    
Belchle Elizabeth R.  
Belcroft Unknown   Yes
Beldow Jenie E.  
Belflour Katherine    
Belhiemer Joe (Mrs.) H.  
Belien Thomas E.  
Belinge Lenora Tiner Yes
Beljlower William E.  
Bell A. J.  
Bell Alberta Beverly Yes
Bell Alfred J. C.  
Bell Annie    
Bell B. W.  
Bell Bobbie Jean  
Bell Carbel    
Bell Carrie    
Bell Catherine    
Bell Charley    
Bell Chas E. Yes
Bell Clemmie B.  
Bell Clyde T.  
Bell Dwayne    
Bell E.    
Bell Eli    
Bell Eliza    
Bell Elzira A. Yes
Bell Frank B. Yes
Bell George    
Bell George    
Bell Henry    
Bell Henry    
Bell Hobart Julian Yes
Bell Infant    
Bell Infant    
Bell Infant    
Bell J. M.  
Bell James A. Yes
Bell James L.  
Bell James (Mrs.) A.  
Bell Jane   Yes
Bell Joe    
Bell John Morion  
Bell John R.  
Bell John W. Yes
Bell Jos.(Joseph) E.  
Bell Josephine    
Bell Josephine K. Yes
Bell Katie    
Bell Katie Mae Yes
Bell Martha    
Bell Martha Jane  
Bell Mary    
Bell Mary M.  
Bell Maude    
Bell Merton    
Bell Mildred G. Yes
Bell Minnie L. Yes
Bell Nathon    
Bell Nellie A. Yes
Bell Ollie    
Bell Ollie (Mrs.) Stannis  
Bell Ray    
Bell Rebeca    
Bell Rebecca    
Bell Rosie M.  
Bell S. F.  
Bell Sadie J. Yes
Bell Sarah    
Bell Sophie    
Bell Viola    
Bell W. O.  
Bell W. S.  
Bell Willis Oliver Yes
Bell John    
Bellamy Joseph   Yes
Bellamy William H. Yes
Belle Ella A.  
Belle S. R.  
Bellemoon Ann E. Yes
Beller Adele S. Yes
Beller Etta    
Beller Norman A. Yes
Beller Norman Allen Yes
Bellflower Katheryne   Yes
Bellflower William H. Yes
Belliany Martha    
Belling C. G.  
Belling Martha    
Bellinger Minnie    
Bellingrath T. L.  
Bellings Bettie    
Bellows Ellen    
Bellroff F. H.  
Bellus David    
Bellus Lilly    
Bellus Sparta   Yes
Beloate Luelle B.  
Belote Joe B.  
Below Lois Hall Yes
Belschner Sophie   Yes
Belt John    
Belton Lula    
Bemberg Caroline    
Bemberg Julius (Sr.)   Yes
Bemberg L. F.  
Bemberg Therisa   Yes
Bemberg William   Yes
Bemis Holloway    
Bemper Jane    
Bemrer Thirisia    
Bemrest Lula    
Ben Delco   Yes
Ben Ele Aaron  
Benbig Fritz C.  
Benchamp Gladys    
Bend Frank    
Bender Dave    
Bender Eva May Yes
Bender Fred C. Yes
Bender Lizzie   Yes
Bender Lucy    
Bender Margurite "Maggie" nee Atchison Yes
Bender Samuel    
Benedict Claud C. Yes
Benedict Robert   Yes
Benedict Susie   Yes
Benefield Infant    
Benerley Alice    
Benfield Infant    
Benforter Charles B.  
Bengle Adam    
Benham D. L.  
Benjamin Henrietta    
Benjamin Leroy    
Benjamin Phyllis   Yes
Benjamin Waneta   Yes
Benjamine L. (Mrs.) L.  
Benjiman Harry L.  
Benkley Ernest C.  
Benland George Neta  
Benley Martha W.  
Bennet Infant    
Bennet Infant    
Bennett A L.  
Bennett Calvin W.  
Bennett Carrie Alice Yes
Bennett Frank A. Yes
Bennett Frank A. Yes
Bennett George H. "Sam" Yes
Bennett George W. Yes
Bennett Glenn H. Yes
Bennett Gus    
Bennett Gus    
Bennett Guy Bishop  
Bennett H. I. Yes
Bennett Herschell Wayne Yes
Bennett Ida    
Bennett Ida   Yes
Bennett Ida   Yes
Bennett Infant    
Bennett Infant    
Bennett Infant    
Bennett Infant    
Bennett Infant    
Bennett Infant    
Bennett Infant    
Bennett Infant    
Bennett Infant   Yes
Bennett J. A.  
Bennett J. A.  
Bennett Jack T.  
Bennett Katherine "Kate" Lula Yes
Bennett Le Roy   Yes
Bennett Lillie D. Yes
Bennett Lily Katherine  
Bennett Lizzie    
Bennett Lizzie M. Yes
Bennett Louise    
Bennett Maggie Walker Yes
Bennett Mary Galena Yes
Bennett Minnie Lee Yes
Bennett R. L.  
Bennett R. L. Yes
Bennett Ralph    
Bennett Reginald (Sr.) Damon  
Bennett Richie Arther  
Bennett Ritchie Arthur Yes
Bennett Robert F.  
Bennett Roy L. Yes
Bennett Roy (Jr.)   Yes
Bennett Ruth Rogers Yes
Bennett Sam    
Bennett Solman   Yes
Bennett Venic    
Bennett W. E. Yes
Bennett Walter    
Bennett Winfield Everett  
Bennett Henry    
Bennette Hillary    
Benningham Thomas    
Bennington Hannah    
Bennon John    
Bennssi Faney    
Benny John    
Benroad Lela    
Bens J. H.  
Bensbery Mary    
Bensding Clara    
Bense Kate    
Bense Mary    
Benson Aix    
Benson Charley   Yes
Benson Emma   Yes
Benson Francis    
Benson G. W.  
Benson Jacob    
Benson M. J.  
Benson Oller    
Benson Rheuben    
Benson Rose Ann  
Benson V. J.  
Benson William A.  
Bentheim B.    
Bentley Margert Ella  
Bently Carl    
Benton Frank    
Benton Harrison    
Benton Henry    
Benton M.    
Benton Margaret    
Benton Nancy W.  
Benton T. A.  
Benton Sally    
Bentrand J.    
Benty Ed    
Beoult Lucien    
Berbaick Joseph A.  
Berbic Frederick Carl Yes
Berbie Therese Marie Yes
Berd William P.  
Berdell W. H.  
Berdsley Elmer    
Berg Lizzie H.  
Berg William F.  
Bergen Abbard S.  
Bergent Mary    
Berger Jacob    
Berger Louis Oscar  
Bergeron Dolloy    
Bergert Alvin H. Yes
Bergert John C.  
Bergert Robert    
Bergib Charles G.  
Bergl Unknown Adult    
Bergold Infant   Yes
Berguest Infant    
Berks Infant    
Berles H.    
Berma Anna Sherman Yes
Berminter Fannie E.  
Bern Albert    
Bernard June Juanita Yes
Bernard Larkin    
Bernard Lewis    
Bernett R. M.  
Berney Gertrude G.  
Berny Calnabell    
Beroset J. W. Yes
Beroset Lulu   Yes
Beroset Magdalene   Yes
Berquist Oscar D. Yes
Berry Beverly    
Berry Chas    
Berry Clarence    
Berry Dan    
Berry Edward "Ed" L. Yes
Berry Eliza    
Berry Emma    
Berry Ephraim E. Yes
Berry Ethelyn   Yes
Berry Etta S. Yes
Berry Evelyn T. Yes
Berry Fannie E. Yes
Berry George (III)    
Berry Infant    
Berry Infant    
Berry Infant    
Berry Jas.(James) L.  
Berry John    
Berry Lena M.  
Berry Lida I.  
Berry Margret    
Berry Martha    
Berry Mary    
Berry Mary    
Berry Minnie Mae Yes
Berry Mollie    
Berry N. M.  
Berry Nancy    
Berry Nina    
Berry Ruth    
Berry Sarah    
Berry Walter Vinson Yes
Berryhill Catherine   Yes
Berryhill Thomas "Tommy" Stewart Yes
Berryhill Tom    
Berstch Iona Collins Yes
Bertch Clara    
Bertha Child    
Berthe Ethel nee Himstedt Yes
Bertrand Infant    
Bertrand Lillie    
Bertsch Frank    
Bertsch Frank R. Yes
Bertsch George   Yes
Bertsch Hannah   Yes
Bertsch Hattie    
Bertsch Henry    
Bertsch Louis   Yes
Besley Master Gun  
Beslia Norah    
Bessel Infant    
Besser Bennie    
Besser Carrie    
Besser Flora    
Besser Infant    
Besser Isadore    
Besser Joseph N.  
Besser Lena    
Besser Lena    
Besser Lippman    
Besser Louis    
Besser Mendel M.  
Besser Minnie    
Besser Otto    
Besser Rose Ruff  
Besser Rosy    
Bessinger L. C.  
Best Charles    
Best Evalyn    
Best Infant    
Best Infant    
Best Infant    
Best J. W.  
Best Mary E.  
Bester Infant    
Bethard Unknown    
Bethard Willie    
Bethel Henry    
Bethell Delia B.  
Bethivisch Ella M. Yes
Bethuene Bates    
Bethune Christy    
Bethune Collins   Yes
Bethune Donald    
Betrch Louis    
Bettefen Infant    
Bettifer Bowin    
Bettis Robert    
Betts Curlo B.  
Betts Margaret B. Yes
Bettsbaum Hary (Harry) G.  
Betty Jennie B.  
Betyman Peter    
Beud Betrice (Beatrice)    
Beulah Dorathy (Dorothy)    
Beunn Infant    
Beurily Irene    
Beuse Amelia   Yes
Beuse Carrie B. Yes
Beuse Emma P.  
Beuse Henry    
Beuse Henry L. Yes
Beuse John H. Yes
Beuse Katie   Yes
Beuse Mary   Yes
Beuse Pearl E. Yes
Beuton Fannie    
Beuver Otto    
Bever Adult Female    
Beverlin Mary    
Beverly John   Yes
Beverly Lee    
Beverly Lila    
Beverly Lusey    
Bevin Infant    
Bey Timothy   Yes
Beyce John M.  
Beyerlein Edward   Yes
Beyerlein George   Yes
Beyerlein Kate   Yes
Beyerline Neilsheim    
Beyerlsin Ed A.  
Beynon Jennie    
Bialton S.    
Biauamp Claude    
Bibbs Monceil   Yes
Bibbs Sallie    
Bick Emma    
Bick Gertrude R.  
Bickers Emma    
Bickers Estella "Stella" Blair Yes
Bickers Henry S.  
Bickly F. C.  
Biddle Cassandra B. Yes
Biddle Edward    
Biddle Kevin A. Yes
Bidicks Mariah    
Bierman Lois Ivie Chance Yes
Biffel Hatie    
Biggadike Beulah Julia Yes
Biggadike Margaret Louise Yes
Biggadike William Stewart Yes
Biggers Alice    
Biggers Infant Son   Yes
Biggers John Henry
Biggers Lucille H. Yes
Biggers Matilda A. Yes
Biggers Myrtel Lucile  
Biggs Charles D.  
Biggs Edward S.  
Biggs Erma (Irma) M. Scruggs Yes
Biggs George Wooten Yes
Biggs Infant    
Biggs Infant    
Biggs Susie F.  
Biggs William Eli Yes
Bikles Julia    
Bildy Infant    
Bilheimer Alice B.  
Bilheimer Annie E. Hall Yes
Bilheimer Bernice L. Allen Yes
Bilheimer G. H. Yes
Bilheimer Grace Goeken Yes
Bilheimer Josiah H. Yes
Bilheimer Josiah (Jr.) H. Yes
Bilheimer Lois Shelpman Yes
Bilheimer Margaret   Yes
Bilheimer Stephen   Yes
Bill George    
Bill Henrietta    
Bill Infant    
Bill S. T.  
Billey Infant    
Billing W.    
Billings Albert Dustin Yes
Billings Bert   Yes
Billings Bettie E. Yes
Billings Carington    
Billings Caroline    
Billings Charles H. Yes
Billings John Calvin Yes
Billings Lavinia Dustin Yes
Billings Mary Frances "Fannie" Shipp Yes
Billings Nora    
Billingsley Claude A. Yes
Billingsley Luther Robinson Yes
Billingsley Mary Elder Yes
Billingsley S. C.
Billingston Odell    
Billingsy Infant    
Billingvath Theodore L.  
Billiny John C.  
Billock Unknown    
Billups Carrie    
Bilow Aubry C.  
Bilow Infant    
Bimbo Tom   Yes
Bind J. B.  
Bingan Mattie    
Bingana Hettie    
Bingham L.    
Bingham Robert    
Bingham Sarah J.  
Bingham Salon    
Biniby Jonathan    
Binkley Claud W.  
Binson Maggie   Yes
Birbig William L.  
Birch Buddy    
Bird A. L. Yes
Bird Charles O. C.  
Bird Francis E.  
Bird Frank C.  
Bird H. A.  
Bird Hazel Louise  
Bird Infant    
Bird Jacob   Yes
Bird Martha Newman Yes
Bird Sydney    
Bird Theo    
Bird W. (Mrs.) P.  
Bird Walter P.  
Bird William P. Yes
Birden Roberta G. Yes
Birdsell Chas E.  
Birdsong J. E.  
Birdsong Noah    
Birdwell A. R. Yes
Birey Louise    
Birges John    
Birk E. (Mrs.) A.  
Birk William J.  
Birmingham Ed    
Birmingham Mike    
Birmingham Thom    
Birthola A. J.  
Birtsch Leclain    
Bise Grace J. Stevens Yes
Bishoff Robert    
Bishop Annie Mai Yes
Bishop Elizabeth   Yes
Bishop Emma R. Yes
Bishop George W.  
Bishop Ida Mae Yes
Bishop Infant    
Bishop Infant    
Bishop J. S.  
Bishop J. S.  
Bishop John P. Yes
Bishop John S. Yes
Bishop Lizzie    
Bishop Osker E.  
Bishop Sallie A. Yes
Bishop Sebon A. Yes
Bishop Susie F. Yes
Bishop Infant    
Biskers Vohn S.  
Bislile Lee    
Bisnett Martin    
Bithard Infant    
Bithwell Beezie    
Bittles Sam (Jr.)   Yes
Bivens Infant    
Bivins Alvin Pierre Yes
Bixler Owin J.  

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