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0003 - Oakland Cemetery

Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas


Where photographs are available (noted with a yes in the photograph column),  they are free for personal use with a limit of 5 per week per email address.  To request photographs send the names and the page link where the information was obtained to ArkansasTies@ArkansasTies.com.


Last Name First Name Middle Name Photograph
Rhinehart George T. Yes
Rhinehart Mamie   Yes
Rhoades W. C. Yes
Rhoads Unknown T.  
Rhode August   Yes
Rhode Fred    
Rhode Fred    
Rhoden Carolyn    
Rhoden Charles A. Yes
Rhodes Catherine C.  
Rhodes Dartha    
Rhodes Deborah   Yes
Rhodes Fannie    
Rhodes Fannie    
Rhodes George L.  
Rhodes Harold (Mrs.) E.  
Rhodes Helen C. Yes
Rhodes Infant    
Rhodes Infant    
Rhodes Isadora    
Rhodes J.D. A.  
Rhodes Lola Esther Yes
Rhodes Maggie T.  
Rhodes Naomi    
Rhodes W. C.  
Rhods Mary    
Rhone F.    
Rhoner T. A.  
Rhotan Infant    
Rhoten Darrell    
Rhoten Frankie    
Rhoten Jane    
Riadle John    
Rianhard Louis Logan Yes
Rianhard Louisa D. Yes
Rianhard Walter I.  
Ribey Albert    
Rice Alva    
Rice Charles    
Rice D. P.  
Rice Dudley C.  
Rice E. (Mrs.) S.  
Rice Edmund Samuel  
Rice Ellen   Yes
Rice F. R. Yes
Rice Florance    
Rice George   Yes
Rice Helen L.  
Rice Ida    
Rice J. W.  
Rice Jaynie    
Rice John    
Rice Mable    
Rice Minnie Shercen  
Rice Thomas Jefferson  
Rice Virgil    
Rice Wilbur    
Rice Will    
Rich Ethel Seaman Yes
Rich James A. Yes
Rich Walther    
Richard E. D.  
Richard Frank    
Richard Infant    
Richard Johnie A.  
Richard Juluis    
Richard P. H.  
Richard Susan R.  
Richards Amos Tim Yes
Richards Bess    
Richards Blanche Nail Yes
Richards Carra Bernadette Yes
Richards Claire Peckham  
Richards Donald L. B. Yes
Richards Ezekiel Lee Yes
Richards George    
Richards Gustina    
Richards Ian D.  
Richards Infant    
Richards Infant    
Richards Jack    
Richards James E. Yes
Richards John    
Richards John W.  
Richards L. B.  
Richards Netae    
Richards Newton    
Richards Oscar L.  
Richards Rankin G.  
Richards Rena G. Yes
Richards Sarah Ellen Rhodes Yes
Richards Unknown   Yes
Richardson A.    
Richardson Agnes May Yes
Richardson Albert    
Richardson Albert    
Richardson Andrew    
Richardson Annie    
Richardson Browney W. Yes
Richardson Christopher    
Richardson Drew   Yes
Richardson Elmer L. Yes
Richardson Enoch Toby Yes
Richardson Esta    
Richardson Etta Ann Yes
Richardson G. E.  
Richardson G. (Mrs.) E.  
Richardson Hammie L. Yes
Richardson Hannah E. Yes
Richardson Herman Duncan  
Richardson Homer    
Richardson Ida    
Richardson Infant    
Richardson Infant    
Richardson Iota   Yes
Richardson Ira   Yes
Richardson J. K.  
Richardson Janie R. McKinley Yes
Richardson John F.  
Richardson John M. Yes
Richardson Joseph "Joe" Edward Yes
Richardson Lillie    
Richardson Lottie S.  
Richardson Margarette    
Richardson Miles    
Richardson Nic    
Richardson Ollie Phillips Yes
Richardson Patsy    
Richardson Roland    
Richardson W. H. "Rich" Yes
Richardson W. (Mrs.) M.  
Richardson Will   Yes
Richardson Will    
Richardt Ed    
Richardt George Frederick  
Richardt Gertrude Fox  
Richardt Pauline    
Richarst Walter Frederick  
Richarts William    
Richartson Aleck    
Richbieter E. (Mrs.)    
Richerson Franke    
Richerson Infant    
Richerson Mamie    
Richie Lucille   Yes
Richie Van (Jr.) Martin  
Richineng Laura    
Richler Julius    
Richman George A.  
Richman J. A.  
Richman Morganch    
Richmand A. R.  
Richmand Mollie    
Richmaon Infant    
Richmond Andrew R. Yes
Richmond Annie E. Yes
Richmond Augustus   Yes
Richmond Daniel D.  
Richmond Ellen    
Richmond George A. Yes
Richmond Hattie    
Richmond Herman    
Richmond ???isa Warren Yes
Richmond James A. Yes
Richmond Jarrius Lee  
Richmond John    
Richmond Laura   Yes
Richmond Laura Leona Yes
Richmond Nellie   Yes
Richmond Ruth    
Richmond Unknown Child    
Richmond Viola M. Yes
Richmond W.O. E.  
Richmont A. L.  
Richson Infant    
Richter Caroline    
Richter Eduard L. Yes
Richter Emma G. Yes
Richter Ferdinand J. Yes
Richter Howard L.  
Richter John    
Richter Julius Theodore Yes
Richter Maria C. Yes
Richter Rudolph Reister  
Richter Tay C.  
Rickard Clara    
Ricken Eliza L. B.  
Rickey Infant    
Rickey Mathew Carl  
Rickon Letha    
Ricks Arthur    
Ricks Curtis J. Yes
Ricks Eldee H. Yes
Ricks Ella Grissom Johnston Yes
Riddick Emma Mack  
Riddick James Edward  
Riddle Charles S. Yes
Riddle Inez E. Yes
Riddle J. F. Yes
Riddle Jane   Yes
Riddle John F. Yes
Riddle John F.  
Riddle Mary Wilson Yes
Riddle Robert C. Yes
Riddle S. P.  
Riddle Sarah N. Yes
Riddle Unknown    
Riddle W.   Yes
Riddle Willie    
Riddle Wilsen (Jr.)   Yes
Ridenaur John T. Yes
Ridenour Clyde C. Yes
Ridenour Marie B. Yes
Ridgle Ida Mae Yes
Ridgway Infant    
Ridley Edward H. Yes
Ridley Josie E. Yes
Ridley Mae C. Yes
Ridley P.    
Ridling Infant    
Riedel Delane H. Yes
Riedel Nancy    
Rieff A. V.  
Rieff Bennie Reeves Yes
Rieff Clare Gully  
Rieff Hiram Fen Yes
Rieff Izora   Yes
Rieff Joe Mich  
Rieff M. "Stormy" B. Yes
Rieff Mary J.  
Riegel Emil   Yes
Riegel Emma L. Yes
Riegel Philippine   Yes
Riegla George    
Rieglar George L.  
Riegler A.    
Riegler Andrew H. Yes
Riegler Anna K. Yes
Riegler Charlie A. Yes
Riegler Elizabeth Jones Yes
Riegler Emila    
Riegler Eva Eliza Yes
Riegler F. W. Yes
Riegler Fritz J. Yes
Riegler George L. Yes
Riegler George M. Yes
Riegler Harry   Yes
Riegler Henrietta   Yes
Riegler Henrietta G. Yes
Riegler Herbert Herman Yes
Riegler Infant    
Riegler Infant   Yes
Riegler J. Fred Yes
Riegler John   Yes
Riegler John   Yes
Riegler John H.  
Riegler Katherine Barbara Yes
Riegler Katherine Louisa Yes
Riegler Lenora C. Yes
Riegler Louis A. Yes
Riegler Louise   Yes
Riegler Mary V. H. Yes
Riegler Mike   Yes
Riegler Unknown A. Yes
Riegler Vivian May Yes
Riegler W.   Yes
Riegler Walter A. Yes
Riegler Wilhelmina A. Yes
Riegler A. (Sr.) H.  
Riety Alines    
Riffe M. B.  
Riffel Bryrd F.  
Rigaman Alice    
Rigby Lanella    
Rigelman Elizabeth    
Riggans Jania    
Riggins Babay    
Riggles Martha   Yes
Riggs Ella F.  
Riggs Infant    
Riggs Jas.(James)    
Riggs Robert Lee  
Right John    
Right Pauline    
Righter Charley N.  
Rigney B. M.  
Rigney Eliza    
Rigney Sallie    
Rignit Ellise    
Riles Lucy    
Riles Walter    
Riley Anna Florence  
Riley C. C. Yes
Riley Carrie A.  
Riley Charles James  
Riley Clifford Tommy Yes
Riley Dick    
Riley Dona    
Riley Elizabeth    
Riley Florence A.  
Riley George    
Riley George    
Riley George Whitcomb  
Riley Grace M. Yes
Riley Infant    
Riley Isabella    
Riley J. C. Yes
Riley Kate    
Riley Madine Walters Yes
Riley Minnie D.  
Riley Mytha    
Riley Nanne    
Riley Rachel Cecelia Yes
Riley Sarah    
Riley William H.  
Riley William M.  
Rillar Frank   Yes
Rilly Andolph    
Rily Benjamin    
Rimheard Rose    
Rimson R.    
Rinbrough Marge    
Rinda Infant    
Rindals Steavin    
Rine Charles    
Rinehart Elra Floyd Yes
Rinehart Lena Hazelwood Yes
Rinet Ronna Sue  
Ring Delia Cushing Yes
Ring Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cushing Lowder Yes
Ring James    
Ring Patrick F. Yes
Ringer Infant    
Ringlehaupt Charlotte    
Rinke A. L.  
Rinke Anna Louise Yes
Rinke Bruno    
Rinke Bruno A. Yes
Rinke Bruno Albert  
Rinke Elizabeth    
Rinke Frank B. Yes
Rinke Fred (Jr.) A. Yes
Rinke Gertrude "Gertis"   Yes
Rinke Hugo    
Rinke Infant Son   Yes
Rinke Maria E. Wagner Yes
Rinke Max C.  
Rinke Paul E.  
Rinke Raymond    
Rinke Robert A. Yes
Rinker R. Baby  
Rinkie Frank B.  
Rinpalerek Catherine    
Riordan Thomas    
Ripberge J. E.  
Ripberger Carl Julius Yes
Ripberger Edward   Yes
Ripberger George O. Yes
Riphash George S.  
Ripley David L.  
Ripley Futton    
Ripley J. W.  
Ripley Jenny    
Rippey Infant    
Rirchardson H. E.  
Rise Berdie    
Rise Infant    
Risen Infant    
Risher Eugene D.  
Risk L.    
Risser Harole L.  
Risser Herbert H. Yes
Risser Ida S. Yes
Ritchard Unknown   Yes
Ritchens Silas D.  
Ritchey Elmer Joe  
Riter Charles    
Riter Julia Estelle Yes
Ritlr William C Yes
Ritte Alans    
Ritter Frank Howson Yes
Ritter Leona Howson Yes
Ritz Johana    
Ritz Ulrich    
Rivas Annie    
Rivers Ann    
Rivers Bird    
Rivers Carrie Alice  
Rivers Chaney    
Rivers Eva    
Rivers Infant   Yes
Rivers Infant    
Rivers Infant    
Rivers James    
Rivers Julia    
Rivers Lula    
Rivers Pollie    
Riviere Infant    
Rix Martin    
Rix Mathew    
Rixse Alice M. Yes
Rixse Annie A. Yes
Rixse Bertie Downing  
Rixse Charles E. Yes
Rixse Effie May Yes
Rixse Infant    
Rixse Josephine    
Rixse Lily Mae Yes
Rixse W. W. Yes


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