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0003 - Oakland Cemetery

Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas


Where photographs are available (noted with a yes in the photograph column),  they are free for personal use with a limit of 5 per week per email address.  To request photographs send the names and the page link where the information was obtained to ArkansasTies@ArkansasTies.com.


Last Name First Name Middle Name Photograph
Snadgrass Infant    
Sned George W.  
Sneed Mary L.  
Snelling Lillie Dale  
Snelling Willie    
Snellingrow C. G.  
Snelson W. I.  
Snerling Unknown   Yes
Snider Everett V. Yes
Snider Henry S. Yes
Snider Lucile C. Yes
Snider Nannie F.  
Snidgrass Unknown (Mrs.)    
Snindler Gus    
Snipes E.    
Snoden Alfred    
Snodgrass A. J. Yes
Snodgrass Alice Lorena Yes
Snodgrass Charles    
Snodgrass Charles L. Yes
Snodgrass Elmira Waterfield Yes
Snodgrass Inez Sory Yes
Snodgrass Jennie T. Yes
Snodgrass John Patrick Yes
Snodgrass Lee H.  
Snodgrass Leila P. Phillips  
Snodgrass Leland   Yes
Snodgrass Mina Pearce Yes
Snodgrass Mina Pearce Yes
Snodgrass Pat W. Yes
Snodgrass Paul   Yes
Snodgrass William A. Yes
Snow D. E.  
Snow Harry    
Snow Infant    
Snow Lane    
Snow Louise H. Yes
Snow M. Virginia Jackson Yes
Snow Turner   Yes
Snow Lane (Jr.)    
Snyder Annie   Yes
Snyder Caroline   Yes
Snyder Charles    
Snyder David F.  
Snyder Elsie Robinson Yes
Snyder Frank    
Snyder Hannah Ellen Yes
Snyder James    
Snyder Josephine Hill  
Snyder Pete   Yes
Snyder Roy W.  
Snypes Thoda    
Soarborugh Infant    
Soehen Josephine    
Soffie J. (Mrs.) W.  
Solbernagel Morris    
Sole Heins    
Solinger Fannie    
Soliz Francie    
Soltra Mary Angline  
Somervell Anne L. Yes
Somervell Anne L.  
Somervill Mary    
Somons J. W.  
????son Annie   Yes
Sondris Freddie    
Sonen Infant    
Soomis Annie    
Sorods Infant    
Sorter Lillie   Yes
Sotts Percilla    
Soudroge Andrew Jackson  
South Ethel Pardew Yes
South J. A.  
South Martha Ellen Yes
South Myrtle E. Yes
Southall J. H. Yes
Southall Olivia G.  
Southard Andrew J. Yes
Southard Infant    
Southard Sarah A. Henderson Yes
Southard Thomas A. Yes
Southent A. G.  
Southerland James C.  
Southerland Joan    
Southerland Mary    
Southerland Mary E. Yes
Southerland Thadeus    
Southerland William B.  
Southern Ann    
Southern Rufus    
Souza J. M.  
Sowe Cordelia    
Sowell Carolyn Ann Yes
Sowell Lucille D. Yes
Spahn Carol Kathleen  
Spain Nellie E.  
Spangeon James H.  
Spark Betty    
Spark Dudley    
Sparks Albert    
Sparks Alice    
Sparks Ann    
Sparks Annie   Yes
Sparks Birdie   Yes
Sparks Carra    
Sparks Edith S. Yes
Sparks Elizabeth Carrigan  
Sparks F. H.  
Sparks Freddie    
Sparks George    
Sparks Hannah    
Sparks Henderson    
Sparks Henry    
Sparks Infant    
Sparks Infant    
Sparks Infant    
Sparks Jasper    
Sparks Jordain    
Sparks Lillie Mae Yes
Sparks Mack    
Sparks Mary   Yes
Sparks Sherman    
Sparks W. M.  
Sparks William    
Sparling Oddie Willson Yes
Spars S. L.  
Spaulding W. W.  
Speading Christine    
Speakman Barbara    
Spean Infant    
Speans Walter    
Spear Infant    
Speares Charles R.  
Spearman Georgia L.  
Spearman Georgia Lucinda Yes
Spears Hardie    
Spears Hardy    
Spears Hazel Helen  
Spears Jennie    
Spears Jula    
Spears Mable    
Spears Maggie E. Yes
Spears Magnolia E.  
Spears Margaret Burden Yes
Spears Margarett    
Spears Mary    
Spears Samuel    
Spears Sims    
Spears Thomas R. Yes
Spears William    
Speck Dorothy Niemeyer Yes
Speck Edward A. Yes
Speden Infant    
Speicher Milton H. Yes
Speight K.    
Speight Lizzie   Yes
Speights Emmett H.  
Speiser Ernest P. Yes
Speiser Gus W. Yes
Speiser John I. Yes
Speiser Mary   Yes
Spence E. H.  
Spencer Annie    
Spencer C. C.  
Spencer Edward C. Yes
Spencer George   Yes
Spencer H. H.  
Spencer Hazel    
Spencer Janice    
Spencer Lizzie M. Yes
Spencer Lucy   Yes
Spencer Mary J. Yes
Spencer Michael Bernard Yes
Spencer Percilla    
Spenner Darlin    
Sperenson Unknown Child    
Spergern Florence    
Sperry B. H.  
Sperry Chrystella    
Spery Orris H.  
Spery Unknown Child    
Spicer Mary    
Spick Edward Albert  
Spickes C. J.  
Spicks E. S.  
Spicks Mary Ann  
Spiecer M. H.  
Spier Alexander   Yes
Spier M. A.  
Spier Margorie   Yes
Spier Sadie P. Yes
Spier Susie E.  
Spiers Alexander    
Spieser J. I.  
Spight Hernando G. H. Yes
Spight Jessie R.  
Spight Mary H. Yes
Spight Sam    
Spights Ella   Yes
Spigles Edward    
Spikens Felmore    
Spikes David    
Spikes Infant    
Spikes Infant    
Spikes James    
Spikes Nettie    
Spikes Sarah    
Spillman Emma White Yes
Spillman Robert L.  
Spillman W. K.  
Spilman John    
Spilman Robert L. Yes
Spilman William K. Yes
Spilman William (Jr.) Kisner Yes
Spiney Alford    
Spinhour Wahalia    
Spinks John    
Spinner Robert    
Spires Hattie Griffis Yes
Spires Stephen    
Spirling Odie    
Spiser Charles    
Spitzberg Infant    
Spitzberg Morris    
Spitzberg T.    
Spitzfaden Ges    
Spiver Jane    
Spiver Lizzie    
Spivey Charles M.  
Spivey Charlie   Yes
Spivey Daul    
Spivey James    
Spivey Maggie V.  
Spivey Sarah F.  
Spivey W. B.  
Spivy George C. Yes
Spivy Sarah Fleming Yes
Spoedino John    
Spohr Fred    
Spouce Mary Helen  
Spray Elly    
Spreggs May    
Sprick Lena J. Yes
Sprick Margaret S. Bennett Yes
Spriggs Marguerite M. Yes
Spriggs Mary Mullins  
Spriggs Matilda    
Spriggs Susan Estella Yes
Spring Infant    
Springe William    
Springer Bill Arnest  
Springer Helen    
Springer Paul (Jr.)    
Springstead F.    
Sprint Joseph    
Spruse Infant    
Spurgeon Annie    
Spurgeon Charles H. Yes
Spurgeon Ella F. Yes
Spurgeon Jacob    
Spurgeon Mae   Yes
Spurgeon Mildred    
Spurgeon P.    
Spurn Patrick    
Spuser Gus W.  
Squires Anna    
Squires Ellen   Yes
Squires Infant    
Squires John A.  
Squires Mamie    
Sreed Joseph    
Srewit Laury O.  


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