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0003 - Oakland Cemetery

Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas


Where photographs are available (noted with a yes in the photograph column),  they are free for personal use with a limit of 5 per week per email address.  To request photographs send the names and the page link where the information was obtained to ArkansasTies@ArkansasTies.com.


Last Name First Name Middle Name Photograph
Wealer E. A.  
Wealey Robert Irvin  
Wear Annie K.  
Wear Dorothea Brandon Yes
Weare Clarence    
Weare George W.  
Weare John H. Yes
Weare Mable G. Yes
Weare Robert   Yes
Weare Robert (Jr.) L.  
Weat T. H.  
Weath Unknown (Mrs.)    
Weather Cassie    
Weatherby Infant    
Weatherford John W. Yes
Weatherman G. T.  
Weathers Al    
Weathers Cora   Yes
Weathers Earnestine   Yes
Weathers Ernestine    
Weathers Richard   Yes
Weathns Helen E.  
Weaver Car L.  
Weaver Clara    
Weaver Henry Bryant  
Weaver Infant    
Weaver J. S.  
Weaver Martha E.  
Weaver May    
Weaver Susan N.  
Weaver Tetus    
Web Willie    
Webb Alvin    
Webb Annie M. Yes
Webb Babe    
Webb Curtis Jerome  
Webb Dora   Yes
Webb Eliza    
Webb Ella    
Webb Emma    
Webb Ersline    
Webb Eva   Yes
Webb Green    
Webb Infant    
Webb Infant    
Webb Infant    
Webb James H. Yes
Webb Mattie Florence  
Webb Molly Lee Yes
Webb Morris Lee  
Webb Rueben    
Webb Ruebin    
Webb W. W. Yes
Webber Eva G.  
Webber Infant    
Webber Mary E. Yes
Webber Warner    
Webber William A.  
Webbwoods Margaret    
Weben Mattie R.  
Weber Fredrick    
Weber James C. Yes
Weber John M. Yes
Weber Kate C. Yes
Weber Mary M. Yes
Weber Mary V. Yes
Weber Mattie   Yes
Weber Peter    
Weber Phillip    
Weber Richard O. Yes
Weber Richard (Jr.) O. Yes
Weble Gillis    
Webslen Laura J.  
Websten Bennie L.  
Webster Burton    
Webster Chesley    
Webster Edward E.  
Webster Edward E. Yes
Webster Elisa    
Webster Infant    
Webster Infant    
Webster Irene M. Yes
Webster Julia    
Webster Julia    
Webster Lula    
Webster Margaret    
Webster Mary    
Webster Mary E. Yes
Webster Mary Ellen Yes
Webster Mattie    
Webster Minnie S. Yes
Webster Odelia    
Webster Samuel    
Webster T. J. Yes
Webster Thomas J.  
Webster Thomas J. Yes
Webster Unknown    
Webster William   Yes
Webster William   Yes
Wedbecken Infant    
Wedeans John W.  
Weding Heeltec    
Wedler Cecilia    
Weed Annis D. Yes
Weed Doris    
Weed Glenn    
Weed Paul G.  
Weeden John P.  
Weeden Lillie    
Weedon John   Yes
Weedon John P. Yes
Weedon Virginia Pettus Yes
Weeks Berta Robinson Yes
Weeks D. D.  
Weeks G. W.  
Weeks R. J.  
Weeks Savanah   Yes
Weeole Rosa    
Weet George H. Yes
Weford I. O.  
Wegel August    
Wegel Millard F.  
Wegner Unknown Child    
Wehe Albert    
Wehr Ida    
Wehreritz Edith Elroy  
Wehrfritz A. E.  
Wehrfritz Alexander "Alex" F. Yes
Wehrfritz Edith Elroy Yes
Wehrfritz Elisabeth   Yes
Wehrfritz Emil C. Yes
Wehrfritz Emil Cornelius Yes
Wehrfritz Guy   Yes
Wehrfritz Mattie Viola Yes
Wehrfritz Rex F.  
Wehrfritz Rex (Jr.) F. Yes
Wehrskeg Infant    
Weibold Julius W. Yes
Weidaman Infant    
Weideman Anna    
Weideman Anna   Yes
Weideman Anna Malinda Yes
Weideman Annie Reck Yes
Weideman Emma Conrad Yes
Weideman Henry   Yes
Weideman Henry W. Yes
Weideman Henry (Sr.)   Yes
Weideman John Henry Yes
Weideman Virginia Alice Yes
Weidemeyer Adam   Yes
Weidemeyer Gertrude E. Yes
Weidemeyer Henry A. Yes
Weidemeyer Margaret   Yes
Weidemeyer Unknown (Mrs.)    
Weidemeyer William Adam Yes
Weidemone Virginia    
Weidleive Verma Beyce Yes
Weidler Yeo.    
Weidles Annie    
Weidman Annie    
Weidner S. (Mrs.) K.  
Weigand Infant    
Weigel D. N.  
Weigel Fannie    
Weigel William    
Weigelt Eveline    
Weigelt R.    
Weigle Bonnie    
Weigle Charles C.  
Weikert Charles E. Yes
Weilder A. E.  
Weiler Anna    
Weiler Eric E. Yes
Weiler James L.  
Weiler John    
Weiler Mary    
Weiler Mary    
Weiler Mary   Yes
Weiler Max   Yes
Weinberg Philip    
Weirfritz Rex F. Yes
Weirman I. W. G.  
Weis Infant    
Weise Alice Marie  
Weise Infant    
Weise Josephine   Yes
Weise Max Albert Yes
Weise Otto    
Weisel William F.  
Weishrod Mary T. Yes
Weisman Hery    
Weiss Billy Louis  
Weiss Faye Vaughan Yes
Weiss Louis (Jr.) Henry Yes
Weiss Saye    
Weiss William Talmage Yes
Weithin W. R.  
Welch Charles F. Yes
Welch Chester F. Yes
Welch Elizabeth   Yes
Welch G. (Mrs.) M.  
Welch George M. Yes
Welch Infant    
Welch J. A. Yes
Welch Joe    
Welch John    
Welch Lelia Ada Yes
Welch Mamie   Yes
Welch Mattie    
Welch Mozella   Yes
Welch Pat    
Welch R. (Jr.) B. Yes
Welch Robert Lee  
Welch S. E.  
Welch Thomas    
Welch Thomas    
Welch Wiley    
Welch William    
Welch William    
Weld Anna Mary Yes
Weld William Porter  
Welden J. E.  
Welder Leogie L.  
Weldon James D.  
Weley Rose    
Welia Hettie    
Welister Unknown    
Welkerson Tandy W.  
Welkinson Armstard M.  
Wellborn Florance    
Wellborn Lois   Yes
Wellbourn Louise E.  
Wellen Otho    
Wellington Charles B. Yes
Wellington James J.  
Wellington Matilda   Yes
Wellis Mary    
Wellman Mary    
Welloughby Wilbert    
Wells Angie White  
Wells Aquilla    
Wells Bella    
Wells Ca.    
Wells Chester Oswald Yes
Wells D. M.  
Wells Della    
Wells E.G. S.  
Wells Emulus Ernest Yes
Wells Ernest Ray Yes
Wells Godery P.  
Wells Goldie Jarnagin Yes
Wells Harriet    
Wells Infant    
Wells Infant    
Wells Infant    
Wells Infant    
Wells Infant    
Wells Infant    
Wells Iren    
Wells J. M.  
Wells James R.  
Wells John    
Wells Leo    
Wells Lillie Mae  
Wells Loreny J.  
Wells M. C.  
Wells M. S.  
Wells Martin L. Yes
Wells Melville L. Yes
Wells Mr.    
Wells Mrs.    
Wells Nellie    
Wells Patsy Ruth Scott Yes
Wells Richard    
Wells Sam    
Wells Unknown   Yes
Wells Unknown Child    
Wells William E.  
Welmuth W. E.  
Welsh Alma H.  
Welsh Frank T.  
Welsh Harry    
Welsh T. E. Yes
Welsher Sarah   Yes
Welton Infant    
Wendler Bertha    
Wendler Edmund C. Yes
Wendler James   Yes
Wendler James E.  
Wendler Jessie   Yes
Wendsor Norma F.  
Wendtan Infant    
Wenefee Jas.(James) W.  
Wenzel Frank H. Yes
Wenzel Lemuel W. Yes
Wenzel Louisa Meyer Yes
Weral Elizie    
Wereich R. E.  
Werler Carl    
Werlick R. E. Yes
Werner Helen L.  
Werring Rose    
Werschky Dorothead   Yes
Werschky Edward    
Wershan Infant    
Wesley Annie    
Wesley B.    
Wesley Charles    
Wesley Chas    
Wesley Frah    
Wesley Infant    
Wesley Infant    
Wesley Janie    
Wesley John    
Wesley Mary M.  
Wesley Melberta    
Wesley Richard    
Wesley S. M. Yes
Wesley Will    
Wesley Willie    
Wesly Infant    
Wesse Infant    
Wesson Infant    
Wesson Margaret   Yes
Wesstuey Dora    
West A. T.  
West A. T.  
West Andrew    
West Blanche E. Yes
West C. V.  
West E. A.  
West E. F. Yes
West Earl H. Yes
West G. A.  
West George   Yes
West Georgia Anna Yes
West Hattie    
West Infant    
West Infant    
West Infant    
West Infant    
West J. M.  
West J. W. Yes
West Jack A.  
West John W.  
West Martin    
West Matilda Booth Yes
West Robert    
West Samuel K.  
West Seigniora Peyton Yes
West Susan    
West Unknown    
West Earl H.  
West Esther    
West Thomas    
West W. P.  
West??? Peter    
Westberry Infant    
Westbrook Infant    
Westbrook Julia    
Westbrook R.    
Westbrook Robert (Jr.) B.  
Westbrook Sallie    
Westbrook Unknown    
Westbrook William J.  
Westbruck Mattie    
Westell Francis    
Westenhaver Howard   Yes
Westenhaver Howard Leslie Yes
Westenhaver Ruth M. Yes
Westerfield Catherine    
Westerfield Frank McClelland Yes
Westerfield Joseph Darell  
Westerfield Lou   Yes
Westerly Lee    
Westfall Jenney    
Westjall C. H.  
Westman Hannah   Yes
Westman Lillie M. Yes
Westman Peter   Yes
Westmoland John    
Westmoreland A.    
Westmoreland L. M.  
Westmoreland Myrtle Heath  
Westmoreland Sam R. Yes
Weston Mathies    
Westphale Claude (Mrs.)    
Westsell Texas    
Wetherby C. (Mrs.) A.  
Wetherspoon Cora    
Wetherspoon Mary    
Wetsel Infant    
Wetsel Willie M. Yes
Wetsell Lawrence A.  
Wetzel Hilmen    
Wetzel Robert L.  
Wever John E.  


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