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Villa Mare House

1321 South Scott

Little Rock, Arkansas

1881 - This is the popular "Designing Women" house. 

This picture is from Alan Ginocchio.

Alan sent me the following, which I have to add, because I love these stories:

"A lady, Dorothy Donaldson, ran a dance studio out of the house in the early to mid-fifties. One of my sisters took 'tap' there during that time and I actually took lessons myself on "jitterbugging". That's right...get down, get funky! And....if you have ever heard of Steve's Show - after finishing all my lessons, my teacher and I went down and danced on the show one day and won the daily "carton of cokes" prize. That's right! Your exchanging emails with a celebrity. Poo poo on The American Idol! LOL"

Now I can visualize them dancing in and having fun in the stuffy old house, in addition to remembering Designing Women.  ;)  - Pris

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