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Confederate Home

Sweet Home Pike, Sweet Home, Pulaski County, Arkansas

Old Patton Homestead

Confederate Home Founded

In 1888, on July 4, there was a large gathering of ex-Confederate soldiers in Little Rock which resulted in the organization of the Ex-Confederate Association of Arkansas. That body immediately set about providing a home for disabled veterans and their widows, which it succeeded in doing within the next two years. A 60-acre tract having a house on it, near Little Rock was bought with money contributed to the cause, and the remodeled dwelling as opened for occupation, December 1, 1890. The next year Governor Eagle signed an act creating a special tax levy for ex-Confederate pensions, and setting aside $10,000 to erect and maintain the home as established by the Ex-Confederate Association.

You can search the records of the Arkansas Confederate Home online at:

Arkansas History Commission

All that is left now. 


In 1955, a new smaller home was built on the site of the current Arkansas School for the Blind.  Photograph by J.M., April 2010.


Photographed  January 27, 2007 by Pris Weathers & Kay Tatum