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Welch - Cherry House

700 Rock Street

Pulaski County, Arkansas


c 1884

Welch - Cherry House
The Welch-Cherry House was built about 1884 for Reverend Thomas R. Welch, who for twenty-five years was the pastor of Little Rock's First Presbyterian Church. The design of the house is subdued, but its front porch and the hood molds over its windows show the influence of the Italianate style of architecture. Following Thomas Welch's death, the house was purchased in 1892 by Lewis W. Cherry, who was in the ice manufacturing business and later became President of the State National Bank in Little Rock. After Cherry's death in 1922, his widow occupied the house until her death in 1957.

A gift of the Junior League of Little Rock to the Arkansas Sesquicentennial.
June 15, 1986

?The Welch-Cherry House is built on the former Crittenden Cemetery which was the first cemetery in Little Rock.  In 1834 it became unlawful to own a private cemetery in Little Rock and bodies were thought to have been moved to Mount Holly Cemetery, however, no records exist of this move and it has been speculated that there could still be bodies buried beneath the house." - Quapaw Quarter Chronicle, January/February 1975 Volume 2 Number 6.  Photo credit: Pat Patterson.

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