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Saline County Court House

Benton, Saline County, Arkansas



Saline County Confederate Veterans

Honoring their memory

Dedicated by David O. Dodd Camp 1415

Sons of Confederate Veterans,

Benton, Arkansas


Commander: Anthony C. Rushing

Lt. Commander: Barry Wilson

Adjutant: Arnold A. Wright

Surgeon: Dr. Quinn Baber


In Honor of

Two Revolutionary War Soldiers

who chose Saline County, Arkansas

as their home after enlisting in the spring of 1777.  They served through the winter at Valley Forge and to the end of the war in 1783.


Asher Bagley, Private

Benjamin Bryant, Private

1st New Jersey Regiment of Foot

Army of the Revoltion


Benton, Saline County, Bicentennial Committee.


Saline County Courthouse

Centennial Celebration 1902 - 2002

Time Capsule

Buried April 23, 2002

Open April 23, 2052

Sponsored by Judge Lanny Fite

Regions Bank - Union Bank - City of Benton

Gingles Department Store - Landers United Auto


Saline County Courthouse

Renovated for County Offices 1995

County Judge: Terry Parsons

Building Committee Members

Doug Curtis, Chairman

Charles W. "Bill" Ford

Ron Meyer

Robert Nowlin

J.R. Walters

Mike Woodall


Quorum Court Members

Danny Adams

Lois Ann Burks

Carolyn Counts

Pat Bisbee

Owen Bullock

Robert Cloud

Rebecca Ellis

J.D. Harris

Robert L. Herzfeld

Mel Ingram

Sam Lattin

J.R. Levart

Dave Mattingly

James H. O'Cain

Oris Marie Reed

Herrell O. Smith   

Doyle Webb 

A. "Jr." Westbrook


Architect: Black, Corley, Owens P.A. - Benton, Arkansas

Contractor: F.L. Ward Construction Co. - Benton, Arkansas

Interior Decorator: Edith Swaim - Benton, Arkansas


In memory of

Clarence Walker

Veterans Service Officer

Saline County

January 1991 - June 1995


Photographed September 2006 by Pris Weathers


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