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Searcy County War Memorial

Marshall, Searcy County, Arkansas


World War I, II, Korea, Vietnam

Dedicated to the honor and glory of the Searcy County men and women who served with valor and those inscribed here who made the supreme sacrifices they made and deeds they performed shall remain alive in our memories forever.

Adams, Argus J.
Adams, Vonceal
Alexander, Arthur
Alexander, Elvis A.
Allen, Clay
Arthur, Elouis
Atkinson, Johnny
Bailey, Estel
Basham, Alonzo J.
Blount, Burl V.
Branscum, Johnny
Brown, Guy R.
Brown, Talmadge
Bryant, Kinsey
Bushman, Clarence
Carter, Issac
Chadwick, Billy R.
Cohey, Paul
Collie, Arlie
Craft, Noah
Cypert, Logan
Davis, Claud A.
Davis, Harvey W.
DePriest, John P.
Dodd, Hugh C.
Foster, Wiley H.
Goddard, Billie J.
Gray, Don
Griffin, Sherman
Harrison, James K.
Henderson, Roy
Henry, Gerald
Henry, Leroy
Hollabaugh, Simpson
Horton, Henry
Horton, N.A.
Keeling, Paul R.
Keller, James H.
Kelley, Doyce
Kennedy, Frank
Kyle, Dale
Long, William N.
Mack, John
Martesik, George
Massey, Franklin C.
Massey, Ralph
Matheny, John F.
McKinney, Alonzo
Mills, Robert T.
Moneyhun, James R.
Morrison, Raymond D.
Morrison, William D.
McBride, Claude A.
Parks, John
Potts, Loys E.
Ragland, Leslie D.
Ragland, Virgil
Rainbolt, John T.
Ramsey, Ranson
Rosenbaum, Audie
Row, Charlie
Russell, Wilburn H.G.
Sherrill, Bruce
Shipman, Clifford
Slay, Sanford
Sowell, Joe R.
Spangler, Ulie S.
Stephenson, Uz
Taylor, Elzie
Treadwell, Buster
Treece, Black Jr.
Treece, Ernest
Tucker, Marcus L.
Wadkins, Beuford
Watts, Cecil C.
Weaver, Clifton
Wells, Owen E.
West, Webster




In Memory of
Anson A. "Andy" Hollis
September 13, 1924 - October 18, 1998

USMC WWII Purple Heart

This wall and the monument in front stand as a testimony to his service and dedication to the Veterans of Searcy County. To Andy, we are gratefully indebted.

The Searcy County Veterans Memorial Association
November 11, 1998