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Stone County Court House

Mountain View, Arkansas



William Brewer - County Judge
F.M. Brewer - Commissioner
H.S. Mabry - Commissioner
GM. Leird - Commissioner
G.A. Ferrell - Architect


In loving remembrance of our Stone County Sons
Who paid the supreme price of their lives in the first World War, the second World War, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, and who now await the reunion with us in eternity as we, their friends and loved ones who gather here keep their memory alive in our minds and hearts.

Argus J. Adams
Vonceal Adams
Everal F. Avey
Henry E. Baldwin
Elmer Barham
Afton D. Barnes
Roy E. Blevins
Robert L. Bounds
Troy O. Branscum
Hubert O. Brewer
W. Clifton Broyles
Cleo T. Caston
Sterling E. Collom
Orvil L. Copeland
J. Freeman Cross
Lloyd Gower
Thomas J. Green
James R. Griffin
Alfred R. Hinkle
John P. Hughes
Arvil W. Kelley
Max B. Kroner
Dwight J. Lancaster
Lindol R. Lancaster
Theodore W. Ledford
Willam F. Lourance
Thomas E. Mabry
Albert M. McCasland
Walter J. Moore
Joseph L. Nicols
Ewing A. Northcutt
Jessie L. Reed
Henry H. Richardson
William H. Rosa Jr.
Ephriam W. Rushing
Roy C. Sartin
James C. Severs
L. Bernell Smith
Willie E. Stroud
Noah S. Talburt
Z. Hanley Tubbs
Eugene L. Tuttle
Richard O. Wallace Jr.
Herbert Z. Ward
Kenneth C. Ward
Donald C. Weigart
George P. Weigart
Claude O. White
James S. Willis
Walter A. York
Bobby R. Risner



City of Mountain View
Incorporated August 1890

Time Capsule Sealed
Centennial Celebration August 11, 1990