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Prairie Grove Battlefield

Prairie Grove, Washington County, Arkansas


Prairie Grove Battle Field

Battle Monument
Rhea's Mill

This tower was the chimney of Rhea's Mill, which stood 6 miles northwest of this spot. The mill was operated by the Federal army before and after the battle of Prairie Grove. General Blunt's supply train was at Rhea's during the battle, under guard of General Frederick Salomon's troops.

The tower is 55 feet high and weighs 200,000 pounds. It is 8 feet square at the base and tapers to 4 by 4 feet at the top. It contains 700 stones. The chimney was taken down at Rhea's and re-erected here as a memorial to the men who fought on this field December 7, 1862.

The tower was given to Battlefield Park in 1957 by Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Mennecke.


Prairie Grove Battle Field


Prairie Grove Battle Field

Battlefield Park

The Original 10 acres of Battlefield Park were purchased in 1908 by the Prairie Grove chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and maintained by the U.D.C. for nearly 50 years as a memorial park. From 1886 to 1926 an annual reunion of Confederate veterans was held on this site. The State of Arkansas in 1957 created a Prairie Grove Battlefield Commission which added 55 acres to the Park area and developed the Park as a battle memorial. Members of the first commission, appointed by Governor Orval E. Faubus, were Fred McCuistion, Mrs. J.C. Parks, Mrs. Lee Seamster, Glenn will, and W.J.Lemke.


Prairie Grove Battle Field

Battle of Prairie Grove
December 7, 1862

The battle on this field was fought between the Confederate Army of General T.C. Hindman (Arkansas) and Federal forces commanded by Generals James G. Blunt (Kansas) and F.J. Herron (Iowa). Battlefield Park occupies the approximate center of the Confederate position. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the contest was between Herron, attacking from the north, and the Confederate defenders of this ridge. From 2 o'clock until dark, the battle was chiefly against Blunt's army, attacking from the northwest. Hindman reported that he had 11,000 troops engaged. Blunt's report gives his force as 8,000 and Herron's as 5,000. The Confederate loss in killed, wounded, and missing was 1, 317. The Federal loss was 1, 148. During the night of December 7-8 the Confederate Army withdrew to Van Buren.


Prairie Grove Battle Field

Major General Thomas C. Hindman

Thomas C. Hindman commanded the Confederate army in the battle of Prairie Grove. He was born in 1828 in Tennessee. Served in the War with Mexico, later moving from Mississippi to Helena, Arkansas. Was elected to Congress in 1859. In 1861, he entered the Confederate army as Colonel and won promotion to Major General at the battle of Shiloh. Transferred to the Trans-Mississippi Department, e raised the army that fought at Prairie Grove. He later fought in many battles in Tennessee, George, and North Carolina.


Prairie Grove Battle Field

General James G. Blunt

General Blunt of Kansas commanded the First Division of the Federal Army in the Battle of Prairie Grove. He was made Brigadier General in April 1862 and given command of all Kansas troops. His army was at Cane Hill December 6, 1862 but reached this field at 2 p.m. on December 7 to relieve General Herron's army.

General Francis J. Herron

General Herron of Iowa, in command of the 2nd and 3rd divisions of the Federal army, was encamped at Wilson's Creek, Mo., when Blunt summoned him to Cane Hill. A forced march of 100 miles in 3 days brought Herron's army to Prairie Grove early on the morning of December 7, 1862. His army bore the brunt of the battle until relieved by Blunt.


Prairie Grove Battle Field

Commemorating Valor, Sacrifice, and Fortitude of the Youth of Arkansas 1861 in the Confederacy 1865.

Dedicated by the Children of the Confederacy Arkansas Division September 2, 1937.


Prairie Grove Battle Field

General Robert G. Shaver established his headquarters under this tree December 7, 1862.

This spot marked by U.D.C. June 20, 1932.

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