Mountain Meadows Massacre

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Mountain Meadows Massacre
Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas1

The Mountain Meadows Massacre

Those killed
from Carroll County, Ark.

Alexander Fancher – wife Eliza Ingram – their children: Hampton, William, Mary, Thomas, Martha, Sarah G., Margaret A.

George W. Baker – wife – child

John T. Baker – Abel Baker
Milum Rush – Allen Deshazo
David W. Beller – Jas. Mathew Fancher
Robert T. Fancher – Melissa Ann Beller

From Marion County, Arkansas
Chas. R. Mitchell – wife – child
Joel D. Mitchell – Lawson Mitchell
Wm. Pruett – John Pruett
Jesse Dunlap – wife – 6 children
Rachel Dunlap – Ruth Dunlap
L.D. Dunlap – 5 children
Wm. Wood – Solomon Wood
Richard Wilson

From Johnson County, Arkansas
J. Milum Jones – wife – Child
Pleasant Tackett – wife – 2 children
Cintha Tackett – 3 children
Ambrose Tackett – Miriam Tackett
Wm. Tackett
William Camron – wife – 5 children
Josiah Miller – wife – 3 children
Peter Huff – wife – their children: Angeline, Annie, Ephriam W.

Wm. Eaton, Indiana – Wm. A. Aden – Tenn

Residence Unknown
John Calvin Sorel – Mary Sorel
Francis Horn – Joseph Miller – wife

Other names in Caravan
Mortons, Haydons, Hudson, Stevensons, Hamiltons, Smiths, Laffoons

Others Unknown



Mountain Meadows Massacre
In memory of 140 men, women and children NW Arkansas emigrants to California. In 1857 under leadership of Alexander Fancher (Piney Alex) left from Caravan Spring 4 miles south of here around May 1st – Camped at Mountain Meadows, Utah in early September – attacked by Indians, directed by Mormons – formed a corral with wagons – fought several days till ammunition exhausted – approached by Mormons under flag of truce – promised protection – surrendered – all were then killed except 17 small children – found later in Mormon homes – rescued by Army in 1859 – taken to Arkansas – cared for by relatives – John D. Lee, Mormon Bishop, tried – found guilty – executed in 1877 – confessed guilt and Mormon complicity – Consult Russells behind these Ozark Hills (1947) Goodspeeds History of Arkansas (1889) p. 346-350 in regional library Harrison.

Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord. Romans 12:19

Small children not killed:
Milum & William – Children of Pleasant Tackett
Angeline & George Ann – Children of L.D. Dunlap
Martha Elizabeth, Sarah F., W.T. – Children of G.W. Baker
Rebecca J., Sarah E., Louisia – Children of Jesse Dunlap
John Calvin, Mary, Joseph – Children of Josiah Miller
Kit Carson & Tryphenia – Children of Alexander Fancher
F.M. Jones – Child of J.M. Jones
Sophronia – Child of Peter Huff

Memorial by Richard Fancher Society named in honor of Revolutionary Soldier – Grandfather Piney Alex – 1955.

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