Black Business Directory of Little Rock – 1898

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Anderson, Matt, 723 East 2nd
Armstrong, R.H., 204 West 5th
Armstrong & Green, 1321 Water St.
Brown, Samuel, 217 West 5th
Campbell, res. 800 West 9th
Casey, King, 208 West 4th
Elgin, Samuel, 103 Center Street
Fleming, James, 301 East Washington Ave., N.L.R.
Flournoy, E.D., 220 West 2nd
Hart, Jackson, 309 East Markham
Herron, E.D., 217 West 5th
Haynes, Henry, 622 West 9th
Ish, C.H. 708 West 9th
Ish, Alonzo, 708 West 9th
Jones, M. 622 West 9th St.
Leak, L.W., 712 West Main
Luster, Bryant, 109th West 4th
Oliver, H., 118 West Markham
Poindexter, John 216 1-2 West 5th
Snipes, T.C., Newton Avenue, N.L.R.
Thornton, Hanover, 616 West 9th
Wallace, Lawrence, 513 West Main
Wallace, Charles, 513 West Main
Wallace, E.D., 513 West Main
Warren, Johnson, 207 1-2 East 2nd
Williams, B.H., 904 1-2 West 9th
Williams, Louis, 208 West 5th
Williamson, N.B., 315 Main Street
Willis, B.T., 219 Main Street
Austin, J., 3rd and Center
Franklin, W.T., 612 Center
Lockhart, Thomas, 403 Washington Ave, N.L.R.
Madden & avis, 207 Rector Avenue
McDowel, Brothers, 6th & Center
Harrison, Benjamin, 410 West 7th
Pleasant, R.P., 508 West 10th
Thomas, J.F., 907 Victory
Peters & Young, 314 West 5th
Winstead, G.W. 1005 West 8th
Banks, L.K., 723 East 2nd
Bell, Henry, 1507 1-2 State St.
Bell, Frank, 1507 1-2 State St.
Bradford, N.P., 916 West 7th
Breedlove, J.W., 521 Newton Avenue, N.L.R.
Campbell, David C., 418, Louisiana
Green, Edward, 1010 Rock St.
Kern, Rev.A.E., 800 West 8th
Knowles, George, 914 West 9th
Lucas, O.A., 308 West 5th
Liggins, B.L., 900 Chester
Jones, T.J., 710 West 9th
Robinson, Nathaniel, 822 7 0 8th West 9th
Thornton, H.R., 616 West 9th
Wesley, Piggee, 821 Hanger
Cigar and Tobacco Stands
More, Neil, 706 West 9th
Educators and Teachers
Allen, Fannie H., bd 1405 Ringo
Armstead, Cornelia, Res. 2022 Sherman St.
Armstead, Mary, Res. 700 Spring
Armstead, Virginia, 2022 Sherman
Anthony, Lyda, Res. 2500 Adams St.
Ashford, Bessie, 1505 Pulaski
Booker, Rev. J.A. pres Ark. Bap. Coll., rest 1522 Cross St.
Brown, Julia, bd 818 State
Brooks, M.J. Ark. Bapt. Col.
Cox, Rev. J.M., Pres. P.S. College, Res. 1111 Izard
Crumpton, Alice, Res. 1816 W. Spring St.
Childress, R.C., Res. 1122 Izard
Davis, T.J. Res. 2300 West 7th
Curtice, W.B.
Gee, Cynthia, Res. 1114 Izard
Gibbs, Lillie, bd 1522 Cross St.
Gaines, J.W., res. 1707 Scott
Green, Inez, boards 1210 Commerce St.
Hill, Johnnie, boards 1522 Cross
Hickey, Nellie, res. 1711 Scott
Hilton, S.B., res 818 State
Ish, J.G., res 1600 Scott
Ish, M.G., res. 1600 Scott
Ish, T.R., prin Blind School
Ish, J., matron Blind School
Irvin, Pearle, boards 1401 West 12th
Jordan, Corinne, Res. 817 Gaines
Jordan, Ella, 18th & Sherman
Jordan, Mamie, 18th & Sherman
Jamison, A.J., res 1210 West 18th
Jones, Izetta, res. 312 West 12th
Jones, J.S., res 312 West 12th
Keatts, Mary A., res. 915 west 10th
Knox, J.E., res. 1820 Battery
Lee, Annie, res. 1123 Victory
Lee, Fannie, res. 1123 Victory
Lewis, Lilly, res. 1412 West 10th
Martin, M.H., boards 906 Izard
Morris, Adlena, res. 1218 East 12th
Porter, Maud, res. 1720 High St.
Patillo, Emma, 1200 Last
Ratcliffe, Cora, res. 18th & Hall Ave
Ratcliffe, Laura, res. 18th & Hall Ave
Rector, Essie, res. 209 Rock
Rector, J.K., 904 Broadway
Reedus, Mary, res. 516 East 21st
Richmond, Lessie, Res. 1112 Chester
Riley, C.C. Res. 11th & Chester
Sanders, Hattie, Res. 1823 Cumberland
Spight, M.E., res. 900 Cross St.
Stephens, LE., res. 916 Broadway
Stewart, G.H.W., res. 716 Gaines
Still, C.L.F., bds. 906 West 14th
Weaver, Georgia, res. 819 Cross
Smith, M.E., res. 1705 Chester St.
House, L.A., 620 West 9th
Webb, J.S., 706 West 9th
Smith, J.H., 701 Main
Byas, Fannies, 1611 Louisiana St.
Chaney, Sophronia, 1405 Ringo
Fleetwood, H.L., 906 Broadway
Haskins, M., 1322 West 14th
Hudson, Ida, 9th & Gaines
Johnson, M. 1322 West 14th St.
Keith, Clara, 1312 West 8th
Keith, M. 1320 [sic]
Brown, A., 908 Wolfe St.
Ratcliffe, Cora, 1512 West 15th St.
Reddick, C. 1505 Pulaski
Smith, M.B., 1008 Main
Thompson, E., 917 High St.
Ingram, G. 10th & Izard
Oliver, H., 906 W. 14th
Coffin, F.B. 700 West 9th
Alexander, Jas., 1401 West 10th
Brazelton, W.A., 722 1-2 West 9th
Blakeley, J.I., 624 West 9th
Colum, C.C. & BRos. 505 Washington, N.L.R.
Flemings, Jas., 311 Washington, N.L.R.
Hewitt, C.A., Walnut & Jefferson, N.L.R.
Hudson, W.H., 1123 West 13th
Johnson, A., 13th & Valentine
Justus, H.V., Adams & Oak
Lewis, Susie, 1412 West 10th
Love, George, 1017 East 6th
Morris, A.D. 1218 East 12th
Qualls, J., 1222 Last
Ezell, Chas. 502 East 18th
Reddie, Alex, 11th and Hanger
Robinson, T., 1101 West 7th
Shaw, J.H., 1322 Pulaski
Smith, J. & Brother 724 West 9th
Robinson, J.S.R., 728 West 9th
Stephens, Alex [sic]
Spillers, W., 924 Broadway
Strayhorn, Oren, 900 Gaines
Taylor, S.F., 221 West 5th
Toler, A., 1800 Battery
Walker, J.W., 1122 West 19th
Weathers, R., 1000 West 9th
Pacific, 1511 West Markham, P. Mahan, Prop.
Scott Street, 213 Scott, B. Bruce, Prop.
Brown, L.J., Odd Fellows Blgdg
Jones, S.A., 115 Louisiana
Johnson, T.P., Odd Fellows Bldg
Lindsay, C.T., 403 West Markham
Nichols, N.H., Odd Fellows Bldg
Robinson, J.H., 122 Louisiana
Alexander, B.W., N.L.R.
Booker, J.A., 1522 Cross
Block, R., 1102 Hanger
Bradford, N.P., 916 West 7th
Cox, J.M., 1111 Izard
Cox, W.C., 906 State St.
Carolina, F.B., A.M.E., P.E., 1116 West 8th
Conwell, W.S. 1009 Rock St.
Duncan, W.R.R., M.E., P.E., 2008 State Street
Davis, William, 10th & Chester
Daniels, I.P., 1111 West 14th Street
Fountain, William, 524 Cross Street
Freeland, W.H., 619 West 9th Street
Gaines, G.W.D., 1709 High Street
Hanna, T.H., A.M.E.Z., P.E.
Hoke, J.H., State Missionary, 1715 Cross
Hammonds, J.H., 906 West 21st
Ellis, J.H., Student
Hatchett, P., 10th & Victory
Jones, J.C.
Kern, A.W., 800 West 8th
Knox, J.E., 1820 Battery
Matthews, William, 506 East 15th
McMillan, H.M.
Phillips, William A.J., res. 702 East 17th
Poindexter, James
Robinson, J.P., res. 613 West 7th
Reddic, A., 12th and Hanger
Red, A.
Ross, D.R., res. 1813 Chester
Sherrill, J.C., res. 11th & State
Wade, P.W., A.M.E., P.E. res. 1011 Cross
Williams, Jordan
Williams, A.A., A.M.E., P.E., Res. 1410 High
Watkins, J.H.L., res. 9th & Broadway
Simms, Y.B., res. 1600 Scott
Cornelius, E.
Thompson, K.T.
American Guide, 9th & Gaines, D.G. Hill, Ed.
Baptist Vanguard, Ark. Bap. Col., J.A. Booker, Ed
University Herald, 9th & Broadway, J.A. Johns, Ed.
Visitor, P.S. Col. R.C. Childress, Ed.
Physicians & Surgeons
Bruce, W.J.E., Office 616 West 9th
Gaines, D.B., office 624 Gaines
Hayman, G.W., office 627 Gaines
Hewitt, C.A., office Magnolia & Washington Ave., N.L.R.
Suggs, H.W., office 8th & Gaines
Broglin, M.D., 112 Rock
Hargraves, Samuel, 714 West 9th
Latham, Jessie, 223 West 5th
Matthews, Edward, 1200 West 9th
Midway Cafe, 620 West 9th, L.A. House Prop.
Morris, James, 722 West 9th
Squires, Joseph, 310 E. Washington ave, N.L.R.
Turner, G.W., Newton & Washington Ave., N.L.R.
Williams, Mrs. Helen, 315 Washington Avenue, N.L.R.
Collins, Samuel E., Star Tailoring co., 505 Main
Burton & Thompson, props, 712 West 9th
Foster, Isaac, 708 West 9th
Cook & Jones, 708 1-2 Main
Cook, D.G., 611 West 9th Street
Larkins, F.B., 720 West 9th Street
Henderson, J.E., 508 West 9th
Thompson, Perry, 508 West 9th
Wood & Coal Yards
Duncan, W.H., 1922 Izard
Gibbs, Philip, 720 West 9th
Henderson, L., 918 East 9th
Mitchel, Ross, 814 Ringo
Ezell, Charles, 502 East 18th
Sims, Sidney, 721 West 9th Street
Thornton & Bro., 616 West 9th
Strayhorn, Oren, 701 West 9th
Prominent Men Not Classified
Branham, A.M., res. 818 Spring
Bush, J.E., Res. 515 West 9th
Barnett, M.L., Res. 600 West 8th Street
Cadet, J.R., res. 1207 State Street
Dukes, J.C., ex-mgr. Vanguard
Eaton, J., res. 1111 Wolfe
Emmerson, George W., 1710 Ringo
Flowers, A.J., res. 1401 West 12th
Garner, H., res. 1800 West Spring, letter carrier
Gilkey, H.H., res. 1320 Commerce
Gilmore, J. res, 1700 Marshall Street
Guy, G.W.
Gilliam, Isaac, res. 1023 Arch Street
Harrison, R.D., 1422 Gaines Street, Mail Clerk
Henderson, Marion, res. 922 West 12th, Postal Clerk
Hurt, C., Res. 820 West 9th
Hurt, S.P., res. 823 West 9th, Mail Clerk
Jeffries, M., res. 1315 West 14th
Jones, G.E., res. 715 Gaines
Jordan, S.A., res. 1416 Cross, Letter Carrier
Jordan, T., res. 1123 Izard
Keith, Anderson, res. 1312 West 8th
LaPorte, William, res. 802 PUlaski
Lee, W., Res. 12th & Victory
Lockhart, Thomas, Res. 1015 Gaines
Luster, Robert, Res. 622 W. 15th
McCain, G.W., res.714 Ringo
Nixon, William A., res. 902 State
Norwood, F., res. 1118 Izard
Poindexter, F., res. 1222 Gaines
Pitts, G.W. 1922 George
Pinkett, D.H., 18th & W. Spring, Letter Carrier
Patillo, M., res. 1200 Last
Porter, L.N., res. 1720 High Street, Letter carrier
Rector, J.E., res. 209 Rock, Mail Clerk
Rector, Williams, res. 904 Broadway
Richmond, Aug., res. 12th & Chester
Richmond, A.L., 12th between Izard & Chester
Robinson, Wm. res. 1806 Chester
Sanders, Calvin, res. 1823 Cumberland
Sandredge, J., res. 1705 E. 3rd
Scott, Winfield, 1804 Cumberland
Smith, William, res. 1705 Chester
Spight, S., 900 Cross, Detective
Summers, Sam, res. 812 Spring
Thompson, G.W., res. 1006 West 10th
Thompson, L., res. 1222 Gaines
Washington, George, res. 1117 Izard
Williams, F.A., res. 1414 Chester, Letter Carrier
Wiliford, A., res. 1608 East 9th
Winfry, S., res. 2400 Adams
White, J.R., res. 1704 Ringo.

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