Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch

Dec 24, 2010 by

For novelty, Mark and I stopped off at Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch.  Mark had driven through there a number of time but had never had the time to get off the interstate and check it out.  I have to say, she has a very nice spread up there with over 6,000 acres of beautiful land and I am sure she employs a number of family members and a lot of local people.

Almost looks like something out of “Gone with the Wind” and has been compared to Graceland a number of times.

Hurricane Mills

This Mill and Dam were built by James T. Anderson in 1896.  Though wool was carded here, grain processing predominated.  Corn meal and flour were shipped throughout the south. Restored by Loretta and Mooney Lynn, with who permission this marker has been installed by the Anderson family, October 1974.

This Indian statue is in front of the old recording studio and it has been painted probably many times over the years.  I believe the tomahawk handle has also been broken off.

This re-created Butcher Holler Home Place portrays the rags to riches legacy of the “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and was built in memory of Loretta’s parents, Ted and Clara Webb.

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