Crystal Bridges – Bentonville, Arkansas

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If you google “Crystal Bridges” you will come up with the most impressive dusk/night photographs which make the museum look beautiful.  However, while being beautifully designed, in the stark light of day the museum is pretty ugly on the outside.  The brown/rust color in the above photograph is unstained wood that shows water stains and does not appear to be holding up to the weather.  That is just my opinion and I certainly am not an architect so take it with a grain of salt.   With that said, the museum, thankfully, has many other things that are beautiful and interesting and well worth the trip.

The first thing that catches your eye is this life-size metal tree that glimmers in the sun.

There are several walking trails outside the museum and along the way you will find lots of art here and there in the woods.

Each piece is labeled with the basics like the artist name and when it was created.  I think it would have moved me more to know about the person in the portrait.  You see these wonderful oil paintings and you wonder “Who was that person?” and of course, I think, “were they from Arkansas?”

This sculpture is one of the most photographed pieces, probably because everyone wishes they had a “crystal ball.”

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