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0105 - Oak Ridge Cemetery

Also known as - Mount Nebo - Yell County, Arkansas

Photographed March 2003.


Photographs of individual tombstones available, free of charge, with a limit of 5 per week, by emailing ArkansasTies@ArkansasTies.com with the names and page where they were located.


Anderson, Delilah
Arnett, Donell
Arnett, Granville
Arnett, Rosie Dickens*
Atchison, Waymon
Avery, Clarence D.
Bagby, Amanda*
Bagby, Eddie Doda
Bagby, Edward C.
Bagby, Ida
Bagby, Jobe*
Bagby, Jodie
Bagby, Joe
Bagby, Lloyd Ray*
Bagby, Lobelia
Bagby, Marie H. Howell
Bagby, Paul
Baity, Nitholee*
Banks, Luther
Banks, Malinda
Banks, Margarett T.
Banks, Mattie (Thomas)*
Banks, Rev. Walter*
Banks, Ursie
Banks, William
Barnes, James Dewey*
Barnes, Ruby
Batson, Lawrence
Batson, Nancy
Batson, Sophia
Bettis, Alfred
Bettis, Henry E.
Black, Lucy A.
Black, William
Black, Zeke
Boles, Ezra
Brown, Mary
Brown, Samuel *
Bruton, Elton
Bunianon?, Snitty
Burns, A.D.
Burns, Annie
Burns, Arthur*
Burns, Asa
Burns, E.D.
Burns, Martha
Burns, Nellie
Burton, Kenneth Wayne
Burton, Margie Ree
Cain, Joe
Cain, Vester
Canada, Eugene
Carroll, James E.
Chandler, Jullia
Chandler, Mamie*
Chandler, Morgan
Chestnut, Helen
Cleveland, C.A.
Cleveland, Cecil
Cole, Rev. Anderson
Collins, Vernon*
Copelin, Infant Daughter*
Coplin, Luke Wilson
Culler, Birdie
Cunningham, Arthur
Cunningham, Virginia
Davis, Mary Ressie
Davis, Narcissus
Davis, Willie
Dickens, Eakward
Dickens, Jennie
Dickens, Josephine
Dickens, Roscoe
Dickey, William S.
Dollar, Vernon
Edwards, Ben I.
Edwards, John
Edwards, Laura
Edwards, Robert "Smokie"*
Edwards, Will Jr. *
Edwards, Willie*
Embrey, Sherman "S.D."
Embry, Frances
Embry, James *
Embry, Jess
Embry, Samuel
Embry, Sandra Jean
Embry, Tom
Embry, Truman
Enoch, Bennie C.
Enoch, Charity
Enoch, Earl B.
Enoch, Earl Benard
Enoch, Frank O.
Enoch, General Houston
Enoch, George Houston
Enoch, Homer*
Enoch, Jessie T.
Enoch, Morgan C.
Enoch, William Joe "Buddy"
Evans, Hermon Jr.*
Fisher, Jennie*
Fisher, Leah F. Gloster
Fisher, Thomas
Floyd, Virgie May
Freeman, Billie Jean*
Fulks, Pearlie
Gault, Ora
Gilkey, Edna
Gilkey, Edward
Gilkey, Ollie
Gilkey, Ollie Jr.
Gilkey, Ross
Gilkey, Tom
Goode, Sallie
Griffin, Cessna L.
Halliburton, Mary
Halliburton, Unknown
Halliburton, Unknown
Hallot, Ellen
Hardin, Minnie Lee Jackson*
Hardin, Otha L.*
Hayden, David Henry
Hayden, Francis O.
Hayden, Mamie
Hayden, Willard*
Hayes, Ed
Hayes, Ruth Moody
Haynes, Infant of C.A.
Helm, J.E.
Hemmitt, Herman
Hemmitt, J.B.
Hemmitt, Mittie
Hemmitt, Tom
Howell, A.B.
Howell, John
Howell, Lucille Kelleybrew
Howell, Mahaley
Hutch, Daisy B.
Ingram, Hettie
Ingram, Jennie Bell
Jackson, Delestine*
Jackson, Ebb
Jackson, Mahala
Jackson, Mary Corine (Moody)
Jackson, Nat
Jacoway, CU Balo*
Jacoway, Eugean
Jacoway, Jim
Johnson, Anna *
Johnson, Bessie Chandler*
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Kevin Lurell
Johnson, Loula
Johnson, Varnell
Jones, Eddie Mae
Jones, Josephine
Kelleybrew, Macy
Kellybrew, Bruce Wiley
Kellybrew, Curzie
Kellybrew, Iris
Kellybrew, J.J.*
Kellybrew, Linnie
Kellybrew, Melvert
Kellybrew, Melvin Madison*
Kellybrew, Preston
Kellybrew, William I.
King, Waymon
Kisling, Kelsey D.
Lenoir, Johnny
Lenoir, Tennessee
Lenoir, Wiley
Malo, S.E.W.
May, Betty*
May, Herman*
McCleary, Iola Dickins
McCleary, John
McKethon, Jane
McKethon, Mose
Meadows, Miriam F.
Miller, Della
Miller, J.C.
Miller, Malachi*
Minus, R.M. *
Moody, J.R.*
Moody, James *
Moody, John
Moody, Leroy
Moody, Mutt
Moody, Myrtle (Gilkey)
Moody, Unknown - 2001
Moore, Ernest
Moore, Roy Jasper*
Morgan, Ellis
Morre, Hattie
Nelson, I.S.
Nichole, Amanda*
Nicholes, Manuel
Nichols, Charles*
Nichols, Charley
Nichols, Joe Delma*
Nichols, Leroy
Nichols, Margaret
Nichols, Ozia S.
Nichols, Verna
Oats, Wiley
Parks, Louise
Parks, Tom
Patrick, Lillie
Perry, Anna *
Perry, Ben
Perry, Bennetter
Perry, Dan
Perry, Jennie
Perry, Liza
Perry, Marie
Perry, Sally*
Peterson, Helena M.
Pope, Augusta
Pope, Bessie*
Pope, Gracie
Pope, Ruben
Price, Tennie
Quinn, Nelson
Roland, Alice
Roland, Buddie
Roland, Florence*
Roland, Jack
Rye, Henry Alf
Scott, Ada Robinson
Scott, John*
Shephar, Jan
Shephar, Rev. C.F.
Shurn, Lowesta C. Sr.
Shurn, Martha Ellen
Shurn, Wesley Aaron
Smith, Johnny
Smith, Mahala*
Smith, Matilyn Embry*
Smith, Walter V.
Tate, Ida
Tate, Lilliar
Thomas, Frank
Thompson, Alberta
Thompson, Anna
Thompson, Bessie J.
Thompson, Bobbie Jean
Thompson, Bud
Thompson, Caddie
Thompson, Della
Thompson, Elizabeth*
Thompson, Felix
Thompson, Floy Moody
Thompson, Floyd
Thompson, Frank*
Thompson, Frederick E.
Thompson, John
Thompson, Joseph Mildred
Thompson, Lola
Thompson, Louis/Lewis*
Thompson, M.G.
Thompson, Macey*
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Maurice Burns
Thompson, Norma Lee
Tipton, Dora H.
Tipton, Henry
Tipton, J.J.
Tipton, Lousia*
Toney, Margaret
Unknown, Sallie
Waits, Rev. Hillard William*
Waldon, Loyce E.
Washington, Irena G.
Watkins, Linda R.
Webb, Calvin
Webb, Columbus
Webb, Laura
Wells, Adrena Scott
Wells, Mary Florence
Williams, Caroline C.
Williams, Chester*
Williams, Dock
Williams, Ethel*
Williams, Jefferson
Williams, Luther*
Williams, Nora
Williams, Oscar
Williams, Paulleath*
Williams, Terry Luther*

Williams, Willie B.
Wilson, Daisy
Wilson, Ella D.
Wilson, Robert
Winbush, Martha*
Woods, Birdie B.
Woods, Elmira
Woods, J.W.
Woods, James H.
Woods, John R.
Woods, L.W.
Woods, Naomi
Woods, T.E.*
Woods, Unknown E.
Woods, Venner
Woods, Verzener
Woods, William A.

* Photographs not available.  Names surveyed by Cornelia and Lee Ann Daniels, transcribed by Ellen Moody in 1991 and 1992. More information can be found at Beth Groce's website at http://bethg.shutdown.com/yell/ymtnebo2.html